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Kanawha County Deaths 1870

Name                              Month    Day  Age       Birthplace                          Parents                                       Informant
Alderson, Sidney                  DEC       1   56y        Virginia                 Alderson, James & Elizabeth                       C G Alderson, husband
Aligan, Virginia                  AUG       12  18m         Malden                    Aligan, Metos? & Betsy                          ___ Miligan?, father
Arthur, Margaret L                AUG       1   7y       West Virginia                    Arthur, L B & C                              L B Arthur, father
Aultz, Solomon                    OCT       27  73y        Virginia                   Aultz, Adam & Elizabeth                           Mary Aultz, wife
Bays, Richard H                   AUG       25  2y       West Virginia                   Bays, J L & Jane                              James Bays, father
Beaner, Almina                    SEP           14y       Charleston                   Beaner, David & Sarah                            D Beaner, father
Beaner, Tilda A                   SEP           19m                                    Beaner, Cyrus & Mary                           Cyrus Beaner, father
Bobbins, Lelly V                  FEB       28  10y        Virginia                    Robbins, Richard & F                          Richard Bobbins, father
Boggess, Rosie                    OCT           3y        Charleston                  Boggess, John G & Mary                           J G Boggess, father
Brice, ___                        SEP       2            West Virginia                Brice, David & Francis                             D Brice, father
Brogan, Daniel                    JUN       14  2y       West Virginia                 Brogan, James & Mary                           James Brogan, father
Buckley, John                     OCT       6   61y        Virginia                                                              Elizabeth Beckley, stepdaughter
Burns, ___                        OCT       15  6m       Elk Township                  Burns, W H & Margaret                             W Burns, father
Burns, John N                     OCT       1   14m
Carney, Elizabeth                 AUG       12  35y      West Virginia                      Nash, Robb
Carrick, Mary                     NOV       13  21y        Virginia                   Carrick, Lewis & Louise                           S K Dame, friend
Cart, ___                                                Elk Township                   Cart, N C & Emeline                             N C Cart, father
Cathers, Alex                     DEC       11  88y        Virginia                                                                 Nemry Asbury, son-in-law
Cavender, Charles                 JAN           11m      West Virginia                   Cavender, Wilson                            Wilson Cavender, father
Cavender, Sarah                   FEB           11y      West Virginia                   Cavender, Wilson                            Wilson Cavender, father
Childress, Elizabeth F            OCT       5   2y       West Virginia               Childress, Addison & M L                          A Childress, father
Clark, William M                  SEP       1   8y       West Virginia                  Clark, Jesse & Lucy                            Jesse Clark, father
Clary, Mary A                     AUG       28  7m           Ohio                     Clary, Pat & Elizabeth
Clendennin, Hiram                 MAY       25  45y        Virginia                   Clendennin, A S & Shody                         Mary Clendennin, wife
Clinton, Mary A                   FEB       13  24y        Virginia                   Stogdon, James & Susan                          C B Clinton, husband
Clinton, Melvin E                 AUG       9   7m       West Virginia                  Clinton, C B & M A                             C B Clinton, father
Cobb, Eugene                      AUG       10  2m       West Virginia                 Cobb, L L & Margaret                           Louis L Cobb, father
Coney, John N                     APR       10  9y         Virginia                  Coney, George & Elizabeth                        George Coney, father
Conner, Mary                      JUN       14  48y        Scotland                                                                   Mary Conner, daughter
Copehart, C C                     JUN       1   41y        Virginia                    Copehart, John & Mary                          S P Copehart, brother
Copen, Lovenia                    OCT           2y       West Virginia                 Copen, C D & Margaret                            C D Copen, father
Copenhaver, James                 NOV           5y       West Virginia              Copenhaver, James & Kesiah                      James Copenhaven, father
Crouch, Polly A                   NOV       9   21y        Virginia                    Crouch, R G & Harriet                           R G Crouch, father
Dame, Samuel W                    DEC       10  11y      West Virginia                   Dame, S K & Julia                              S K Dame, father
Dangerfield, Charles L            SEP       28  9y         Virginia                    Dangerfield, Owen & M                        Owen Dangerfield, father
Dangerfield, Drusilla             DEC       21  1y       West Virginia                 Dangerfield, Owen & M                        Owen Dangerfield, father
Dangerfield, Nancy                AUG       2   14y        Virginia                    Dangerfield, Owen & M                        Owen Dangerfield, father
Davis, Perry A                    JUL           4y       West Virginia                 Davis, A J & Virginia                            A J Davis, father
Davis, Sarah                      AUG           2y       West Virginia                 Davis, A J & Virginia                            A J Davis, father
Davisson, James W                 AUG       3   1y       West Virginia               Davisson, George & Emily                        George Davisson, father
Derrick, Charles                  JUN       14  16y        Virginia                 Derrick, Andrew & Elizabeth                      Andrew Derrick, father
Doss, ___                         JAN       1   1m       West Virginia                Doss, James A & Martha                          James A Doss, father
Doss, G D                         FEB       1   2y       West Virginia                Doss, James A & Martha                          James A Doss, father
Dudding, James F W                JUL       30  14m      West Virginia                 Dudding, J F & Martha                         John F Dudding, father
Duncan, Sarah                     SEP       26  16m       Duncan, WV                   Duncan, Thomas & Mary                          Thomas Duncan, father
Edens, Catharine                  SEP       15  56y        Virginia                 Wymer, Charles & Catherine                          David Edens, son
Edens, Eliza                      OCT       1   3y       West Virginia              Edens, William & Sophronia                        William Edens, father
Epling, Mary E                    OCT       1   1m       West Virginia                 Epling, W H & Sarah J                           W H Epling, father
Epling, Minnie B                  SEP       25  1m       West Virginia                 Epling, W H & Sarah J                           W H Epling, father
Ewing, Ida C                      SEP       10  18m      West Virginia               Ewing, Elisha & Elizabeth                        Elisha Ewing, father
Fellers, Gertrude                 DEC       19  3y       West Virginia                Fellers, J D & Frances                           J D Fellers, father
Ferrell, ___                      AUG           5m       West Virginia                  Ferrell, James & M                            James Ferrell, father
Field, David T                    DEC       15  29y        Virginia                   Field, John & Elizabeth                          John Field, father
Figgatt, Margaret                 NOV       10  22y        Virginia                    Patterson, Lewis & M                            J Figgett, husband
Fox, Eddie W                      SEP       19  9m       West Virginia                    Fox, A & Fannie                                 A Fox, father
Fox, Henry                        OCT       15  2y       West Virginia                 Fox, A W & Elizabeth                              A W Fox, father
Fry, Hugh H                       JUL       17  6m       West Virginia                  Fry, A P & Emily F                               A P Fry, father
Fulks, George                     JAN       31  6y       West Virginia                  Fulks, John & Maria                            John Fulks, father
Garrison, Wilson                  JAN       27  19y        Virginia                     Garrison, John & E                            John Garrison, father
Gillespie, Martha                 FEB       14  60y        Virginia                    Wright, John & Nancy                            ___ Gillespie, son
Goff, Silas B                     JUN       26  23m      West Virginia                Goff, Andrew & Theresa                           Andrew Goff, father
Graves, James M                   MAR       29  96y        Virginia                   Graves, Rice & Clarissa                            F J Graves, son
Grogan, John A                    AUG       3   6y       West Virginia                  Grogan, D A? & M E                             D H? Grogan, father
Gunter, Charles                   JUL       1_                                         Gunter, John & Martha                           John Gunter, father
Hall, Elmer                       JUL       16  1m       West Virginia               Hall, Moses B & Parthenia                        Moses B Hall, father
Harrison, Mary S                  AUG       15  7y       West Virginia              Harrison, Thomas J & Mary J                       T J Harrison, father
Helbert, Mary A                   SEP       12  51y                                                                                   Aug. Helbert, husband
Henderson, Rebecca                NOV       26  11m      West Virginia               Henderson, Wiliam & Lucy                       William Henderson, father
Hensley, Catharine                FEB       10  35y      West Virginia                 Hensley, Thomas & M B                         Thomas Hensley, father
Hensley, Charles N                JUL       29  21m        Virginia                     Hensley, M & Julia                              M Hensley, father
Hill, Charles H                   MAY       26  2y       West Virginia                Hill, William & Alethea                           W S Hill, father
Hix, Rachel                       AUG       2   18m      West Virginia                 Hix, Benjamin & Mary                           Benjamin Hix, father
Hoffman, Nancy                    OCT       20  87y      West Virginia                  ?, J D & Elizabeth                              Mike Hoffman, son
Holland, James N                  JAN       2   9m       West Virginia                 Holland, Bird & Sarah                          Bird Holland, father
Holmes, Lilla J                   JAN       28  18m      West Virginia                   Holmes, H B & L J                             H B Holmes, father
Holstein, W P                     NOV       16  15y      West Virginia               Holstein, William & Nancy                      William Holstein, father
Huffman, Charles                  AUG       4   22y     South Carolina                                                                  E C Jones, father
Hughes, Jane                      SEP       8   28y        Virginia                       Hughes, B A & ?                              R A Hughes, father
Humphreys, Charles                JUL       1_  15m      West Virginia              Humphreys, John H & Hannah                       John Humphreys, father
Humphreys, Franklin               MAR       3   1m       West Virginia               Humphreys, T J & Harriet                         T J Humphreys, father
Hyde, William                     SEP       25  11m      West Virginia                 Hyde, James & Melvina                           James Hyde, father
Jarrett, Robb E                   MAR           7m       West Virginia               Jarrett, James & Paulina                         James Jarrett, father
Johnson, Elizabeth J              SEP       20  17m      West Virginia                Johnson, Nathan & Maria                        Nathan Johnson, father
Johnson, Sarah                    FEB       10  84y        Virginia                     Johnson, William T                              Robb Johnson, son
Jones, John H                     SEP       15  16m      West Virginia                JOnes, David H & Susan                          David H Jones, father
Jones, John W                     OCT           4m       West Virginia               Jones, Washington & Mary                       Washington Jones, father
Kiefer, August                    FEB       22  2y       West Virginia                Kiefer, James & Francis                         James Kiefer, father
Knight, Creetie                   OCT       8   5y       West Virginia                Knight, John S & Nancy                          John S Knight, father
Knight, Elizabeth                 OCT       11  19y      West Virginia                 Knight, John & Wilma?                           John Knight, father
Knight, Sarah                     OCT       30  1y       West Virginia                Knight, John S & Nancy                          John S Knight, father
Lacy, George                      DEC       15  54y        Virginia                    Lacy, George & Dorcas                             Ann Lacy, wife
Lanaham, Lewis F                  FEB       10  77y        Virginia                                                                     ___ Lanaham, son
Lewis, John D                     JAN       26  15y       Ohio State                     Lewis, D J & Mary                              D J Lewis, father
Lilly, William                    AUG           3y       West Virginia                Lilly, Daniel & sabella                         Daniel Lilly, father
Lively, Morris                    OCT       23  2y       West Virginia                  Lively, M A & Minta                            M A Lively, father
Lively, William B                 NOV       4   75y        Virginia                  Lively, Mark & Elizabeth                            M A Lively, son
Lowenstein, Rachel                SEP           1m       West Virginia              Lowenstein, S M & Henrietta                      S M Lowenstein, father
Marshall, Frances                 APR       10  10y        New York                                                                         daughter
Martin, ___                       FEB       10  1m       West Virginia               Martin, William & Rachel                        William Martin, father
Martin, Morris                    APR           3y       West Virginia                Martin, Uriah & Martha                            M Martin, mother
McCardle, John                    SEP       14  10m      West Virginia                 McCardle, Peter & Ann                         Peter McCardle, father
McClanahan, Virginia              MAR       1_  5y       West Virginia            McClanahan, William S & Arminda                 William S McClanahan, father
McConn, N W                       NOV       5   11m      West Virginia                  McConn, Amos & Ella                            Amos McConn, father
McLane, Nancy R                   JUN       17  16y      West Virginia                 McLane, J B & Francis                           J B McLane, father
Mead, Elizabeth                   AUG           2y       West Virginia                  Mead, James & Jane                             James Mead, father
Meadows, ___                      DEC       8            West Virginia                Meadows, Harvey & Sarah                           H Meadows, father
Middleton, Virginia               AUG       1_  1y       West Virginia             Middleton, George & Isabella                     George Middleton, father
Miller, Charles V                 APR       25  10m      West Virginia                    Miller, H C & E                              H D Miller, father
Miller, Daniel                    JUL       30  15m      West Virginia                 Miller, Aug. & Mary A                          Mary A Miller, mother
Miller, George                    NOV       4   83y        Maryland                                                                   M Cypher, son-in-law
Miller, Susan                     SEP       10  9y         Virginia                 Miller, William G & Mary A                      William G Miller, father
Morris, Hillory B                 JUN       1   2y       West Virginia              Morris, William H & Nancy J                        Wm H Morris, father
Morris, Newton                    JUL       7   24y        Virginia                   Morris, Madison & Mary                         Madison Morris, father
Moss, ___                         APR       2   1m       West Virginia                      Moss, Lydia                                Lydia Moss, mother
Myers, Mahala                     MAR       19  25y      West Virginia                  Fleck, Sam & Jennie                        Maria Myers, mother-in-law
Myers, Milroy                     MAY       15  2y       West Virginia                Myers, Abram & Rebecca                           Abram Myers, father
Newhouse, Perry E                 NOV       7   21m      West Virginia              Newhouse, Melvin & Sarah E                       Melvin Newhouse, father
Newhouse, Sarah E                 MAR           1y       West Virginia                                                                       father
Newhouse, Thomas A                SEP       10  6y       West Virginia               Newhouse, Thomas & Sarah                        Thomas Newhouse, father
Oaks, Ebenezer                    FEB       18  13m      West Virginia                  Oaks, B F & Martha                              B F Oaks, father
Perry, Henry H                    SEP       20  13m      West Virginia                 Perry, J N & Lucinda                             J H Perry, father
Persinger, John H C               JAN       31  4y       West Virginia                  Persinger, C & E S                          Charles Persinger, father
Pettitt, Elizabeth                SEP       20  13m      West Virginia               Pettitt, George A & Nancy                      George A Pettitt, father
Philips, Samuel                   FEB       17  25y      West Virginia               Philips, Lilburn & Sarah                        Lilburn Philips, father
Prather, Thomas L                 OCT       11  82y      West Virginia               Prather, James D & Sarah                         James Prather, father
Price, Arch.                      AUG       9   32y      West Virginia                                                                         son
Reynolds, Catherine               NOV       25  2y       West Virginia            Reynolds, Charles D & Frances D                  Charles D Reynolds, father
Richards, Cornelius               NOV       24  8y       West Virginia                Richards, A J & Adaline                         A J Richards, father
Richards, John W                  OCT       15  7y       West Virginia                Richards, Enos & Susan                          Enos Richards, father
Richards, Mary A                  NOV       13  7y       West Virginia                Richards, A J & Adaline                         A J Richards, father
Riley, Hannah                     APR           31y      West Virginia
Robinson, Louisa J                FEB       27  21m      West Virginia                Robinson, S P & Louisa                          S P Robinson, father
Rock, Ida                         NOV       2   11y      West Virginia                   Rock, A A & Eliza                              A A Rock, father
Rock, Nola                        OCT       20  4y       West Virginia                   Rock, A A & Eliza                              A A Rock, father
Rohrebaugh, Silas                 FEB       6   17y      West Virginia                Rohrebaugh, A D & Phebe                        A D Rohrebaugh, father
Rollins, James W                  AUG           14m      West Virginia               Rollins, Andrew W & Agnes                      Andrew W Rollins, father
Rose, Ezekiel                     SEP       20  3y       West Virginia                  Rose, Isaac & Delia                            Isaac Rose, father
Rucker, Robert F                  AUG           5y       West Virginia               Rucker, Morris & Rebecca                         Morris Rucker, father
Rucker, Samuel                    NOV       25  68y      West Virginia                                                                  E C Jones, friend
Rush, George R                    JAN       22  11y      West Virginia                  Rush, G B & Mary V                              G B Rush, father
Russel, Nancy J                   NOV       15  8y       West Virginia               Russel, Meredith & Sarah                        Meredith Russel, father
Selbe, Thomas                     OCT       1_  8y       West Virginia               Selbe, William J & Eliza                        William J Selbe, father
Shawver, James                    NOV           21y      West Virginia                     Shawver, John
Shawver, Newton                   JUN           2y       West Virginia               Shawver, Jacob & Sarah N                                 wife
Sisson, William F                 MAY       18  6y       West Virginia                 Sisson, H C & Rebecca                         Rebecca Sisson, mother
Smith, Gertrude                   AUG       1_  11y      West Virginia                Smith, James A & Celia                          James A Smith, father
Smith, Minnie                     DEC       12  9y       West Virginia                Smith, R H M & Emoxetta                          R H M Smith, father
Smith, Sallie                     DEC       10  7y       West Virginia                Smith, R H M & Emoxetta                          R H M Smith, father
Snodgrass, Benjamin               OCT       8   21y        Virginia                    Snodgrss, A & Minerva                           N Snodgrass, father
Snyder, John                      MAR           87y      Pennsylvania                                                                     D Snyder, son
Spencer, Lewis                    SEP           21y        Virginia
Stanley, Reuben                   OCT           74y        Virginia                                                                          father
Steward, Leonard                  AUG       1   1y                                     Steward, Morgan & Ann
Stone, E M                        SEP       1            West Virginia                   Stone, E M & M E                               E M Stone, father
Stone, John H                     SEP       18  8y       West Virginia                  Stone, H C & Ellen                              H C Stone, father
Stone, Sarah                      OCT       29  11m      West Virginia                Stone, John & Carolina
Strickland, Anne                  AUG           2y       West Virginia            Strickland, John M & E Maretta                    John M Strickland, father
Supples, Henry                    SEP       1_  21y      West Virginia                                                                John Supples, father
Thaxton, ___                      JUL       13  1m       West Virginia                  Thaxton, M S & S J                             M S Thaxton, father
Thaxton, Iva                      NOV           18m      West Virginia               Thaxton, Joseph & Rosanna
Thaxton, Sarah J                  JUL       20  34y        Virginia                   Thomas, Peter & Melinda                         M S Thaxton, husband
Thomas, Elizabeth A               JAN       3   15m      West Virginia                 Thomas, J M & Mary L                            J M Thomas, father
Thompson, Carrie H                DEC       1_  2y       West Virginia             Thompson, George P & Margaret                    George P Thompson, father
Thompson, Judith R                JUL       15  3m       West Virginia             Thompson, George P & Margaret                    George P Thompson, father
Thurman, Alice                    NOV       15  6m       West Virginia                 Thurman, D H & Sallie                           D H Thurman, father
Trent, John W                     AUG       31  3y       West Virginia               Trent, William A & Sarah
Tucker, Geneva                    DEC           20m      West Virginia                 Tucker, Jacob & Celia
Turner, ___                       AUG       1_  1m       West Virginia                  Turner, J S & Merva                            J S Turner, father
Turner, George                    JUL       1   4y           Ohio                     Turner, Alex. & Hannah
Turner, Mary L                    OCT       1   15m      West Virginia                  Turner, W H & Nancy                            W H Turner, father
Wade, Moses                       JUL           21y        Virginia                                                                        Dr. Patrick
Waters, Charles                   NOV       14  25y      West Virginia
Weaver, Howell                    JUN           11y      West Virginia               Weaver, Thornton & Patsy
Wilkinson, Hugh                   NOV           65y        Virginia
Wilkinson, James R                DEC       11  23y        Virginia                   Wilkinson, A B & Milly                          A B Wilkinson, father
Williams, Cynthia                 SEP       1_  4y       West Virginia              Williams, George W & Ellen                      George W Williams, father
Williams, Lovenia                 OCT       1   10y      West Virginia               Williams, Isaiah & Nancy                          I Williams, father
Willis, Charles                   SEP       20  15m      West Virginia                 Willis, John & Ellen
Wills, Elizabeth                  JUL           15m      West Virginia               Wills, Nathan & Margaret
Wiltberger, Mary G                AUG       10  29y       New Jersey                 Wiltberger, Chris & Maria                    Edward Bliss, brother-in-law
Wints, John M                     NOV       10  70y        Virginia                  Wood, Philip & Elizabeth                           Susan Wints, wife
Withrow, William S                JUL       24  19m      West Virginia                Withrow, S N & Cordelia                          S N Withrow, father
Wood, Fannie J                    JUL       10  4y       West Virginia                  Wood, Aaron & Eliza                            Aaron Wood, father
Wood, Shippie                     JUL       9   3m       West Virginia                 Wood, N Y A & Mary J                            N Y A Wood, father
Yancy, Lucy A                     NOV       30  5y       West Virginia                 Yancy, Thomas & Ellen                          Thomas Yancy, father
Yancy, Mary                       DEC       12  1m       West Virginia                 Yancy, Thomas & Ellen                          Thomas Yancy, father
Young, Andrew J                   AUG       10  18m      West Virginia                Young, Simon & Cynthia                             S Young, father
Young, J D                        APR                    West Virginia                 Young, John & Kesiah

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