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Snake Creek Cemetery is located off Rt. 4 at the Duck Post office, one mile
up Snake Creek on the left of the first house. Park at the bottom of the hill next to a
white house owned by Don Widner who married a Eagle. His dad, David Widner also
owns the adjoining property that crosses over the mountain and comes back to the main
road there the old Amos and Earsal Eagle property at the Servia Exit off I-79. This
cemetery is on the left hand side of the house at the top, you can almost see it from the road.

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DAVIS, Gordon 1866-1939

DAVIS, Tom 9/1907-4/1947

EAGLE, Marion 11/12/1844-4/12/1897
                Conrad 5/25/1847-4/9/1935 Erected by Amos & Earsla Eagle

EAGLE, Harlie Ray 5/7/1906-9/11/1911 Son of Amos & Earsla

EAGLE, Bernice Level l4/8/1908-4/17/1908 Daughter of Amos & Earsla

EAGLE, Amos A 1885-1974

Earsla L. 1887-1971

EAGLE, Benjamine F PVT 20 US INF 4/15/1915

EAGLE, Lillie 1882-1901

EAGLE, Joe S 7/3/1880-8/31/1947
                Louisa M 3/23/1892-1/23/1978

EAGLE, Media G 1892-1946
               Jacob E 1879-1951

EAGLE, Woodrow 4/29/1923-4/9/1963

JARVIS, William H 4/28/1890-7/1966
                Elsie 11/18/1910-7/17/1993

JARVIS, Glen R, INFANT 2/26/1944

JARVIS, Edna F, INFANT 12/20/1938

JARVIS, Erslia M, INFANT 1/25/19398-4/27/1938

JARVIS, Lue , INFANT 3/12/1951

JARVIS, Bobby O, INFANT 12/1/1944

(all of these graves were together)

JARVIS, Junior William 1/5/1932-9/4/1990

JARVIS, Larry Edward 9/21/1945-1/21/1976

LAXTON, Baby Shannon Debrah 1981-1982

PIGGOTT, Phyllis A 3/16/1931-
                   Stewart Frances 3/2/1921-11/9/1992

SMITH, Jason, Nathanyal 5/13/1983-10/9/1985

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