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Kanawha County Marriage Records


Listed by Groom's Surname

Groom Name Bride Name Date Misc
Newhouse, Joseph Betsy Slack 1/23/1831
Smith, Ralph "Rafe" Sophia Samples 2/3/1831 Robert A. & Mary Ann Samples
French, Henry Smith Catharine Dorothea Guigley 2/27/1831
James, Henry M Rebecca Young 4/14/1831
Basham, Anderson Perry, Frances 9/25/1831
Holly, Jeremiah Edelpha Ann Edens 10/26/1831 her parents Elisha Edens & Charlotte Arthur
Fisher, William Martha Lanham 11/3/1831 his parents were Henry Fisher Sr. & Elizabeth KOONTZ
Keeney, Stiers Jade Milly P Gatewood 6/25/1832
Bagby, Samuel Julia Ann Slaughter 10/30/1832 son of Isham Bagby
Reynolds, Franklin Abigail McFarland 12/27/1832 son of John & Miriam
Williams, Walter W. Mary Jane Dawson 3/14/1833
Fisher, John M. Mary Ann Fisher 10/13/1833 his parents were Conrad Fisher and Rachel MILLER. Mary Ann's parents were John Fisher and Lucretia HARRISON
Bird, Henry Bird Virginia Jones 11/7/1833
Young, William Nancy Gordon 11/20/1834
Derrick, John Katherin Thomas Smith 12/6/1834 his parents Jonathan Derrick & Mary Haynes., her parents Josiah & Catherin
Bagby, Daniel Wesley Eliza Hill 12/26/1834 son of Isham Bagby, daughter of Jacob and Sarah Thomas Hill
Snodgrass, Thomas Eliza Price 8/25/1835 son of Robert & Elizabeth Snodgrass
Edens, Leander Mary Copen 4/9/1836 his parents, Jesse Edens and Dorothy Wills Davis
Samples, Henry Clay Hulda Elswick 12/13/1836 Robert A. & Mary Ann Samples
Nuckles, Lewis Pirtheney Tyler   1837 Performed by Rev John Canterbury
Smith, Samuel W. Catherine Slaughter 3/2/1837 dau. of Reuben & Mary Donnally Slaughter
Derrick, Andrew Emily Catherin Jordan 4/11/1837 his parents Jonathan Derrick & Mary Haynes
Jarrett, Vincent Delilah Atkinson 8/3/1837
Thomas, William Betsy Hutson 9/2/1837 Performed by Rev John Canterbury
Albright, William A. Frances Adkins 10/18/1837 Marriage performed by Rev. William Adkins, Elder of Baptist Church father of Frances Adkins. Her mother Elizabeth Meadows. William A. Albright   s/o Moses Albright & Elizabeth Camper.
Reynolds, Vernon M. Jaena Slack 2/18/1838 son of John & Miriam
James, Samuel Kesiah Young 3/13/1838
Snodgrass, Titham Paulina Basham 3/26/1838 son of Robert & Elizabeth Snodgrass
Reynolds, John Nancy Vinyard 4/19/1938 son of John & Miriam
Edens, John Hewitt Eliza Elizabeth Goff 5/23/1838 his parents Jesse & Dorothy Wills Davis
Tinsley, John Caroline A. McCown 8/21/1838
Scott, Richard Rebecca Cooper 12/07/1838
Christian, Spencer Elizabeth Carrow 1/7/1839
Edens, James Alexander Arinda Hubbard 12/21/1839 his parents Jesse & Dorothy Wills Davis, her parents Davis Hubbard and Nancy Stafford
Bagby, John T. Maria Keyes 11/1/1840 son of Isham Bagby

Kanawha County Marriages submitted by Kanawha County Researchers. Will be updated as the researchers submit more of their marriage records

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