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Kanawha County Marriage Records


Listed by Groom's Surname

Groom Name Bride Name Date Misc
Parker, William Allen Margaret Ellen Shirkey 2/27/1861
Cunningham, Harrison D. Rachel FISHER 3/6/1861 her parents Henry C. & Nancy HARRISON. his parents William D. & Sarah FOWLER
Long, Wesley Catherin FISHER 4/4/1861 her parents Franklin & Nancy KOONTZ his parents Thomas J. & Emily BEANE
Good, Jeremiah Louisa Haynes 1/2/1862 His Parents, Francis Good & Melinda, Her Parents James Haynes & Jane Koontz
Jarrett, Thomas Y (33) Melissa D Hammock (21) 2/4/1862 He born Franklin son of George and Nancy Jarrett, She a widow born Kanawha dau of Adam and Patsy Altz
Mullins, David W (20) Harriet Jarrett (22) 3/18/1862 He born Logan son of Hiram and Jane Mullins, she born Boone dau of S Jarrett -both resided in Logan county
Edens, Alfred M. 24 Charlotte Holly 19 6/27/1862 his parents James Alexander & Arinda Hubbard Edens her parents Jeremiah & Edelpha Edens Holly
Edens, Jesse Rachel Edens 20 7/9/1862 his parents, Leander & Mary Ann Copen Edens, her parents James Alexander & Arinda Hubbard Edens
Shepherd, John Louesa Ann Aultz 23 (twin) 1/29/1863 his parents Robert Shepherd & Maria Good. her parents Adam Aultz II & Martha Samuels
Boggess, Andrew J. 20 Catherin Carney 17 3/6/1863 his parents William and Melinda GEORGE, her parents, Silas and Lucinda Fisher
Newhouse, Edmond 23 Mary Jane Edens 19 3/10/1863 his parents, Henry & Sarah Martin Newhouse, her parents Burden Brammer & Catherin Page Edens
Shepherd, Benjamin King Louisa Jane Aultz 23 (twin) 3/15/1863 his parents Robert Shepherd & Maria Good her parents Adam Aultz II & Martha Samuels
Halstead, William Huldah Ann Keffer 11/2/1863 son of Joseph Haltead & Margaret Brown dau of Jacob Keffer & Rebecca Snodgrass
Woodall, William A. 36 Martha E. Thaxton 18 12/13/1863 his parents Samuel Woodall & Frances Trent, her parents Robert Clarkson Thaxton & Sarah Fore
Aultz, Francis Marion Sarah Agnes Young 12/17/1863 his parents Solomon Aultz & Mary Derrick. her parents, Rev. Robert Young & Ann Wallace
Rucker, Milton W (29) Missouri S England (17) 1/15/1864 He born Kanawha son of John and Eliz., she born Kanawha dau of John and Mary
Gadd, James Lucy E. Newby 1/20/1864
Young, John B (66) widower Jane Fleck widow (55) 1/24/1864
Russell, Samuel Nancy Cobb 2/16/1864 his mother is Elizabeth Russell and Nancy is daughter of Thomas Browder. Both were married before (James) Erasmus Tucker and Emily Moles, Nov 30, 1832.
Dawson, Henry C. 23 Lilly SMITH 19 3/3/1864 (his parents, John R. & Libby SMITH) (her parents, Benjamin P. & Delilah CRAIG)
Smith, James R Eliza V. Reynolds 3/30/1864 dau. of Ellicott & Betsy Howe Reynolds son of Samuel & Catherine Slaughter Smith
Cavender, John W (21) Harriet Burditt (18) 4/3/1864 He born Kanawha son of John and Nancy She born Kanawha dau of William and Sarah
Cavender, John Wesley Harriett BURDETT 4/3/1864 His parents John William & Nancy BAXTER Cavender
Slater, Thomas J. Caroline Tate 4/5/1864 (his parent were Jefferson & Melinda Jane EDENS)
Jarrett, Andrew (26) Martha J Jarrett (18) 4/7/1864 He born Kanawha son of James and Matilda Jarrett, She born Kanawha dau of Jesse and Barbara Jarrett
Keffer, Wilson Margaret J. Means 5/5/1864 son of Jacob Keffer & Rebecca Snodgrass dau of Otho Means & Catherine Henry Crouse
Robinson, Charles 22 Cynthia Edens 21 10/26/1864 his parents Pleasant & Mary Cavender Robinson, her parents James Alexander & Arinda Hubbard Edens
Snodgrass, Martin VanBuren Sr Mrs Delona McNeely 11/7/1864 son of Robert & Elizabeth Snodgrass
Shultz, George Delia Hemmings 11/8/1864
Cart, Charles C (23) Eliza June Phillips (18) 11/17/1864
Edens, Robert Clarkson 21 Mary Ann Haynes 18 2/14/1865 his parents Madison Green & Martha F. Thornton Edens
Dawson, William S. Henrietta MILAM 5/17/1865 (his parents, John R. & Libby SMITH) her parents, James L. & Rachel MILLER)
Thaxton, John R. 22 Artee M. Adkins 18 7/20/1865
Burdett, James M Lucinda FISHER 7/30/1865 her parents Wm & Martha LANHAM. his parents Archibald & Elizabeth SPENCER
Snodgrass, Andrew Nancy J Naylor 8/18/1865 son of Samuel Snodgrass & Minerva Smith
Snodgrass, Leonard Lucy Jane Parsons 8/18/1865 son of Martin VanBuren Snodgrass Jr. & Eliza Black
Holly, John 20 Rebecca Edens 18 9/21/1865 his parents, Jeremiah & Edelphia Edens Holly, her parents James Alexander and Arinda Hubbard Edens
Thaxton, William H. 23 Jennetta M. Johnson 16 11/9/1865 his parents Robert Clarkson Thaxton, & Sarah Fore, her parents Edward J. Johnson & Julia Ann Clark
Stephens, Cristopher C. Cynthia A. Curry 11/12/1865 daughter of Milton & Nancy Curry, son of Bennett & Mahala Stephens
Burditt, William H (22) Mildred J Copenhaver (17) 12/14/1865 He born Kanawha son of William and Sarah She born Nicholas daughter of Jacob F and Virginia
Burdett, William Harvey b-Kan.Co. Mildred Jane COPENHAVER 12/14/1865 His parents: William Jr. and Sarah Ann YOUNG Burdett Her parents: Jacob Thomas & Virginia NEWCOMER Copenhaver
Fisher, Emberson Armentia FISHER 12/21/1865 her parents George & Frances A. LANHAM. his parents Frank and Nancy KOONTZ
Casdorph, Caleb 30 Elizabeth Edens 20 12/28/1865 his parents, John & Delilah Lacy Casdorph, her parents John & Eliza Goff Edens
Parker, George Andrew Susan Jane Willard 12/28/1865
Jarrett, Bentley (26) Ardelia Stone (15) 1/12/1866 He born Kanawha son of J and B Jarrett, she born Kanawha dau of D and I Jones
Dawson, Robert C. 24 Anastasia HAYNES 19 1/25/1866 (his parents, Noah W. & Ruth FISHER) (her parents, Andrew & Susannah KOONTZ)
Boggess, James 17 Martha Jane Thomas 36 1/25/1866
Matheny, Edward (23) Roxalena Cavender (21) 2/15/1866 He born Kanawha s/o M & M Matheny Her born Kanawha d/o C & E Cavender
Burdett, William (22) Mary R Turner (19) 2/15/1866 He born in Kanawha s/o John and Catherine She born in Kanawha d/o Jeffrey G and Nancy
Price, Meridith Mary Scott 3/22/1866 He was 27 she was 19 her -father was John P Scott by D. MAYER
Good, John Wesley Elizabeth Archibald 4/24/1866 His Parents John Good & Mary. Her Parents, John Archibald & Jane.
Tucker, Calvin Emily Arthur 5/3/1866
Crane S, George 36 Elizabeth Agness Boggess 21 5/3/1866 his parents, Nathenial & Ellenor Slater, her parents George & Elizabeth Derrick
Hudnall, Wm. H. (27) Martha Ann Noyes (25) 5/3/1866 His parents are N & M Hudnall & her parents are S & M Morris
Hudnall, Philip M. (26) Lucy Allice Morris (18) 5/21/1866 His parents are Walter W. & Cynthia Hudnall & her parents are Daniel & Martha
Hudnall, Joseph (22) Lucretia Grinstead (16) 6/14/1866 His parents are Anderson & Jane & her parents are Richard & Francis
Brightwell, William P. 21 Elizabeth Thomas Boggess 6/21/1866 her parents, James & Delilah Edens
Hudnall, Benj. F. (30) Lucinda Gillespie (20) 7/29/1866 His parents are W & C Hudnall & her parents are R & P Gillespie
Hudnall, Morris (22) Catherine Burk (24) 9/30/1866 His parents are Thompson & Sabrina Hudnall & her parents are Polly Burk
Burdett, Wesley Louisa FISHER 10/4/1866 her parents Wm & Martha LANHAM his parents Willaby & Sarah ADKINS
Burdett, Miles S. b-Kan.Co. Mildred J. JONES 11/22/1866 His parents William & Sarah YOUNG Burdett
Brown, Joseph (23) Elizabeth Hunter (23) 12/4/1866 His parents Edward & Hannah Her parents William Hunter & Barbara Lugar
Hunter, W William (21) Sarah Vickers (17) 12/9/1866 His parents William Hunter & Barbara Lugar
Lanham, William Martha S. FISHER 12/9/1866 her parents Wm G. & Martha LANHAM, his parents Lewis T. & Agnes ( ? )
Dawson, William A. Sebenna VANCE 17 12/9/1866 (his parents, Noah W. & Ruth FISHER) (her parents, Phillip & Sarah)
Cobbs, Moses U. M.A. Hemmings 12/11/1866 His parents Hiram & Matheny Her parents ___& Eliza
Edens, Phillip 24 Mary Jane Edens 1/16/1867 His Parents, Cornelius& Sarah Slater Edens, Her Parents, Leander & Mary Copen Edens
Smith, John (31) Margaret A Phillips (22) 1/18/1867 He born Kanawha son of R and S Smith she born Kanawha
Edens, Squire Morris 23 Eliza Jane Tate 19 2/15/1867 His Parents James Alexander & Arinda J. Hubbard Edens. Her Parents, Preston & Mary Emily Holmes Tate
Duffie/Duffy, Patrick B. Frances E. Mcconihay 2/20/1867 Her Parents John & Mary Pell Hurt Mcconihay
Light, Andrew Jackson Lucy Jane McCarty 4/7/1867 Enoch & Mary Light (Kelly )
Batton, James O. Caroline V. Keeney 5/24/1867
Cobbs, Lewis L. Margaret Hall 8/29/1867 His parents Hiram & Ann Thena Her parents William & Elizabeth
Phillips, Caleb Miss Sarah Brown 9/10/1867
Smith, John M. 27 Elizabeth J. Derrick 20 12/19/1867 his parent William M. Smith, her parents Andrew Derrick & Emily Catherin Jordan
Edens, Benjamin 22 Mary Jane Copen 17 12/24/1867 His Parents Cornelius & Sarah Slater Edens. Her Parents Chapman & Susan Newcomer Copen
Morris, James D 24 Agrippa L Hamaker 15 1/14/1868
Buditt, Luther R, 21 Margaret E Crews 22 2/27/1868 His parents were William Burdett and Sarah YOUNG Her parents were Sedly Crews and Eveline SMITH
Gatewood, William B 33 Amelia F Slack 21 2/27/1868
Hunter, Enoch A.(30) Toler, Louisa A. (22) 3/2/1868 His father William Hunter & Barbara Lugar, her parents Caleb & Nancy Lugar
Clark, Washg T (21) Sarah F Jarrett (22) 4/6/1868 He was born in Monroe s/o William and Elizabeth She was born in Kanawha d/o Jas E and Paulina NOTE: Washington Taylor Cart is his actual name
Derrick, William V. 28 Mary M. Parkins 28 4/22/1868 his parents Andrew Derrick & Emily Catherin Jordan

Thomas, James Woods 28

Nancy Ann Atkinson, 18 5/12/1868 He was born in Greenbrier Co., son of David Anderson Thomas & Amanda Dyche - Tailor, She was born in Kanawha Co., daughter of James M. Atkinson & Julia A. by Ashford Hall
Phillips, R H (31) Catherine Matheny (19) 9/20/1868 He born Kanawha son of John and Susan, she born Kanawha dau of David and Elizabeth
Dawson, Robert F. 21 Delilah RUTLEDGE 17 10/1/1868 (his parents, Wm & Luvicy MURPHEY) (her parents, Thomas & Permelia)
Jarrett, C C (35) Mary C Slack (16) 10/11/1868 He born kanwaha s/o Eli and Nancy She born Kanawha d/o John and Jane
Carney,Charles 50 Jac. Elizabeth Beane 50 10/12/1868 his parents Thomas Carney & Mary Parsons Carney, her parents William & Rachel Wiseman Beane
Myers, Robert Sarah E Parker 11/15/1868
Edens, David 38 Maria Cavender 25 11/19/1868 His Parents,Cornelius & Sarah Slater Edens, Her Parents, Charles & Elizabeth JarrettCavender
Shivertaker, James Reynolds Frances Sesler 1869
Cabell, Robert W. Anna Eliza Mcconihay 3/4/1869 His Parents Napoleon B. & Catherin Wells Cabell. Her Parents John & Mary Pell Hurt Mcconihay
Oxier, Lewis M Christiana Coleman 4/4/1869 by Stephen L Weeks
Jarrett, Vincent (54) Martha Young (33) 4/6/1869 He widower born in Kanawha s/o Owen and Elizabeth She single born Kanawha d/o Lewis and Mary
Leavitt, Alonzo (21) Minerva Turner (22) 4/18/1869 He being single born in Wood, VA s/o Saml and Elizabeth Her being a widow born in Kanawha d/o Squire and Sarah JARRETT
Hudnall, Andrew J. (22) Huldah J. Smith (18) 5/29/1869 His parents are Nathan & Margaret Hudnall & her parents are Charles
Hudnall, Lewis (22) Sarah J. Schoolcraft (22) 6/10/1869 His parents are Nathan & Martha & her parents are James & Catherine
Jarrett, David J (22) Elizabeth B Thumm (22) 9/30/1869 He born Kanawha son of Squire G and Eliza, she born Wurttenberg, Germany dau of John G and Margaret
Adkins, Bryson Sarah R. Keffer 10/17/1869 dau of Jacob Keffer Jr & Druzilla Adkins
Keeton, George W. 21 Rebecca Myers 11/28/1869 George was born in Augusta Virginia s/o James & Martha Ann Keeton, occupation: farmer. Rebecca d/o Jaocb Myers & Edna Moles F. V. Johnson officiated.
Kincaid, George Lilly Dawson 12/1/1869
Jarrett, Levi (21) Henrietta Booker (17) 1/2/1870 He born in Kanawha s/o John and Catherine

She born in Kanawha d/o Cary and Louisa

Osborn, David (22) Elizabeth A Jarrett (20) 1/27/1870 He born Kanawha son of George and M, she born Kanawha dau of James and Margaret
Jackson, James A (21) Elizabeth Jarrett (24) 2/15/1870
Edens, John Wesley 18 Sarah Malissa Copen 14 3/17/1870 His Parents Cornelius & Sarah Slater Edens, Her Parents, Chapman & Susan Newcomer Copen Edens
Rollins, William 26 Sarah Jane DAWSON 8/4/1870 (her parents, Robert W. & Elizabeth HAYNES)
Myers, Levi Hannah Ann Myers 9/18/1870 Levi was a widower, He was born in Gallia Ohio His parents were Maria Myers. Hannah was born in Kanawha County WV, her parents were Josiah Myers and Nancy Booker.
Edens, Burden Brammer 56 Meche Shumaker Smith 36 12/8/1870 His Parents, Benjamin B. & Catherin Page Edens
Derrick, Josiah Thomas 33 Susan E. McMahon 30 12/20/1870 his parents John Derrick & Katherin Thomas Smith, her parents Dr. William B. McMahon & Louisa Bonnett
Parker, James R Martha A Keeling 12/24/1870

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