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Kanawha County Deaths 1857

Name                        Month Day    Age   Birthplace                  Parents                             Informant
Arthur, Isabella             SEP   24    1y    Kanawha                     Arthur, Levi & Sarilla              Levi Arthur, father
Boggs, Catherine             JUL   22    18y   Kanawha Salines             Smith, Thos. & Mary                 Mary Smith, mother
Bowe, Warren W               SEP   16    17m   Lens Creek                  Bowe, Cornelius & Polly             Cornelius Bowe, father
Bradford, Mr. Ashton         OCT   21    6m    Kanawha                     Bradford, Wm A & Amelia             Wm A Bradford, father
Brown, Wm S                  JUN   20    10y   Charleston                  Brown, James M & Mary               James Brown, father
Burke, Alley                 DEC   6     1m    Camp Creek                  Burke, Marion & Mary                Marion Burke, father
Cantley, Emeline             JUN   11    1m    Cabin Creek                 Cantley, Alderson & Amy             Alderson Cantley, father
Carr, Geo W                  MAR   18    10m   Kanawha county              Carr, Asa & Nancy                   Asa Carr, father
Cavender, John               JUL   18    21y   Elk                         Cavender, Chas. & Eliz              Chas. Cavender, father
Childress, David             MAY   30    62y   Kanawha                     Childress, Jesse & Anna             Martha Childress, wife
Christy, Wm                  AUG   28    39y   Kanawha Salines             Christy, Jno & Catherine            Caroline Christy, wife
Clay, John W                 OCT   6   1-1/2y  Blue Creek                  Clay, Burnwell & Biddie             Biddie Clay, mother
Cunningham, Cynthia          AUG         1y    Charleston                  Cunningham, Andrew & Eliza          Andrew Cunningham, father
Cunningham, Eliza            SEP   15    43y   Kanawha                     Wilson, David & Mary                Andrew Cunningham, husband
Dailey, ?                    SEP   23    3m    Briar Creek                 Daily, John & Susan                 John Daily, father
Davis, Marg. Ann             SEP   13    1y                                Davis, Isaac & Mary                 Mary Butler, grandmother
Deaton, Susanna              NOV   10    36y   Fields Creek                Deaton, Joseph & Susan              Joseph Deaton, father
Doyle, Samuel P              APR   12    43y   Malden                                                          Ann Doyle, wife
Dunbar, Mathew               JUL   5     57y   Monroe county                                                   Ebenezer Painer, son-in-law
Estep, Susanna               MAR   23  1-1/2y  Camp Creek                  Estep, Joseph & Jane                Joseph Estep, father
Estep, Wm H                  APR   18    2m    Camp Creek                  Estep, Joseph & Jane                Joseph Estep, father
Farley, James                SEP   12    1y    Malden                      Farley, Francis & Frances           Frances Farley, mother
Faver, Jno B                 DEC         18y   Davis Creek                 Faver, Valentine & Rachel           Valentine Faver, father
Fisher, Wm G                 NOV   26  12-1/2y Kanawha Salines             Fisher, Jno. & Eliz                 Eliz. Fisher, mother
Gardner, Teresa              JUL   15    1y    Kanawha                     Gardner, John M & Isabella          Isabella E Gardner, mother
Gatewood, Jane B             NOV   11    40y   Kanawha                     Johnson, Ed. & Eliz.                Wm Gatewood, son
Gebhart, John G              NOV   9     33y   Germany                     Gebhart, Joseph                     Catherine Gebhart, wife
Grainstead, Rice             JUN   2     43y   Kanawha                     Grinstead, Wm & Eliz.               Wm Grinstead, father
Grogan, Wm                   NOV   16    7y    Kanawha                     Grogan, John & Mary                 John Grogan, father
Hedrick, Charles             NOV       1-1/2y  Malden                      Hedrick, Cordelia                   Chas. Hedrick, father
Hicks, Marg.                 APR   10    2y    Kanawha Salines             Hicks, Jas. & Minerva               James Hicks, father
Kuhn, Jacob                  OCT   24    41y   Dorson co., Harrisburg      Kuhn, Jacob & Susan                 Wm Kuhn, brother
Light, Jemima                OCT   23    28d   Elk 2 Mile                  Light, Jas. & Nancy                 Nancy Light, mother
Mays, ?                      MAR   22    2m    Davis Creek                 Mays, Edward & Mary                 Edward Mays, father
Noyes, Franklin              APR   5     64y   Charleston                                                      Philip Noyes, son
Noyes, John Bradford         DEC   14    30y   Charleston                  Noyes, Franklin & Sarah             Philip Noyes, brother
Page, Mary                   DEC   1     44y   Malden                      Newhouse, Henry & Eliza             Cornelius Page, husband
Peters, Christopher C        SEP   1     1m    Camp Creek                  Peters, Milton & Anna               Milton Peters, father
Pettry, Jno H                NOV   16    3m    Fields Creek                Pettry, Jas & Frances               Jas. Pettry, father
Praither, Wm                 SEP   18  1-1/2m  Blue Creek                  Praither, Jno & Mary A              Jno Praither, father
Raines, Amanda               OCT   14    3m    Rush Creek                  Raines, Granville & Ruth            Granville Raines, father
Rand, Ida                    AUG         3m    Charleston                  Rand, Christopher C & N M           C C Rand, father
Simms, Wm. R                 OCT   18    8y    Campbells Creek             Simms, Lewis & Caroline J           Caroline J Simms, mother
Slack, John Sr.              JUL   4     62y   Penn.                       Slack, Philip & Sarah               Jane Slack, wife
Stanley, Thos F              MAR         9m    Malden                      Stanley, Isaac & Analiza            Isaac Stanley, father
Stonaker, Wm Filmore         JUN   8     9m    Charleston                  Stonaker, Wellington & Susan        Susan Stonaker, mother
Ufferman, Frederick          OCT   14    1y    Cabell county               Ufferman, Chas & Caroline           Charles Ufferman, father
Venable, Virginia F E        JUL   1     7m    Coalsmouth                  Venable, Wm C & Catherine A         Wm C Venable, father
Williams, John               DEC   28    1y    Kanawha Salines             Williams, Alex & Lucinda            Alex S Williams, father
Woody, Fleming G             SEP   22    40y   Tinkersville                Woody, Fleming & Barsheba           Elizabeth Woody, wife
Words, Helen R               OCT   17    9m    Kanawha                     Words, R & Martha                   Martha A Works, mother
Young, Wm Sr.                AUG   15    72y   Elk 2 Mile                  Young, Conrad & Eliza               Armstead Blake, step son

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