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Application for Pension:James Spencer
submitted by: Brenda Dillon

WAR OF 1812

dated March 9, 1878
STATE of West Virginia
COUNTY of Greenbrier

On this date and in this county , the aforesaid, JAMES SPENCER, age 94 years
and resident of Trout Valley in the county of Greenbrier, WVa. who being duly
sworn according to law, declared that he is the identical James Spencer who served
under the name James Spencer as a soldier in the company command of Captain S. Taylor
in the regiment of Virginia, commanded by Col. Jas Concade in the war of 1812;
that he enlisted at Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co. WV on or about September 1, 1812 and
served a term of 6 months and continued in actual service of said for the term of 6
months. He was hereby discharged at Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co. on April 1 of 1813. That
since the date of his discharge he has resided in WV, Ohio, and Illinois. Age about 26 when
enlisted with birthplace being Greenbrier Co.Va.

The following is his description at the time of his enlistment, Via :Indian,
dark complexion, black hair, black eyes,5 feet 8 inches high

He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the pension to which
he may be entitled under section 4736 to 4740, inclusive, Revised Statues, and the
act of March 9, 1878, and hereby appoints with full powers of substitutions and revocation
AW Fitzgarald of Wash.DC, his lawful attorney, to prosecute his claim.

He also declares that he has therefore made NO application before for Bounty
Land or Pension. He gives his residence is now Nicholas Co. WV in the town of Trout.


ATTEST: Washington Spencer ( s/o James)

Jacob Taylor

Also personally appeared Moses Perkins age 82 years residing in
Greenbrier Co. and Solomon Taylor age 79 years residing in Nicholas Co. WV, persons I
certify to be respectable and entitled to credit , and who being by me duly sworn, say
that they have known James Spencer for 75 years and 55 years respectively; that they were
present and saw him sign his name to foregoing declaration; that they have every reason
to believe, from the appearance of said claimant and acquaintance with him, that he is
the identical person he represents himself to be; and the further say that they are able
to identify him as being the identical person who rendered the service alleged to in this

SIGNED: William W. Taylor Moses Perkins

James Spencer X Solomon Taylor X

SWORN: this 18 day of June 1880


NOTE: William Taylor, Jacob Taylor, and Solomon Taylor is from my Daniel
Taylor line thus proving the Taylor and Spencer's knew each other for many
years. Washington Spencer was my gggrandfather and son of James Spencer
verifying I have the correct lineage.

© 2002 Rhonda Smith