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This suvery was taken before 2002.

McQueen Cemetery
This is a partial listing of maybe 1/4 of the cemetery.
We purposely did not alphabetize the listing as they are written in the
order that they are placed in the cemetery, and would breakup spouses
and children. This cemetery is located on the north bound side on Rt 19
leaving Summersville. Well cared for, and surrounded by a rail fence.
Looks down on the hills and valleys, and new construction on Rt 19.
Easy access.

RAPP, Margaret V. 1918-1994
            Elmer 1914-_____

WOOD, Eugene (Sug) 1938-1989
              Clotele 1941-______

PIERSON, William E. 1901-1976 married 6/2/1929
                   Edna Faye 1908-_______

TINNEL, Glen Joseph 11/19/1924-6/19/1992 WW II Navy
                 Melina A. (Mellie) 11/4/1921-________ married 1/25/1946

TINNEL, William 1908-1967
 Thurman Annamae 1918-_______

WRIGHT, Bertha L. 8/19/1885-3/20/1970

RAPP, William Walter 4/18/1877-2/3/1955

CHAPMAN, Anna Mary 1/26/1911-7/16/1974

WRIGHT, Clarence L. 11/6/1908-8/27/1982

RAPP, Lillie Viola 12/28/1870-6/26/1950
           George M. 10/26/1865-12/20/1941

RAPP, Cecil H. 1906-1986
            Elsie B. 1910-1990

RAPP, James H. 1933-1933 son

RAPP, Irma 1932-1932 daughter

SPENCER, Samuel H. 12/8/1839-6/1/1932
    Pvt COB 1st Rgt W.VaInfantry Civil War

SPENCER, Hethie F. 1867-1931

SPENCER, H. Mansel 1903-1945

HOLCOMB, Mamie D. 7/14/1907-5/9/1941 mother

MAC QUEEN, Charles A. 5/5/1887-5/4/1978
                         Bertha 5/27/1888-5/12/1954

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