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Lincoln County West Virginia Biography of William Henry McCLURE

            William Henry McCLURE is a son of Elijah and Rhoda (Pauley) McClure, who were among the first settlers in that part of Kanawha county, afterwards Logan, and now included in Lincoln county. They were honorably identified with the improvements in both counties, including the building of the courthouse at Charleston and that at Lincoln, and died at a good old age, honored of all who knew them. They had a family of twelve sons and five daughters, and fourteen of their family are living in Lincoln county. Eleven of the sons own farms in the county and are following their parental example, raising large families and doing well. The excellent farm of William Henry McClure lies on Sulphur Spring fork of Middle fork of Mud river. He was born January 11, 1830, in what was then Logan county, Virginia, and he first married Mary Ann Vickers. They were wedded December 5, 1855, and their seven children were born: John S., November 5, 1856; Wilham A., August 25, 1858; Lucy Ann, August 2, 1861; Mary Bowman, April 23, 1863; Henry Grant, May 15, 1866; George W., July 15, 1868, died August 12, 1871; Nancy Ann, April 1, 1871. Lucy Ann is the wife of Willis Pauley and lives in this county. The mother of these children died April 10, 1871. She had been a member of the Baptist Church twelve years before her death. In Lincoln county, July 14, 1871, Minerva Jane Clark became the wife of Mr. McClure, and their children are: Levi Watson, born November 26, 1873; Cynthia Ellen, January 11, 1878; James Albert, October 1, 1879. Minerva Jane Clark was born in Kanawha county, March 6, 1847, a daughter of Levi Lewis and Elizabeth (Lacy) Clark. Mr. McClure was eight years road overseer, four years member of the board of education, and overseer of the poor. His post-office address is Griffithsville, Lincoln county, West Virginia.

      Extracted from West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia, a reprint of Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia Lincoln County, WV, Biographies List, 1884.

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