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Submitted by Nancy Norman Hopkins

The History of Nicholas County, West Virginia

By William Griffee Brown, 1954

DOTSON, German.

Jacob Dotson and his brother Richard came to Nicholas soon after the County was
organized. Richard Dotson purchased Lot No. 30 in the Town of Summersville, from
Addison McLaughlin, and then disappears from the record. Jacob Dotson bought 118
acres of land on Peters Creek from Edward Rion in 1830. His sons, Andrew J., Jacob
L., Jackson and Isaac F., are mentioned in his Will of record in Will Book No. 1, at
page 196. His daughters were Sarah A. Wiseman, Eliza Bays, and Virginia Halstead.

Jacob L. Dotson had seven sons, Lightburn, Logan, Alexander, John, Daniel, James
and Edward. Lightburn Dotson taught school and later became a minister of the Methodist
Church. Logan S. Dotson was one of the founders of the Nicholas Republican and was
assessor of Nicholas County, and active in politics. James J. Dotson was a well-know
teacher and for many years owner and editor of the Nicholas Republican. Edward
Dotson is a justice of the peace living in Summersville.

Richard, William, Addison Mac, and Peter K. were sons of Isaac Dotson.

William E. Dotson, son of William, is a farmer and owns the home place of his father.

Samuel C. Dotson, son of Addison Mac Dotson, was a teacher, County Superintendent
of Schools, and represented the County in the House of Delegates. Later he entered the
ministry of the Methodist Church and now retired from the pastorate, lives near Wheeling.

Newton Dotson, Gordon Dotson and Frank Dotson are sons of Peter K. Dotson.

Dexter N. Dotson, grandson of Addison Mac Dotson, is a teacher in Nicholas
County High School.

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