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Kanawha County Marriage Records


Listed by Groom's Surname

Groom Name Bride Name Date Misc
Snodgrass, Merriman Rachel H. Harless 3/26/1871 son of Thomas Snodgrass & Eliza Price dau James H. Harless & Spicy Barker
Edens, Alfred M. "Tink"32 Sarah E. Hendrick 22 4/1/1871 His Parents, James Alexander & Arinda Hubbard Her Parents, Pascal & Nancy Beasley Hendrick
Carney, Henry Fry 20 Angeline Rollins 17 6/1/1871 his parents Andrew Jackson & Melissa Rollins Carney, her parents Henry & Elizabeth Skidmore Rollins
Snodgrass, Dryden D. Roxie Ann Ferrell 8/6/1871 son of Thomas Snodgrass & Martha Jane Douglas dau of Archibald Ferrell & Huldah Snodgrass
Mairs, Joseph B. Elmina M. Derrick 10/24/1871 his parents Dr. William Mairs & Marth Aultz, her parents Michael Derrick & Julia Dawson
Jarrett, Squire G (45) Riddie Ann Woody (39) 10/25/1871
Carney, Eldridge 19 Margaret Ann Raines 1/4/1872 his parents Silas Carney & Lucinda Fisher Carney, her parents William & Mary
Roop, james C Melinda Clendenin 3/7/1872 Informant was C J Rippetoe
Keing, Mitchell M C Clendenin 3/16/1872 Informant was C J Rippetoe
Canterbury, Samuel(22) Elizabeth Jarrett (21) 5/23/1872 He born in Boone County s/o Thompson and Elizabeth She born in Kanawha d/o John and Catherine Married in Charleston
Edens, Burden B. 60 Martha Keaton 43 8/8/1872 His Parents, Benjamin B. & Catherin Page
Parsell, Daniel H. 24 America M. DAWSON 22 11/14/1872 (his parent, Biddy Parsell) her pparents Robert Wilson Dawson & Elizabeth HAYNES)
Fisher, Evermont Ward Louisa Monday 12/31/1872 His Parents, Perry Anderson & Carmelia Her Parents, Marshall Tilford & Rebecca Miller Monday
Burdett, James S (27) Nancy Crews (28) 1/23/1873 He born Kanawha son of Miles and Elizabeth, She born Monroe dau of Ledley C and Evaline
Burdett, Luther Rice b-Kan.Co Margaret Elizabeth Crews 1/23/1873 His parents William Jr. Sarah A. YOUNG BurdettHer parents: Sedley C. & Evaline SMITH Crews.
Edens, Squire Morris 27 Nancy Walker 16 9/5/1873 His Parents, James Alexander & Arinda Hubbard Her Parents, Harvey & Emeline ( )
Clendenin, Henry Anna E. Spradling 10/8/1873 Informant was Silas B Whitney
Dawson, Alexander 22 Mary A. HENSLEY 25 10/24/1873 (his parents, Alexander & Venda KENNISON) (her parents, William Hensley & Sarah.)
Burk, George M.C. Lois P Leftwich 11/25/1873
O’Meara Lawrence Nancy Sims 1/5/1874
Flowers, Nathaniel (23) Alwilda Hunter (18) 1/7/1874 Her father Samuel Hunter
Tinsley, Eli H. Caroline Morris 4/9/1874 his parents, Obediah & Susan FIGGATT
Johnson, Adam (22) Amanda Jarrett (24) 5/13/1874 Both born in Kanawha
Jarrett, Mark V (19) Elizabeth L Canterbury (18) 5/24/1874 Both born in Kanawha
Jarrett, Squire G (49) Ellen Bailey (18) 5/31/1874 Both born in Kanawha
Copenhaven, William "Floyd" Grace Carson 7/7/1874 Her parents were James Carson & Elizabeth Peacock of Edinburgh, Scotland. His parents were Jacob Thomas Copenhaver & Virginia Newcomer
Payne, James Oliver Lauretta Mae Griffith 7/23/1874 He was 22 years old and was born in Boone Co. She was 20 years old and was born in Kanawha Co. The marriage was performed by G.W. Griffith, a relative of Lauretta's.
Mallory, Mallory Amanda Knuckles 9/2/1874 Performed by Rev William Browder
Scarbough, J L (23) Lucinda Hunter (23) 10/2/1874 Her father Henry Hunter
Dent, Chapman Sarah Bailey 1/29/1875
Facemeyer, A V (21) Harriet Cavender (29) 2/4/1875 He born Braxton, she born Kanawha
Carney, John B. 21 Harriet P. Brillhart wd 18 5/3/1875 his parents Joseph and Mary Ann Rollins Carney
Carpenter, John W. Amanda A.. B. Aultz 10/4/1875 his parents, Grandville Carpenter & Elizabeth C. he parents Solomon Aultz and Mary Derrick
Fisher, Isaac M. Josephine Shamblin 10/6/1875 His Parents, William & Mrs. Susan Crites Koontz Fisher Her Parents, John & Glori Pfost Crites
Duff, R. B. 25 Susannah DAWSON 29 10/28/1875 (her parents, Robert Wilson Dawson & Elizabeth HAYNES)
Clendenin, French Nancy Clendenin 12/23/1875 Nancy is the daughter of Hiram Clendenin
Hull, William B Melissa Jane Clendenin 12/25/1875
Edens, John Wesley 25 Malissa Jane Mace 1/5/1876 His Parents, Cornelius & Sarah Slater Edens Her Parents, Henry & Julia Wiseman Mace
Davis, Thomas (29) Martha J Hunter (21) 1/19/1876 Her father Thomas Hunter
Hudnall, Wm. (25) Martha Ann Proctor (17) 1/27/1876 His parents are W. Hudnall
Hammack, Alonzo H (21) Alonzo H Hammack (21) 6/2/1876 Both born in Kanawha
Coon/Kuhn, William Henry Vilinda Susan Lake 7/30/1876 They were both 24 years old. Susan later remarried, age 60, to James Brown, age 68, on 24 Sep, 1912, also in Kanawha.
Hudnall, Samuel (27) Mary Kuhn (22) 9/14/1876
Aultz, Emory M. Adany Agness Derrick 10/24/1876 his parents John H. P. Aultz & Frances A.. Older, her parents Michael Derrick & Julia Dawson
Fisher, William Henry Saraha Ruhama Casto 1/9/1877 His Parents, Leonard Simon & Elizabeth Harrison Fisher Her Parents, George & Nancy Raines Casto Jr.
Snuffer, Edward W. Edmonia C. Keffer 1/17/1877 dau of Samuel Keffer & Mary Wade Bateman
Edens, James Edward 27 Mary Eliz.Ann Marion 18 2/15/1877 His Parents, Burden Brammer & Catherin Wiemer Edens Her Parents, Nathen Shadrack & Martha Cook Marion
Wilson, Matison Alice Sesler 3/27/1877 informant: James Shivertaker
Bostic, Harvey L. (21) Lucinda C. Jordan (15) 4/29/1877 s/o James Etley Bostic & Eliza Susan Foster d/o Joseph B. Jordan & Mary A Staten
Hudnall, John (24) Martha A. Bradley (18) 6/21/1877
Spangler, James Victoria Clendenin 6/23/1877 Informant was Jacob Spangler
Fisher, Charles W. Emma A. Boggess 10/25/1877 His Parents, Conrad W. & Mary Ann Huffman Fisher Her Parents, Benjamin & Mary Spencer Boggess
Romine, Anderson Washington Julia Ellen Bragg 11/14/1877
Wilson, James Lewis Mary E. (Molly) Cassaday 11/28/1877
Fisher, Norris G. Didama E. Hackney 1/1/1878 His Parents, Emsey Fisher & Mary Ann Fisher  Her Parents, David T. & Sarah Ann Ray Hackney
Derrick, Elmore 21 Sidney Clinton 18 2/24/1878 his parents Michael Derrick & Julia Dawson, her parents Michael Dewitt Clinton and Roxlana P. Fisher
Hudnall, Michael (25) Hannah Auckerman (20) 3/14/1878
Balser, William Elizabeth Hudnall 3/29/1878 William s/o Joshua and Mary Balser
Dawson, Benjamin F. 26 Mary Jane SCOTT 26 5/11/1878 (his parents, Noah Dawson & Nancy WHITE)
Daniels, Thomas 24 Josephine DAWSON 29 5/16/1878
Hudnall, David, (22) Wilmina Hunter (20) 5/28/1878 Her father Samuel Hunter
Fisher, James M. Nancy Jane Casto 6/12/1878 His Parents, William & Mrs. Susan Crites Koontz Her Parents, Joel & Mary Margaret Bradley Casto
Keffer, John Strowder Lucy Keeney 7/3/1878 son of Wison Keffer & Marth Ann Harless dau Foster Keeney & Eliza Huff
Carson, A George Madora Hunter 7/4/1878 Her father Samuel Hunter
Fisher, Abraham Louisa C. Turner 10/31/1878 His Parents, Leonard C. & Barbara Crites Fisher
Tinsley, Edmond B. Martha E. Cary 12/3/1878 his parents, Obediah & Susan FIGGATT
Carney, James M. Rowena V. Pauley 12/4/1878 his parents Enoch & Martha J. Vandine Coon Carney, her parents Joseph & Ocie Slack Pauley
Fisher, Conrad Christina Clendenin 1/28/1879 His Parents, Leonard & Barbara Crites  Her Parents, Rebecca Lewis & James A. Clendenin
Guthrie, Flavious Josepheus 23 Minerva E. DAWSON 2/6/1879 (his parents, John & Mary WALLACE) ( her parents Robert Wilson Dawson & Elizabeth HAYNES)
Shultz, George Mary J Williams 3/6/1879 Performed by Rev Ralph Swinburn
Fisher, Mordica Van Isabelle Jones 3/12/1879 His Parents, Joseph & Zaida Smith Fisher
Carte, David Dickson Cynthia Canterbury 3/28/1879 Son of Richard David & Mahala Osborne Cart. She was daughter of Thompson & Elizabeth Pauley Canterbury
Swiger, E. H. Louisa E. Clendenin 4/11/1879 Louisa's father was Robert Clendenin
Hudnall, James H. (23) Nancy Kirk (16) 8/21/1879
Thomas, Fredrick S. (29) Ruth Putney (23) 10/2/1879 By John C. Brown
Fontaine, Peter (34) Lydia A. Laidley (38) 10/7/1879 By R.A. Cobbs, G. Fontaine
Payne, Henry C. (30) Pettie Cabell (22) 10/8/1879 By J.C. Taylor, Henry C. Payne
Uugen, W.E. (23) Emma W. White (18) 10/15/1879 By T.C. Johnson, Mrs. Sarah White
Powell, Albert (26) wid Jimmie Mitchell (21) 10/18/1879 By J.C. Taylor
Commack, Quinton (20) Allicana J. Hagan (15) 10/21/1879 By Rufus Workman, James Snodgrass
Thomasson, B.R. (23) Belle Stephenson (20) 10/22/1879 By J.A. Black
Snodgrass, John (26) Mary J. Midkiff (19) 10/23/1879 By Geo. W. Griffith
Wills, William H. (22) Junetta Childers (18) 10/23/1879 By Geo. W. Griffith
Surface, Ida J. (32) Eliza Jane Prichart (18) 10/25/1879 By Samuel Hawkins, H.C. Surface
Hutson, Joel G. (52) wid Julia Mallory (37) 10/26/1879 By M.A. Lively, W.H. Thomas
Cluny, J. J. (24) M. E. Alexander (24) 10/26/1879 By C.J. Rippitoe, Isaiah Cluny
Baker, Richard (23) Hattie Williams (19) 10/26/1879 By Rufus Workman, Andrew Stricklin
Fisher, Thomas H. (20) Martha J. Fisher (19) 10/30/1879 By M.A. Lively, D.W. Fisher
Miller, Joseph H. (20) Antnette Forner (17) 10/30/1879 By Wm. Lynch
Tate, William S. (20) Etta A. Colwell (19) 10/30/1879 By Samuel Hawkins, John C. Colwell
Roberts, Richard (25) Victoria Roberts (14) 11/4/1879 By H.W. Haggett, John Roberts
Fisher, Wilbur F. Alice M. Perkins 11/25/1879 His Parents, Emsey Fisher, & Mary Fisher  Her Parents, Andrew & Lorene Fisher Perkins
Fisher, John H. Marcella Cunningham 12/31/1879 His Parents, Conrad W. & Mary Ann Hoffman Fisher  Her Parents, Harrison D. & Rachel Fisher Cunningham
Fisher, James I. Margaret A. Miller 12/31/1879 His Parents, Conrad & Mary Ann Huffman Her Parents, Elihue & Louisa Carney Miller
Hudnall, John Calvin (24) Mary M. Belcher (26) 3/18/1880
Fisher, Daniel W. Jac. 22 Alice Duff 18 Jac. 5/26/1880 His Parents, Conrad & Mary Huffman Fisher Her Parents, Isaac N. & Caroline ( ) Duff
Snodgrass, James S. Roxie Adeline Shrewsbury 7/5/1880 son of Samuel Snodgrass & Minerva Smith
Ballard, Washington Mary Ann Coiner 8/25/1880 He being born in Monroe Co., VA (WV), Her being born in Kanawha Co., he being age 26, she being age 24, she getting the permission of her father, George Coiner, married by Rev. C.J.? Rippetoe?
Moter, David Ellis, Sr. Nancy Catharine Bone Irvin 10/2/1880 He was the son of Peter D. & Cynthia McClellan Moter

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