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Thomas Perry 1754-1842

Descendants of Thomas Perry

Generation No. 1

1. THOMAS1 PERRY was born 1754 in Sussex Co. NJ, and died 1842 in Washington
Co. Ohio. He married CATHERINE FISHER 1782 in Pa, daughter of JOHN FISHER
and ELIZABETH. She was born 1757 in White Deer,Northumberland Co. PA., and
died 1842 in Wesley Twp,Washington Co. Ohio.

Notes for THOMAS PERRY: Thomas Perry was a RevWar soldier and is buried in
WashingtonCo. Ohio. Thomas and Catherine Fisher Perry moved to Ohio in early
1800's first to Columbia Co. , then to Washington Co.

Children of THOMAS PERRY and CATHERINE FISHER are: 2. i. JOHN2 PERRY, b.
October 06, 1789, Columbia County,Ohio; d. May 08, 1837, Washington Co.
Ohio. ii. JAMES PERRY, b. October 06, 1791, Pa; d. May 01, 1857, Washington
County,Ohio; m. ELIZABETH ANDERSON, March 12, 1820, Colombia Ohio. iii.
ELIZABETH PERRY, b. 1794, Pa; d. 1872; m. JAMES HUNTER, September 14, 1819,
Columbia ,Ohio. iv. MARGARET PERRY, b. 1796, Pa; d. 1866, Washington Co.
Ohio; m. WILLIAM HUSTON, January 22, 1817, Columbia Co. Ohio. v. NANCY
PERRY, b. Abt. 1797, Lycoming ,Pa; d. 1893, Washington Co. Ohio; m. JOSEPH
PERRY, July 21, 1822, Columbia Co. Ohio. vi. MARY "POLLY" PERRY, b. 1799,
Lycoming,Pa; d. 1881, Washington County,Ohio; m. (1) JAMES HARKINS, March
27, 1821, Columbia,Ohio; m. (2) WILLIAMS CORNS, March 16, 1826, Washington
County,Ohio. vii. SARAH PERRY, b. 1800. viii. REBECCA PERRY, b. 1806,
Lycomming,Pa; d. 1888, Washington Co. Ohio; m. GEORGE HILDERBRAND, 1834,
Washington Co. Ohio. ix. THOMAS PERRY, b. 1808, Lycoming ,Pa; d. 1893,
Wells, Indiana; m. MATILDA PERRY, June 05, 1834. x. SUSANNAH PERRY, b. 1811;
d. 1884, Washington Co. Ohio; m. WILLIAM HICKMAN, June 03, 1841, Washington
Co. Ohio.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 PERRY (THOMAS1) was born October 06, 1789 in Columbia County,Ohio,
and died May 08, 1837 in Washington Co. Ohio. He married ABIGAIL PATTERSON
1818 in PA., daughter of SAMUEL PATTERSON. She was born August 29, 1801 in
VA/Pa, and died September 08, 1875 in Fairfield twp,Washington Co. Ohio.

b. 1819; d. Washington Co. Ohio; m. JOSEPH HARRIS, December 20, 1841. ii.
THOMAS PERRY, b. 1820, Columbia Co. Ohio; d. May 06, 1861, Washington Co.
Ohio; m. MARIE CRENSHAW, November 01, 1849, Washington Co. Ohio. 3. iii.
SAMUEL PATTERSON PERRY, b. May 15, 1822, Ohio; d. May 23, 1902,
Sandyville,Jackson Co. WVa. iv. JAMES PERRY, b. 1824, Oh; d. January 21,
1908, Washington D.C.. v. CATHERINE PERRY, b. 1827, Oh; d. Aberdeen, Lewis
Co. WV; m. HENRY L. CURTIS, 1845. vi. MARY PERRY, b. 1827. vii. NANCY
REBECCA PERRY, b. 1834, Washington Co. Ohio; d. January 28, 1908, Washington
Co. Ohio; m. JOHN LAKE, 1854, Washington Co. Ohio.

Generation No. 3

3. SAMUEL PATTERSON3 PERRY (JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born May 15, 1822 in Ohio,
and died May 23, 1902 in Sandyville,Jackson Co. WVa. He married ELIZABETH
LYONS March 18, 1851 in Prattsville, AthensCo., Ohio, daughter of PHILLIP
LYONS and CATHERINE ALLMAN. She was born March 20, 1832 in Athens, Ohio, and
died January 01, 1910 in Jackson Co. WV.

Notes for SAMUEL PATTERSON PERRY: both Elizabeth and Samuel are buried in
the Old Baptist Cemetery in Jackson Co. WV.

Children of SAMUEL PERRY and ELIZABETH LYONS are: i. NATHAN4 PERRY, b. 1852,
Vales Mill, Vinton Co. Ohio; d. March 08, 1912, Jackson Co. WV; m. MARY
CATHERINE MCFARLAND, May 13, 1874. 4. ii. SANFORD BUNDY PERRY, b. July 15,
1853, Vales Mill, Vinton Co. Ohio; d. March 04, 1902, Wood Co.
WVa.Parkersburg WV. iii. JOHN NICHOLAS PERRY, b. 1855, Vinton Co. Ohio; d.
March 02, 1942, Mud Run,Jackson Co. WV; m. ELIZABETH SARAH MCFADDEN, 1877,
Vinton Co. Ohio. iv. MARY ELLEN PERRY, b. 1857, Vinton Co. Ohio; d. May 23,
1888, Jackson Co. WV; m. SAMUEL WARD, 1886, Jackson Co. WV. v. THOMAS
JEFFERSON PERRY, b. 1859, Vinton Co. Ohio; d. 1920, Kansas City,Missouri; m.
UNKNOWN. vi. CATHERINE MELISSA PERRY, b. 1861, Vinton Co. Ohio; d. 1864,
Vinton Co. Ohio. vii. WILLIAM LAFEYETTE PERRY, b. 1861, Vinton Co. Ohio; d.
1886, Jackson Co. WV. 5. viii. PHILLIP SHERIDAN PERRY, b. 1865, Big Racoon
Creek,Vinton Co. Ohio; d. 1931, Sandyville, Jackson Co. Wv. ix. EMMA PERRY,
b. 1864, Vinton Co. Ohio; d. 1864, Athans, Ohio. x. JOSEPH C. PERRY, b.
1867, Vinton Co. Ohio; d. 1930, Letart Fall, Ohio; m. WILSIE AMANDA SANDERS.
xi. CHARLOTTE ANN PERRY, b. 1869, Vinton Co. Ohio; d. 1941, Jackson Co. WV.
xii. NELSON FRANKLIN PERRY, b. 1872, Vinton Co. Ohio; d. 1911, Jackson Co.
WV; m. BARBARA HERTJE, Letart,Mason Co WV; b. 1885, Sandyville, Jackson Co.
Wv. xiii. MINNIE MAE PERRY, b. 1874, Vinton Co. Ohio; d. 1940, Marietta,
Washington Co. Ohio; m. JOHN COCHRAN, 1904; d. 1951, Washington Co. Ohio.

Generation No. 4

15, 1853 in Vales Mill, Vinton Co. Ohio, and died March 04, 1902 in Wood Co.
WVa.Parkersburg WV. He married HANNAH GOFF 1883 in Nicholas Co. Wva.,
daughter of JAMES GOFF and RACHEL STANSBURY. She was born October 05, 1862
in Ritchie Co. WVa., and died 1943 in Nicholas Co. WVa..

Children of SANFORD PERRY and HANNAH GOFF are: i. ALTA JANE5 PERRY, b. June
08, 1884, Beaver, Nicholas Co. WVa.; d. April 27, 1919, Curtin,WVa. Nicholas
Co.; m. CHARLES PHILLIPS, December 20, 1905, Beaver,Nicholas Co. WVa.; b.
Kanawha Co. WVa."Indian Creek"; d. April 04, 1919, Curtin,WVa. Nicholas Co..
ii. WALTER SAMUEL PERRY, b. February 27, 1886, Beaver, Nicholas Co. WVa.; d.
January 03, 1960, Craigsville,WVa.NicholasCo; m. BESSIE SPENCER, June 20,
1919, Craigsville, Nicholas Co. WVa.; b. 1899, Micholas Co. Wv; d. 1992,
Nicholas Co. WV. iii. OTIS HENRY PERRY, b. April 27, 1889, Beaver,Nicholas
Co. WVa.; d. March 05, 1951, Richwood,Nicholas Co. WVa.; m. BEATRICE JONES,
December 23, 1913. iv. FREDDIE PERRY, b. January 15, 1892. v. MOLLY CLOCIS
PERRY, b. July 28, 1894, Craigsville,WVa.NicholasCo; d. April 06, 1919,
Curtin,WVa. Nicholas Co.; m. FRED BENNETT, December 28, 1915,
Craigsville,WVa.NicholasCo; b. August 03, 1891, West Union,WVa, Doddridge
Co.; d. March 30, 1966, Tacoma,Wa,Pierce Co..

Notes for MOLLY CLOCIS PERRY: Molly Perry Bennett was my grandmother however
she died long before I was born. Grandma Molly died 2 days after giving
birth to my mother. She was pregrant when caring for her first child who
died in Oct of 1918 and delivered my mother early weighing 2 pounds. In 1919
a 2 pound baby didn't stand much of a chance. Fred Bennett put the tiny baby
inside a cigarbox and took it to the wife of his friend, Clara Godfrey. The
Godfrey's had no children and Clara always wanted a baby. She took care of
the tiny infant and Fred Bennett thinking he had lost his wife and daughters
disappeared from site. Fred reappeared years later but by then mother was
older and he couldn't take her from the only family she ever knew.Mother
often sid she was alive by the Grace of God and the love of Clara Godfrey.

vi. CHARLES PERRY, b. November 29, 1896.

in Big Racoon Creek,Vinton Co. Ohio, and died 1931 in Sandyville, Jackson
Co. Wv. He married EMMA BONTO 1889 in Mentor,Jackson Co. WV. She was born
1872 in Trace Fork, Jackson co. Wv, and died 1942 in Sandyville, Jackson Co.

1890, Mentor, Jackson Co. WV; d. 1963, Parkersburg,Wood Co. WV; m. (1)
MARTHA TENNANT, 1912, Jackson Co. WV; m. (2) GOLDIE PRICE, 1955. ii. JOHANNA
PERRY, b. 1892, Mentor, Jackson Co. WV; d. 1914, Sandyville, Jackson Co. WV.
iii. FRANCES ELIZABETH PERRY, b. 1893, Mentor, Jackson Co. WV; d. 1968,
Huntington,Cabell Co. WV; m. GEORGE HOWARD WETZEL, 1912, Jackson Co. WV. iv.
HARRY WESLEY PERRY, b. 1897, Mentor, Jackson Co. WV; d. 1967,
PERRY, b. 1899, Mentor, Jackson Co. WV; d. 1962, Jackson Co. WV. vi. EDNA
PEARL PERRY, b. 1901, Mentor, Jackson Co. WV; d. 1976, Huntington,Cabell Co.
WV; m. CARL MCKINLEY WALLACE, 1921; b. 1897, Milton, Cabell Co. WV; d. 1978,
Athans, Henderson Co. TX. vii. DORA ELLEN PERRY, b. 1902, Mentor, Jackson
Co. WV; d. 1994, Sandyville, Jackson Co. WV; m. JOHN CALLAHAN, 1924,
Huntington ,Cabell co. WV. viii. ALFRED CECIL PERRY, b. 1904, Mentor,
Jackson Co. WV; d. 1991, Doyleston,Ohio; m. HAZEL WILMA CAMPBELL, 1924,
Jackson Co. WV. ix. ALYCE RACHEL PERRY, b. 1904, Mentor, Jackson Co. WV; d.
1980, Barbourville,Cabell Co. WV; m. LEWIS JOSEPH PLYBON, 1925,
Catlettsburg,Boyd , Kentucky.


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