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Submitted by: David Vickers

Gray Cemetery, Keenan Branch Road
Indexed in 1979 by David Vickers

This cemetery is located near Zela, W.Va. on Keenan Branch Road.  Take the
right hand fork of Keenan Branch.  It is about one mile up the road located
on the Gray Family Farm.  The farm is now owned  by  the Schoolcraft Family.
The cemetery is at the top of the hill on the right.  Most of the stones
list only initials. The names have been added in parentheses of known
persons buried here by submitter. Transcribed exactly as written.

J. G. 1897  (John W. Gray  1849-1897)

L.A.G. 1884  (Elizabeth A. {Walker} Gray  1848-1884 wife of John W. Gray)

A.B.C.  possibly a baby

B.E.G. 1884   (infant child of John W. Gray)

Ethel M. 1912-1971  (Ethel M {Rader}

Ted H. 1911-1951  (Ted M. Rader, 1911-1951, son of Amillia Gray Rader

Rusel Lee Rader  July 11, 1931 - Aug 21 19??


Amillia V. Shaffer 1882 - 1955  (Amillia V. Gray {Rader} Shaffer 1882-1955
daughter of    John W. Gray, sister of Thomas Edgar Gray.

M.E.G. (possibly Mary Elizabeth Gray b. 1873)

Elenor Cathryn Street   3-19-21 - 3-20-21

C.B.G.   Sept. 24 (Thought to be Charlotte Belle Thomas Gray 1st wife of Thomas Edgar Gray)

Sarah Ford   Oct. 18, 1850 - March 21, 1893 (daughter of George Washington Gray)

Augustus L. Ford  Dec 28, 1892  - March 12, 1915  (son of Sarah Ford)



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