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Kanawha County Marriage Records


Listed by Groom's Surname

Groom Name Bride Name Date Misc
Schoolcraft, Wages (22) Liza J. Hudnall (18) 7/29/1900 Ceremony performed by John Casebolt
Green, Ernest (20) Clara Hudnall (15) 3/18/1901 Ceremony performed by C. C. Perkins
Ballard, William H.(18) Eliz. Batton (16) 5/20/1901 married by Rev. M.F. Compton,
Johnson, Obediah Victoria Rife 5/29/1901 W.B.F. Ball performed the ceremony.
Toler, Fredrick M. Bertha Ethel Young 7/1/1903 Parents: James M. Toler & Rachael Elswick Daughter of Hensley Young & Martha E. James
Mcconihay, Daniel L. 20 Annie C. Hodges 20 7/4/1901 His Parents James Davis & Mary Looney
Jones, Emro (22) Lucy O Molly Susan Bostic (14) 10/16/1901 s/o Alfred Jones d/o Harvey L. Bostic & Lucinda C Jordan
Williams, A. J. (25) Nannie Hudnall (17) 12/12/1901 Ceremony performed by Gerald Cana
Carpenter, Jerry (27) Louiza Hudnall (24) 12/29/1901 Ceremony performed by G. E. Edwards
Jast, A. N. (36) Mattie Hudnall (18) 12/31/1901 Ceremony performed by E. M. McVey
Manuel, Joe (22) Effie Hudnall (20) 2/8/1902 Ceremony performed by A. M. Dial
Aultz, Robert Solomon Cora Bell Goff 4/17/1902 his parents Francis Marion Aultz & Sarah Agnes Young, her parents James L. & Rebecca J.
Hammond, Arthur E. (23) Ethel M. Hudnall (20) 4/23/1902 ceremony performed by H. J. Williams
Kidd, Charles Wesley Cora  Martin 5/10/1902 in Charleston, Kanawha County, W Va Both were born in West Virgina
Mullens, Sant (27) Caroline Hudnall (16) 6/6/1902 Ceremony performed by H. J. Hill
Morris, Rufus Z. (19) Virgie Preston Hudnall (17) 6/12/1902 Ceremony performed by John Casebolt
Baldwin, Jas D. 22 Belva Agness DERRICK 18 7/2/1902 His parents James Nathan Baldwin and Henrietta Rebecca SAMUELS,Her parents, Elmore M. Derrick & Nancy Ellen HACKNEY
Hunter, Ernest (30) Bertha Keeney (23) 11/26/1902
Casebolt, John (45) Briant Hudnall (18) 7/31/1903 Ceremony performed by E. M. McVey
Cox, William C. (28) Josephine Hudnall (22) 8/3/1903 Ceremony performed by J. C. Cime
Mullens, J. E. (20) Lucy Hudnall (16) 9/1903 Consent of father given
King, Benjamin (29) Annie Hudnall (20) 9/15/1903 Ceremony performed by John Casebolt
Martin, Henry L. 35 Victoria DERRICK 35 7/6/1903 His parents were Samuel Martin & Sarah A. PRICE, Her parents were Andrew Derrick & Mary Jane PARKINS
Derrick, Jonathan McLane 34 Put Elizabeth Edna DENT 21 Barbor Co. 10/21/1903 His parents were Josiah Thomas Derrick & Susan E. McMAHON.
Good, Charles Wesley Alwilda Abigail Thomas 11/12/1903 His Parents John Wesley Good & Elizabeth Archibald, Her Parents Jesse A. Thomas & Mary Jane Shanahan.
Keenan, George (22) Mary Hudnall (21) 3/18/1904 Ceremony performed by E. M. McVey
Newhouse,Joseph E (28) Naomi Shaffer (16) 3/24/1904 T. E. Melton preformed the  ceremony. His parents were Lewis andMary Newhouse, Hers were David and Elizabeth Shaffer.
Moss, Roy (25) Estella Hudnall (19) 4/14/1904 Ceremony performed by S. V. Leech
Mullins, Charles, (18) Rachel Hudnall (15) 7/13/1904 Ceremony performed by James Diggs
Hanson, Robert (22) Alice Hudnall (21) 10/2/1904 Ceremony performed by E. M. McVey
Hudnall, James H. Emie Stone 12/17/1904 Ceremony performed by John Casebolt at Cedar Grove, WV. Parents written consent.
McQuillion, W. M. (20) Martha J. Hudnall (19 & div) 12/24/1904
Roach, Lewis Clementine L. DERRICK 12/27/1904 Her parents were Squire Wilson Derrick & Rachel Hero McCLANAHAN
Adkins, Levi Richard Rosa Dee Kinser 5/30/1905
Gregory, Harry A. (Loiseau) Arra Martin 9/11/1905
Hudnall, A. T. (38wid) Elizzie Figgatt (34wid) 12/10/1905 Ceremony performed by E. C. Griffin at Charleston, WV.
Hudnall, Theodore Nettie Melton 12/23/1905 Ceremony performed by H. J. Hill.
Cavender, Wilmer (20) Lavicie Mitchell (20) 1/19/1906
Hudnall, Luther Gracie Petry (18) 6/27/1906 Ceremony performed by Jno.Warnock with father present at Charleston, WV.
Hudnall, J. C. Lilly Moss (18) 9/1/1906 Ceremony performed by B. F. King with both fathers present in Crown Hill, Kanawha County, WV.
Bostic, James Monroe (22) Mary Mollie Vance 9/13/1906 s/o Harvey L. Bostic & Lucinda C. Jordan
Hudnall, Gilbert (20) Gertrude Clark (25) 12/24/1906 Ceremony performed by I. L. Edens with written consent in Charleston, WV
Rollins, Virgil F. Margaret Isabel Patterson 12/24/1906 He was age 22, s/o Benson Fletcher Rollins & Florence Maize Jones She was 23, d/o James L. Patterson & Mary Jannet Coleman
Mcconihay, John Henry 24 Jayne W. Hundley 23 1/30/1907 His Parents James Madison & Armentia Morris
Byers, James (19) Eliza Hudnall (18) 3/30/1907
Mcconihay, Charles S. 33 Virginia L. Bott 28 4/3/1907 His Parents Felix Grundy & Mary M. Slaughter
Carney, Albert Ross Mabel Alice Boggess 4/28/1907 his parents Charles Carney and Nancy Jones
Hudnall, Andrew (27wid)   Maria Mullins (19) 5 5/1/1907 Ceremony performed by C. H. Beresford with written consent at Crown Hill, Kanawha County, WV.
Persinger, J.W. (23) Oma Eskins (19) 7/10/1907
Lawrence, Edward Oren Mary Ann Cook 10/27/1907
Mcconihay, Samuel Fenton, 30 Clara A. Mcconnell 25 B-Oh 11/6/1907 His Parents James Madison & Armentia Morris
Page, Grover (22) Wilmuth C. Hudnall (19) 12/22/1907
Fernatt, William E. (20) Mary Ellen Hudnall (17) 12/24/1907
Romine, John Edward Lurah Emmazella Watkins 4/6/1908
Montgomery, William L. (50 & wid) Elizabeth Hudnall (35 & wid) 4/15/1908
Johnson, Clyde (29 & div) Roxie Hudnall (22) 5/27/1908
Curry, John (25) Gracie Hudnall (22) 6/20/1908
Mcconihay, Peter Anderson B-Roane 33 Hattie Mae Sneed 17 7/4/1908 His Parents James Davis & Mary Looney
Sneed, Henry Beulah Cadwallender 7/22/1908 Rev, S. S. Stewart. Had parents consent
Mcconihay, John Ira Roane 38 Annie M. Rollins 20 9/1/1908 His Parents James Davis & Mary Looney
Hudnall, Isaac S. (28) Marge Milam (18) 10/22/1908 Ceremony performed by M. H. Lacy with father and mother consent
Maynard, D. K. (21) Mary Hudnall (19) 10/25/1908
Hudnall, Lewis R. (21) Virginia Myrtle Kenney (21 div) 11/27/1908 Ceremony performed by T. Murphy with written consent from both.
Terry, Guy Terry (24) Verna Hudnall (17) 9/6/1909
Hackney, Robert T. (25) Millie Hudnall (24) 11/16/1909
Graham, Joe J. Minerva S. Derrick 12/22/1909 Her parents were Squire Wilson Derrick & Rachel Hero McCLANAHAN
Hudnall, Andrew W. (28) Rosa V. Gill (19) 12/22/1909 Ceremony performed by W. A. Byers.
Hudnall, Wailon (19) Fannie Persinger (19) 12/23/1909 Ceremony performed by W. K. Kersey with written consent.
Robinson, Henry (20) Rachel Hudnall (20) 12/23/1909
Hudnall, Arthur (21) Zella Brown (21) 1/17/1910 Ceremony performed by M. H. Lacy.
Goodwin, Charles (21) Lucy Hudnall (17) 2/22/1910
Craze (Crayes) Thomas Walden Edna Martin 2/26/1910
Derrick, Selba Leroy 21 Ollie Cunningham 19 3/7/1910 His parents were Lorenzo Dow Derrick & Sarah Ellen SANDERS
Darragh, William P. (27) Luella Hudnall (26) 3/13/1910
Young, Cyrus Wilbur Josephine Ellen Hill 4/21/1910 s/o Amos & Letitia…d/o Lemuel Yauncy Hill & Mary Catherine Callahan
Hudnall, Delbert (23) Hannah Clarks(18) 6/1/1910 Ceremony performed by W. H. Kersey, permit.
Burgess, John Wilbur Lula Pearl Carte 6/26/1910 Ceremony by Rev. General Kidd her parents: John Monroe Carte & Lucy Ann Kidd his parents: Squire A Burgess/Francis Marion Harbert(step-father) & Martha Alice Price
Hudnall, J. W. (21)   Cecil Barton (17) 7/2/1910 Ceremony performed by J. I. Carney, permit.
Hudnall, George (22) Luck Hamrick (18) 7/4/1910 Ceremony performed by W. H. Hopecraft, written permit.
Thomas, J. D. (21) Wandy Hudnall (19) 7/15/1910
Derrick, William W. Hester M. YOUNG 17 Kan. 8/12/1910 His parents were William V. Derrick and Martha Eva HARRISON
Thompson, Frank (27) Millie Sloan (20) 9/28/1910 Both born in Kentucky,  married by Rev. I.L. Edens, he being divorced, she being single
Smith, Conrad (26) Nina L. Hudnall (18) 11/19/1910
Bowles, Henry Ellis Kittie Ross 12/23/1910
Derrick, Samuel S. 22 Mattie Lee RHODES 21 Kan. 12/24/1910 His parents were William V. Derrick & Martha Eva HARRISON

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