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Kanawha County Deaths 1950-1959

Name Date Parents
Fisher, Marvin (38)4/24/1950Alphis & Judia Holley
Fisher, Luvicy (Reed)(78)5/25/1950Edward Frank & Barbara Harrison
Botkin, Minnie Haas9/1/1950Michael Haas & Kate Forster
Fisher, John Wesley(62)1/25/1951Conrad & Minerva (Wolfe)
Kincaid, William Burl3/14/1870-2/1/1951William Burl Kincaid, Sr. & Mildred Virginia Morton
Fisher, William Edward(79)6/6/1951James K. & Phoebe (Cleek)
Fisher, Basil Edward (63)9/23/1951Charles W. & Emily (Boggess)
Fisher, Omie (52)3/25/1952Charles & Emily (Boggess)
Fisher, Walter Cleveland (63)4/22/1952Martin E. & Mary E. Smith
Green, Charles Frank Jr. 4/29/1952Charles Frank Green Sr. & Dorothy Arkie Hudnall
Alexander, John Homer6/8/1908-9/6/1952
Parsons, Dulcie Ellen 7/15/1915-6/12/1952
Fisher, Columbus C. 772/6/1953Emberson Fisher & Armentia
Fisher, Denny Franklin 464/27/1953Clay & Martha Fields
Fisher, Hannah (Boggess) 857/10/1953George & Martha (Fisher)
Byus, Clyde Racer6/6/1905-8/26/1953 John Racer & Betty Dillon
Fisher, Crosby Anneta (Smith) 10/3/1953 P- Frank & Augusta Hugerfort Harper Smith
Love, Okey Wilber11/3/1953George & Alice Love
Stone, Pearl Hanners-nee Berry 8/18/1893-1/22/1954Andy Berry & Sallie Perry
Pickrell, Claude Wilber2/11/1954
Lyon, Mattie7/4/1885-2/4/1954Toliver Vice and Belle Cook
Copenhaver, Lawrence W5/24/1875-5/16/1954
Fisher, William M10/27/1954John & Mary Shirkey
Hammond, Vaughan Clen11/4/1954Joyce & Etta Hammonds
Hayes, Lorena Muriel Summers 11/18/1954
Fisher, John Clem2/9/1955Benjamin & Martha Harrison
Jones, Emro7/1/1955Alfred Jones & Lucy O
Fisher, Alphias12/19/1955Frank & Nancy Shaffer
Alexander, Joseph Marion3/30/1890-5/9/1956
Pullin, Charles Roderick5/27/1956William Thomas Pullin & Anna Marie Whitmore
Fisher, Everette E6/1/1956Elbin Clark & Melissa Rose
Fisher, Daniel Dennis6/19/1956Andrew & Lorenda J. Dorsey
Wolfe, John Elvin11/16/1931-8/1956Clyde Jackson Wolfe & Janua Ada [Trigg] Wolfe
Fisher, Romeo H8/16/1956Pleasant S. & Columbia Casto
Parsons, Pearl Loretta Parsons(Linkinoggor)11/ 22/1878-12/27/1956
Parsons, Joseph "Joe"2/2/1875-2/6/1957
Fields, John Otmer 3/4/1899-2/14/1957 William Lightburn & Sarah M (Rhodes) Fields
Adkins, Martha Kathryn 1/1875-3/12/1957
Cobb, William J.1873-6/1957 Survived by wife Mary E. Cobb (Hall)
Fisher. William L. 6/22/1957 P- Daniel W. & Alice Duff
Martin, Frank Sherman11/30/1957Charles Martin & Elizabeth Elner Desenberg
Pettry, William Lacy 12/27/1957
Fisher, James Wilson 5/2/1958 P- George & Margaret L. Thaxton
Fisher, John Franklin "Richard" 8/1/1958 P- Thomas & Jemima Kelley
Tinsley, Albert Monroe 11/2/1958 Jefferson M. & Mary E. Bowen
Gibson, Clement Sisson Underwood11/13/1958 John Wood Sisson & Louisa Jones Sisson
Fisher, Elbert M. 12/26/1958 P- Evans & Parthenia Reese
Strow, George Walter 1877-1959
Strow, Clara D. Souder 1907-1959
Soell, Lucille Gresham1959George Washington Gresham & Carrie Davenport Gresham
Gatens, Cornelius Frances 9/14/1959 William Gatens & Hannah McMahon
Wright, Hayer Clay 1/2/1887-9/ 25/1959

Deaths submitted by Kanawha County Researchers. Will be updated as the researchers submit more of their death records

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