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Kanawha County Deaths 1835-1836



YAKOVSKY, Wm. Kenneth	Nov 24, 1835	Mike Yakovsky	Gracie Holcom
YODER, Effie L.		Jun 3, 1835	Campbell Rogers	
YOST, Fred		Sep 6, 1835	John Yost	V. Wallace
YOST, Hazel Irene	Sep 6, 1835	John Bowens	Goldie Clinton
YOST, John M.		Sep 6, 1835	Fred Yost	Barbara ???
YOUNG, Clifton		Dec 8, 1835	Wm. McBride	Clara Flowers
YOUNG, Hattie		Aug 12, 1835	Geo. W. Ross	Nancy Belcher(?)
YOUNG, Katherine Jane	Aug 12, 1835	B. M. Young   Grace K.Tulley
YOUNG, Lewis A.		Feb 18, 1835		      Harrriet A. Young
YOUNG, Lewis Etho	Mar 18, 1835	L. O. Young	Lena M. Reynolds
YOUNG, Posus		Aug 14, 1835	James S. Young  Mary E. Griffith	
YOUNG, Romie		Aug 2, 1835	James A. Young	Mary E. Comer
ZUPP, Alec		Apr 17, 1835	(Not listed)	(Not listed)
YOUNG, Baby		May 3, 1836	Bernard Young	Roxie Estubing
YOUNG, John C.		Jun 27, 1836	Boyd Fisher	Celia Shamblin
YERRID, Baby		Oct 7, 1836	George Yerrid	Mildred Lawand
YOUNG, Nell F.		Dec 17, 1836	Joseh Dumble	Jennie Brice
YOUNG, Lula V.		Dec 25, 1836	Chas. W. Young	Eliz. Snyder
ZITZELBERGER, Joe Eddie	Feb 27, 1836	W. E. Zitzelberger/Mary Hicks
YOUNG, Thornton		Oct 16, 1836	Arthur Young	Lilly Young
YOUNG, Gus		Dec 24, 1836	John M. Young	Albina L. Ong
YOUNG, Hazel M.		Feb 16, 1836	F. B. Mathews	(Not listed)
YLOOCHAM, Robert	Sep 29, 1836	Frank Jackson	Minnie Chambers
YORK, Virginia		Dec 25, 1836	George Walker	(Cannot read)

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