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Woodall Family Cemetery

Location: 1/4 mile to right of Spencer Family Cemetery. Turn right on Osborne property, go 1 mile.

Sorted By Surname
Arthur son of C.B. and Odessie b.1915 d.1918 Boggs Helen Mae Woodall wife of Hugh H. Boggs Jr. b7-27-1927 d4-1-1956 Brown Bronson Gay -1934-
Burdette Sedley (male) rest is unreadable Burdette Robert Edwards b1876 d1957 Burdette Elizabeth J. b1870 d1950
Burdette C.B. b8-14-1890 d2-21-1932 Chapman Vesta Ellen b. 5-31-1908 d.---- Chapman Melvin H. b. 6-6-1895 d. 4-17-1962 Pvt US Inf WWI
Cora no dates Douglas John P. b1861 d1919 Douglas Sarah F. b1864 d1956
Douglas Era 8-17-1902 Douglas Charles W. b11-16-1895 d6-12-1896 Douglas John W. 10-16-1883
Douglas baby daughter of Alfred & Chloe 1912 Douglas Erastus b. 1893 d1971 Douglas Lily Pearl Woodall b1900 d1958
Douglas Alfred b12-30-1884 d6-3-1951 Douglas Chloie Woodall b12-30-1890 d1-23-1976 Douglas Morgan son of Cecil b10-12-1922 d10-20-1922
Douglas Bessie M, Anderson b1907 d 1954 Douglas Ronald H. b 2-25-1953 d3-30-1954 Douglas Jarrell son of alfred & Chloe 1924
Douglas Freda dau of Alfred & Chloe b1923 d 1924 Drake Roy E. d9-14-1952 age 1month and 10 days Hafer Mort. Elmer son of Lewis & Ora b1921 d1979 A.S. USN WWII Hafer Mort.
Estil son of C.B. and Odessie b1921 d1923 Horner Delsa Mae infant no dates Horner Ora A. b7-4-1897 d9-3-1934
Hughes F.David b 8-19-1950 d8-20-1970 SP4 Co C 503 Inf Vietnam (son of John Hughes and Bob Humphreys daughter) Hughes John Edgar Sgt Army WWII b 1920 d 1978 Huffman Lilly F. b4-17-1901 d. ----
Huffman Clarence b.11-12-1912 d5-18-1961 Pfc Inf WWII - Baptist Preacher Huffman Dennis b 1848 d1928 Huffman Fannie b1858 d 1939
Huffman William H b1878 d1960 Huffman Mandy F b1881 d1973 Humphreys Josephine b9-21-1873 d 4-17-1963
Humphreys Odis G. b7-25-1912 d6-15-1965 Humphreys Robert E. b6-1-1906 d6-17-1969 Humphreys Lelia Wolfe b7-18-1908 d---
Humphreys Erik V. b1894 d1944 Humphreys Liddie B. b1894 d1980 Humphreys Grant b 11-8-1896 d6-14-1972 Pfc 2nd Inf
Humphreys baby boy 12-1948 Humphreys Phyllis Jean -1-1948- Humphreys F.A.Holt b1858 d1936
Elmore Alfred b1871 d 1925 Humphreys Jane b1868 d 1928 Humphreys Hattie Lillian b 1893 d 1930
Humphreys Clyde L. son of Con & Hattie b1911 d1945 Jarrett Charles E. b2-2-1900 d7-10-1900 Kidd Lawrence R. 2-13-1903 d10-13-1907
Lewis C b5-4-1895 d 11-30-1956 Lloyd son of Cecil b8-16-1921 d1-4-1922 Osborne Louise Alice d.9-9-1951 age 41yrs 7mo 21days Hafer Mort.
Paxton Wanda Burdette & infant son b8-26-1940 d5-10-1960 Price Mary E. Douglas wife of Ira B. Price b1902 d1921 Porter Estal C. Pvt Btry C Fld Arty b8-5-1905 d8-25-1963
Siders Everette son of Oather & Nellie Shaffer Romie H. b.@Wills Creek, near Elkview 5-20-1898 d. 6-12-1971 son of William Henry Shaffer and Mary Ellen Vance Cpl US Army WWI Shaffer Calvin son of Jane & Johnse unmarked grave
Shaffer Edna Louise dau of Louise d7-22-1947 age19yrs 3 mo 3 days Hafer Mort. Thompson Ida b8-10-1904 d10-11-1934 Weese Sarah b6-1-1922 d1-30-1935
White Jack Woodall Eugene no dates Woodall Martha E. b1843 d1912
Woodall Rev. William A. b1827 d1902 Woodall Robert W. b10-3-1912 d4-5-1914 Woodall Pauline b10-4-1916 d11-31-1917 children of L.A. & H.L.
Woodall Lawrence A. b9-6-1884 d12-11-unreadable Woodall Hatte Lee Stricklen his wife b4-20-1892 d8-8-1950 Woodall Jimmie M. b 7-18-1974 d12-18-1965
Woodall Everett b5-18-1876 d8-11-1969 Woodall Delia Mae b5-18-1883 d1-1-1962 Woodall Martha daughter of E.L. & Delilah b1901 d1903
Woodall W.H.b10-25-1869 d6-13-1953 Woodall Lizzie Matheny his wife b10-22-1882 d3-25-1949

Submitted by Linda Secco