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     submitted by Janet Martin
               Located Bells Creek, Nicholas Co., WV.  Turn onto Bells Creek from Rt. 16
               Follow road about ½ mile or so and you will come to a a large Lumber Yard on the
               left of the road across the creek.  You will cross a low water bridge on
               Bells Creek road just above this Lumber Yard, and you will make a sharp left
               hand turn immediatly at the end of bridge, onto a gravel road that will take you to the
               Lumber Yard.  The Cemetery sits in a grove of pines behind the Lumber Yard  about
               700 feet up an old dirt road.  You’ll have to walk from Lumber yard.

                 HILL, Bridie J.
                 8 Feb 1897/10 Oct 1900
                 d/o A.M. & Gineva Hill

                 CISCIO, Bryon Richard
                 CPL US Army WWI
                 10 Aug 1895/19 July 1961

                 LEE, Goldie H.
                 metal marker-Combs FH

                 SMITH, Sarah J.
                 Jan 1845/3 July 1903
                 no other date
                 metal marker-B.C. Cooper FH

                 SMITH, Miletus
                 30 Dec 1834/12 April 1908
                 metal marker-B.C. Cooper FH

                 SMITH, Ray Morris
                 metal marker-B.C. Cooper FH

                 SMITH, Arnold
                 metal marker-B.C. Hooper FH

                 SMITH, John
                 metal marker-B.C. Hooper FH

                 SMITH, Betty
                 metal marker-Combs FH

                 DRAKE, Betty Smith
                 metal marker

                 CLAYWELL, Bernard B.
                 metal marker-Combs FH

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