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Christine Talbot, 4 Jan 1997: Need info on Adam FLESHER b. ca 1814 supposedly Pendelton Co. Also need info on a Willam H. JANES b. ca1790-1810 . His father was Edward JANES. They are supose to have come from Pendelton Co., then moved west, finally settling in Bucha nan Co. MO. by 1850.

Vicki Tavares, 6 Jan 1997: I am searching for information on the GAMBLE family. Joseph GAMBLE b. approx. 1775 was in Pendleton Co. VW in the 1810, 1820 & 1830 Census'. Seeking the name of his wife and what his relationship is to the GAMBLE'S of Augusta Co. VA. He moved to OHIO between 1830 & 1840.

Rose Ann Mockler, 10 Jan 1997: We are looking for info. about Henry Harrison HARPER, born in Hardy County in 1812. He was married to Annisinia SMITHERMAN, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca (???) SMITHERMAN, Oct. 03,1833. Henry's father was Leonard HARPER and Deliah (???). They moved at some time to Wood County WV. Any help at all would be appreciated.

Jean Shanelec, 12 Jan 1997: Searching KNEISTRICK (and all spelling variations). Frederick KNESTRICK md Hanna MERRALL, daughter of John, in Rockingham County, VA, in 1803. Bondsmen were Martin SHOEMAKER and John TRUMBO. Other connected surnames: ANDES, THOMAS, EPPLER/APLER, JENKINS.

Steve Shaluta, 18 Jan 1997: My wife and I are researching her SKIDMORE roots. We know that Joseph Skidmore who died in Ruddle in 1778 is her GGGG-Grandfather. Through our research we have come upon information that there is a Skidmore family bible. The last person we have record of as having it, was Susanna (Skidmore) Harper in 1868. she is a granddaughter of Joseph Skidmore. My wife would hope this message may reach a descendent of Susanna who may know the whereabouts of this bible. The information enclosed within that family bible could be of great value to my wife as she is working on a book of her direct Skidmore line. We would also like to get a photo of said bible for this book. In addition to basic facts, we are on a mission to get as much possible photographic material as we can for this book, as well as interesting stories we can find. My profession is photography and I know the importance photo's can make in a book. I have been photographing ...grave sites, old mill sites, monuments, documents, copying old photo's we have come upon etc. This is not a for profit project, but a labor of great pride and love for my wife. Any information anyone can provide will be appreciated. We live near Charleston, WV. and would be willing to travel to get any possible information and photo's.

Hal Phillips, 22 Jan 1997: Looking for information on John SHOBE listed in the 1810 Census of Pendleton County. I would especially like to identify his parents. Thanks.

Len Gucwa, 27 Jan 1997: We are doing genealogical research on the MITCHELL family from Pendleton County, West Virginia. Nathan Mitchell was born there in March 1863. Around 1894 he married Annie R. They later moved to Rockingham County, Virginia. Would appreciate any and all information about this family, vital records, etc.

Wally Garchow, 28 Jan 1997: I am tracking descendants of Abraham PITSENBARGER Jr and Mary COWGER. They were married abt 1795 in Pendleton Co., VA. Their descendants populated Pendleton, Greenbrier, and Nicholas Counties. View the PITSENBARGER HOME PAGE to see the beginnings of this family at:

Allen Alsman, 30 Jan 1997: Surnames - SHIRLEY, BUCKLEY, SWARTZ, CUMMINS, Looking for info on John Robert SHIRLEY b ca 1788 VA, m Mary BUCKLEY b 11 Mar 1794 Loudon Co, VA. Had a son John William SHIRLEY b 8 Sep 1826 Pendleton Co, m Mary Jane SWARTZ 25 Nov 1852 Taylor Co, VA, b 3 May 1833 Rockingham Co, VA. Mary's parents were Jacob Gyle SWARTZ b 11 Jul 1806 VA and Rebecca CUMMINS b 14 Feb 1809 Rockingham Co, VA. Any info would be helpful. Will share anything. Thank you.

Al Douglas, 7 Feb 1997: Researching Balsor SPUNAUGLE, listed on p. 300 of the "History of Pendleton Co, WV." Who was his wife/wives? Where did he come from? Listed in a 1790 Loudon Co. record. Did Pendleton come from Loudon? Any help would be appreciated.

Dennis Miller, 10 Feb 1997: Need date of death for Michael BODKIN. About 70 years old, living in Harman, Randolph Co., WV in 1910. Michael Bodkin, and possibly other family members, buried in Mauzy cemetery in Randolph Co., WV. Need date of death for his wife Rebecca COWGER BODKIN, born abt. 1835 at Ft. Sybert, Pendleton Co., WV. Need death information for Phebe DICE COWGER mother of Rebecca Cowger Bodkin. Phebe was born abt. 1810 in Pendleton Co. WV. She was living with Michael and Rebecca in Randolph Co., WV in 1880. Also, need any information on Amelia Susan Cowger wife of Isaac T. MILLER. She was born May 1839 in Pendleton Co., WV, died June 13, 1863, possibly in Pendleton Co., WV. Amelia sister of Rebecca COWGER BODKIN. Two other sisters were Elizabeth and Sarah both of whom moved to Ohio.

Don Thompson, 12 February 1997: Trying to locate the Virginia roots of my great-grandfather William THOMPSON, b. 1820, VA. He was on the 1850 US Census, Bond County, IL, b.1820, VA. I'm hoping the Wm Thompson born in 1820 in Pendleton County to William Thompson and Annis Hinkle (LDS microfiche) is he. Can you help?

Bob Keim, 8 Feb 1997: Need to know the approximate date of birth of Leonard PROPST, and his wife. Had daughter named Esther who married Henry Jordan in 1841. Also, am looking for Jordan wills in Pendleton county naming any named James between 1840 and 1935.

Joylette Spencer, 19 Feb 1997: I am looking for the wife of Jacob SNIDER who lived and had a daughter, Elizabeth, in Pendleton Co. in early 1800's. Then lived in Gilmer Co. WV. Jacob is shown on census as living with Elizabeth and husband, Anderson STUMP in 1860. I'd also like to know if there were any other children of Jacob's. Appreciate any help you could give me.

Daniel M. White, 21 Feb 1997: I am searching for the surname SHOULDERS, who are listed on the 1810 census. They are Jacob SHOULDERS and Uriah SHOULDERS. I need birth/places/marriage data/dea th as well as parentages and descendants.

Carolyn Arbogast, 22 Feb 1997: I am researching the BOWERS family - namely Joseph BOWERS & wife Barbara VANDEVENTER, both b. abt. 1790; and his son William BOWERS, b. abt. 1818 and his wife Margaret S. SPONAUGLE, b. 1821. I am also looking for Michael PECK and son - John PECK and his wife Elizabeth BEVERAGE - cir. 1800. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Caroline Barkley Lyles, 22 Feb 1997: Looking for information on my gggrandmother Caroline BARKLEY Mauzy. Married to James L. MAUZY on November 19, 1860, six children. Resided in Pendleton Cty. WV. Looking primarily for BARKLEY ancestoral information. Possible relation to Sen. Alben BARKLEY. Also, looking for information on my grandfather Charles Lee VANDE VANDER b. 9-18-1875, d. 8-21-1946. Married to Nancy Mauzy Vandevander, 2 children. Resided in Pendleton Cty WV. Looking primarily for VANDEVANDER ancestoral inf ormation.

Joylette Spencer, 19 Feb 1997: I am looking for the wife of Jacob SNIDER who lived and had a daughter, Elizabeth, in Pendleton Co. in early 1800's. Then lived in Gilmer Co. WV. Jacob is shown on census as living with Elizabeth and husband, Anderson STUMP in 1860. I'd also like to know if there were any other children of Jacob's.

Daniel M. White, 21 Feb 1997: I am searching for the surname SHOULDERS who are listed on the 1810 census. They are Jacob SHOULDERS and Uriah SHOULDERS. I need birth/places/marriage data/deat h as well as parentages and descendants.

Don Cutright, 3 Mar 1997: Would like to contact genealogy interested person about several families of Pendelton Co. Families of interest are WILFONG, SIMMONS, and connected families. Any help appreciated! Thanks in advance for any consideration.

Tom Tinsley, 3 Mar 1997: GGgrandfather IRA COWGER, b. ca 1809, Wilson Cty, TN, family originally from WVA; need parents' names.

Monte Buzzard, 14 Mar1997: Seeking to exchange information with anyone researching the following surnames: BUZZARD, ALT, and AULT.

Eva Smith-Carroll, 15 Mar 1997: CUNNINGHAM, William Lurty. I bought an old book in Frankfort, Ky. on 3/15/97 about the lumber business in WV (1770-1920). It contained little pasted in notes by William Lurty Cunningham about his boyhood, etc. One of the notes says his family lived in Randolph County for a short time and operated a general store with Arnold Cunningham. Another note says a great uncle operated a sawmill in Pendleton County. Does anyone know if his family is still around? He had given the book to someone in 1975. It's sad that this book is not owned by a family member.

Dennis Miller, 19 March 1997: Looking to contact and discuss geneology with any descendants of the following: John T. MILLER and Susannah HEDRICK, Abel COWGER and Pheobe DICE, Palser (Balser) SHAVER and Ann Christina MITCHELL, Levi TRUMBO and Mary HINKLE, Johann Adam LOUGH and Maria Barbara LACK, Charles HEDRICK and Barbara CONRAD (grandparents of Susannah Hedrick, Father was Frederick Hedrick) Henry COWGER and Elizabeth RANDALL, (Parents of Abel Cowger). Also Interested in exchanging copies of pictures of Ancestors and Descendants.

Harriet Moore, 20 Mar 1997: Seeking information about ancestors of NANCY HOOVER (b. 1823, d. 13 Nov 1872), who was married to JETHRO DAVIS; also MARGARET BLAND (b. 1803), who was married t o JAMES DAVIS; and MARY SIMMONS, who married JOSEPH DAVIS in 1791; lastly, JOHN DAVIS, who settled on the North Fork in 1766, on Sugar Tree Bottom. Nancy (Hoov er) Davis died in Grant County, and was buried there; there is no further record of Jethro in Grant County; is it possible he moved back to Pendleton County and was buried there? Any assistance appreciated!

Vivian Hytovick, 22 Mar 1997: Seeking proof that Mary HOOVER, wife of Peter HOOVER, had the maiden name of PENNINGER/PENINGER/BENINGER. Also, proof that their son, Henry, married Elizabeth HEAVNER/HEVENER/HEFNER. Who was her parents? Would like date of death of Elizabeth and maiden name of Henry's second wife, Barbara.

Ray Helmick, 23 Mar 1997: Looking for information regarding the HELMICK family circa 1790 thru 1850.

Jeri (Vance) Miller, 26 Mar 1997: Looking for new information and willing to share the existing information that I have on the VANCE family of Pendleton County. Ancestors of Reuben VANCE, Civil War veteran, b 1823 d 1896 in Onego.

Susan Fortenberry, 30 Mar 1997: Need info on : THOMAS BOWMAN and his wife JANE RHOADS BOWMAN both born ~1769 near the South Branch of the Potomac River which could now be in Pendleton/Hardy/Grant or Hampshire Co.s WV. Possible father for Thomas : CHARLES BO(W)MAN who served in Capt. Michael Cresap's militia company in Dunmore's War-1774, militia probably raised in now Hampshire or Hardy Co.s WV. Also, CHARLES BOWMAN listed on Tax List 1782 reported by Michael Cresap, probably now also Hardy or Hampshire Co.s WV. A THOMAS BOWMAN listed on 1787 Tax List for Berkely Co. VA, could now be Berkley/Morgan Co. WV. Thomas and Jane's son CHARLES BOWMAN b~1797 VA/WV married CATHERINE COCHRAN (daughter of ZACKQUILL and DRUSILLA MORGAN COCHRAN) on 23 May1816 in Tyler Co. VA, could now be Tyler/Wetzel Co. WV. Thomas and son(s) were boatbuilders in Wheeling, now Ohio Co., WV in 181? to late 1820's. Other children of Thomas and Jane Bowman: MOSES b1812 Wheeling WV; MARIA b181? md Stephen BAINBRIDGE; possibly JOHN and probably others. Thomas & Jane, Charles & Catherine Bowman famlies moved to Vermillion Co. Indiana in 1828, probably along with several inter-related families: MORGAN,COCHRAN, PRICKETT. Children of Charles and Catherine Cochran Bowm an: JANE(md Peter Wells); DRUSILLA(md George W. Nolan); EMILY(EMELINE?)(md Jacob Bradburn) ; CASSANDER(Hughes) ; TEMPERANCE(Martin); STEPHEN FRANKLIN BOWMAN; C HARLES WESLEY BOWMAN ; NANCY(Underhill) ;THOMAS BENTON BOWMAN. Children of MOSES and NANCY MILLER BOWMAN : THOMAS; ALICE; ELLEN; CATHERINE; GEORGE; JOHN; MARY. Bowman family of possible German descent, could possibly have been Brethren then later Methodists.

George Tinney, 31 Mar 1997: Looking for info parents on John and Elizabeth (Platt) Shreves. John b. mid 1700's. Moved to Smoke Hole area of Pendleton Co. They had two sons by the name of Daniel b. 1792, m Lucinda Weese and Amos b. 1808, m Mary Arbogast. Any info appreciated.

George Tinney, 5 April 1997: Looking for marriage date on ANDREW FAIRBURN, m. RACHEL TURNER (?) before 1854 as he sold property in Pendleton County in 1854 and moved to Rockingham County. Any info at all on either subject. Thanks.

Guy Bocchino, 5 April 1997: JOHN MURPHEY in the Pendleton Co. Census of 1810. Is this the John Murphy who married Elizabeth Lawson in 1799 in Rockbridge Co. VA ? Are they the parents of LA WSON MURPHY who was born in 1810 and emigrated in 1829 to Randolph Co. Illinois ? When did John Murphey die? Any records of John Murphey's wife and children in Pendleton Co. will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. (Lawson Murphy was my g-g-g-grandfather.)

Anonymous, 6 April 1997: HUFFMAN: Is the Soloman Huffman who received land grants in Pendleton the father of George Huffman, who married Catherine Lewis in Allegheny County in 1856? The Soloman I'm looking for was married to Susan (b abt 1807). My Soloman's birth was abt 1793. Also looking for parents of John Frederick JUDY.

Dorothy A. Boyd-Rush, 9 April 1997: PROPST: Seeking information on ancestry of Henry PROPST born 1770/1779 in Pendleton area, died 1813, married 1802 Elizabeth KYGER in Rockingham County, VA. Henry and wife were the parents of six known children. Henry's father was George Frederick PROPST who apparently died leaving a will in Pendleton area. George Frederick supposedly named his ten children in his will, including Henry and a brother named Jacob. When did George Frederick die? It was likely after the death of Henry and before 1831 according to indentures dated August 1831 and November 1844 located in volumes 10 and 14 of the Pendleton County deed books. Where is George Frederick's will? Who are the siblings of Henry? Who was his mother? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kathy Fleming, 9 April 1997: Would appreciate if you can verify Isaac Fleming born between l783 & l789 in Pendleton Co. Been searching for ages for names of Isaac's parents--can you help? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Diane Murphy, 15 April 1997: I am interested in learning more about the Fort Seybert massacre in 1758. I own a copy of Oren Morton's "History of Pendleton County" but are there any other publications concerning this massacre? I am related to Capt. Jacob Seybert and the Heveners that were killed during that massacre.

Vera (Ayers) Tinney, 15 April 1997: Interested in John Ayers, married Elizabeth Full (Fall) around 1811 in Pendleton County. John is believed to have been born in Maryland. They are my G G G grandparents.Would like info on their family, as they did have a son William H. that married Elizabeth Judy in 1845 in Pendleton Co. William raised his family at Cove Mountain. William had son John that married Nancy Shreve in 1876 in Pendleton Co. John also raised his family at Cove Mountain, which is in the Smoke Hole area. Any information on any of the above would be greatly appreciated, especially John. Thanks.

Carol Cosette, 16 Apr 1997: I am trying to find out the genealogy connected to the family of Garret TETER. He lived around Sutton but there were also other family members that lived in Pendleton County.

Mary Sue Branaman, 17 Apr 1997: My husband's gg grandfather, David C. BRENNEMAN, Jr. (??Branaman) married a Cynthia BRADY on August 18, 1838, in either Augusta County, West Virginia (formerly Pendelton) or Augusta County, Virginia. We have information which could be either. We know the Branaman family settled in Rockingham County, Virginia. We know David and Cynthia had a son James Andrew Branaman born March 17, 1843, in either Staunton, Virginia, or West Virginia. We would like to correspond with any relative's of either the BRANAMAN or BRADY families.

Una Kisamore, 29 Apr 1997: Looking for KISAMORE information: James McKinley KISAMORE b. 11 April 1895/Mary Elizabeth RIFFLE. James known to have lived in Pendelton County 1895-1921; Isaia h KISAMORE b. circa 1863/Mary Catherine MALLOW; Isaac KISAMORE b. circa 1833/Susan DOLLY; Jesse KISAMORE b. circa /1805/Mary SPEELMAN.

Bruce Malcom, 30 Apr 1997: I am looking for information about early MALCOM/MALCOMB history in Pendleton county. John, Joseph, Alexander, George, Eleanor and Margaret. There is also a Jame s and an older John. Any information, mariages, births etc. will be appreciated. Thanks all for your help. The Malcom's were in Bull Pasture and Doe Hill during the time frame I know of but they may have been elsewhere before 1800.

Ken Powers, 3 May 1997: I'd like to exchange information with anyone interested in the POWERS family in Pendleton County during the late 1700s. In particular, CHARLES POWERS, b: before 1748, m: before 1789 to HANNAH (?) and their son ISAAC POWERS, b: before 1768, m: before 1788 to ABIGAIL DAVIS. Isaac, Abigail, Isaac's brother JOHN POWERS and John's wife NANCY HUNTER moved to Ohio County, KY about 1792.

Una M. Kisamore, 5 May 1997: Searching for information on Jesse KISAMORE/Mary SPEELMAN of Pendelton County--- probably Union District. Jesse, born about 1803--- Mary, born about 1813. These are the parents of Isaac KISAMORE born circa 1838 . He married a Susan Dolly. Any information is greatly appreciated.

Susanna Bruning, 5 May 1997: I am researching my family John WHITE abt 1760/70. Last name may have been changed from WEIS. Wife unknown. Three known children, George WHITW, John WHITE, Henry WHITE. My ancestor is John WHITE dob unknown, married 23 Nov 1815, Pendleton County to Susanna STONE, dob unknown (any information on STONE family would be appreciated). They had 9 children Solomon, Henry, Jacob, Isaac, Mary, Sarah, Eleanor, Margaret and Anna. I am interested in any information on either John WHITE. I am also researching HALTERMAN familey. In particular Charles HALTERMAN dob abt 1761 Germany and his some Adam HALTERMAN.

Sue Harris, 14 May 1997: Nicholas HARPOLE d 1800 Pendleton Co. Had sons Adam d 1838 Wilson Co., TN; Paul; Solomon d 1808 Wilson Co., TN, m Christina DICE; 5 daus, prob all by 1st wf Elizabeth. Nicholas m/2 Margaret BURGSTALLER, widow of George DICE who d 1771 Augusta Co. Who were wives of Adam & Paul HARPOLE? Did Paul have ch? Did Nicholas have ch by Margaret? Many thanks for any help; glad to share.

Sue Harris, 14 May 1997: Matthias DICE d c 1799 Pendleton Co.; wf was Catherine HARPER. Ch Christina m1 Solomon HARPOLE, m2 Wyatt BETTIS, TN; George m Catherine RULEMAN; Phoebe m EVICK (from Morton); Mary m George DICE & Abraham GUM; Philip d 1801 unm; John; Jacob m Eliz. CAPLINGER; Elizabeth m Justus RULEMAN; Barbara m Joseph JACKSON (from Morton); Catherine; Matthias m Mary HEAVENER; William m Eve MALLOW. Would like more info about ch. My line was Jacob. Have some about George, Mary, Eliz., Matthias. Think Barbara's hus may have been Reuben JACKSON, not Joseph. Any help appreciated; glad to share.

George Calvert, 18 May 1997: Need information on the WAYBRIGHT families of Pendelton County. Any information would be appreciated.

Alan Albright, 20 May 1997: Trying to find out about the Walkers that lived in Pendleton Co.W.Vir in the late 1700's and early 1800's.George Walker b-?? died 1810 in Pendleton Co. W.Vir. wife Sarah children John, Phoebe, William, Elizabeth. Other Walkers in there vacinity but not sure of relationship to these Walkers above. Believe all are of English Descent. 1.Charles Walker probably came in area 1790 2. Joseph Walker married Barbara Teter abt 1800 she was a ward of Moses Hinkle 3.Francis Walker probably came in area 1796 4. Mary Walker also 1796 5. Eugene Walker died 1810 6. John Walker married Katheryn Simpson.

H. Johnson, 1 June 1997: I have traced my GGGGrandparents back to Pendleton Co., where they were married 1810. His name was Mathew Johnson and her name was Catherine Wolf. I found his name in the 1810 census of VA in Pendleton Co. spelling was Matthew Johnson or Johnston (not sure which without looking it up again). Point is I would like more information on Mathew and Catherine--Parents, siblings and or anything else available I have hit a stone wall on this and I hope you will be able to help me. All or any help appreciated.

Samuel Barber, 1 June 1997: Seeking info on surnames of WILFONG and KELLEY in Pendelton Co. ggg grandparents Benjamin WILFONG and Mary KELLEY both born in VA ca. 1795. Married in Ohio 1815, lived in Ross Co. Ohio until moving to Iowa in 1850. Looking for any info to place either ggg grandparent in their family in WV. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Charlotte Fleming, 4 June 1997: I am searching for information on Nicholas and Prudence Williams BUTCHER who were married in Harrison Co in 1818 and then settled in Pendleton Co. Prudence was the 3rd wife of Nicholas so I assume that he had children from previous marriages. Any information about this family will be greatly appreciated.

Daniel Moore, 4 June 1997: I am looking for the parents of Barbara REXROAD who married Amdrew HAROLD on 19 June 1806 in Pendleton County, WV. Morton's book says Zachareah and Cathern Rexroad. Various other sources list Henry or George Rexroad as her father. Am interested in corresponding with anyone interested in the Rexroad or Harold fanilies.

Donna Bartholow, 6 June 1997: I would like to correspond with anyone researching the JONES of Pendleton County. My Hannah Hinkle was born about 1793 near Seneca and married Henry Jones Jr. in 1821 in Pendleton County. Henry was son of Henry Jones and Emily CARLISLE. Hannah died about 1832 and Henry Jr with children moved to Franklin Co, Missouri.

Shirley Gorman, 8 June 1997: Interested in contacting others working on MC GLAUGHLIN Pendleton and Randolph Counties. I've traced them to a marriage in Randoph Co. but I find a James MC GLAUGHLIN listed in the land grants in Pendleton Co. 9 acrers in South Fork. Is there anyone working on this surname?

Shirley Gorman, 8 June l997: On the 1850 Pendleton Co. census I have found Nancy WALDRON 28 with Henry M. 10; Mary 8; Sarah C. 5: Sampson 2. Nancy mar 2 George Custard. Sampson mar. 1 Eliza J. SUMMERFIELD 23 Mar. 1871. and 2 Martha ROY Feb. 15, 1877. I'm most interested in Sampson's first marriage. Was there children and if so what were their names? Also anyone know what Nancy's maiden name is? Would like to contact others working on this surname.

Debra D. Poling, 22 June 1997: My husband and I are trying to find out the descendants of his grandfather. Dayton MALLOW born 25 Dec. 1909 md 27 Oct 1929 to Eva HEDRICK died 21 Nov. 1955. Dayton is buried in Onego, Pendleton County. His parents were Kenny MALLOW born 13 Sept. 1879, died 15 Nov. 1928, married Zerna C. PHARES born 13 Dec. 1888, died 26 Sept. 1969. Date of marriage is not known, and both are buried at the Mallow Cemetery, Timberridge, Pendleton Co. If anyone can help us, or have any further information concerning who Dayton's brothers, or sisters were, or any further information concerning Kenny Mallow's parents, brother, or sister's were, and where they lived, it would be greatly appreciated.

Lydia Foley, 29 June 1997: GUM(M). I am looking for the parents of JACOB P. GUM(M). JACOB P. (b. about 1825) was married to JULIA ANN PECK about 1846. JULIA ANN PECK is the dau of JOHN PECK and ELIZABETH BEVERAGE. I was able to find the family lines in a book about the history of Highland County Virginia, but the parentage of JACOB is in question still. JACOB and JULIA later moved to Ritchie County WV and Gilmer County WV. I believe that JACOB may have died in Gilmer County after 1880. They had 8 children, one of which died young and two were twins.

Marilyn Stroup, 7 July 1997: CASSELL, Valentine born abt. 1740. Pend Co will dated Dec 24 1803, died about 1804. Children: Christina, Mary, Henry, Peter, Valentine Jr., John, Eve, George, and Jacob. Seeking info on Valentine's place of birth and parents.

Clifton Yeager, 23 July 1997: YEAGER; would like to exchange info on an exchange of info basis on the YEAGER family.

Beverly Wilke, 26 July 1997: I'm trying to relocate the gravesite for MAJOR JOHN SKIDMORE. I visited the grave before the 1985(?) flood. This year, nothing seems the same. I think it's on the South Branch of the South Fork of the Potomac. Help.

Lyle K. Corder, 27 July 1997: COOK, LEWIS: Seeking info on William COOK who married Nancy LEWIS 25Nov1822 in Pendleton Co. William's father may be William: grandfather may be Nicholas. Need info on these Cook and Lewis families.

Linda Doty, 31 July 1997: Searching for info on BARGERHOFF family. Daughter of Nicholas Bargerhoff married a Daniel McMULLEN in Pendleton Co., WV in early 1800's. I am searching for the parents of my great-great-grandfather, David McMillen, born 5 July 1822 in VA/WV. Clues I have: 1. mother was German, 2. name changed from McMullen to McMillen by a teacher of David's who said he was not pronouncing the name as he was spelling it, 3. David's children said their father was born in WV (which was VA in 1822) in the 1880 census. Family story is that he was left in OH with grandparents or some elderly relative and his family went on to IN, IL, or IA and they lost contact. Any info appreciated.

Robin Renner, 9 Aug 1997: Looking for parents of my G-grandfather, James Robert MICHAEL. Believe born in Pendelton Co on April 15, 1873. Married Martha Ann SIMMONS (parents: Geo. Washington Simmons and Catherine Wilfong) in 1894. Died in 1972. Buried in Crummet's Run Cemetary with second wife Lucinda P??. First listing I have for him is as 7 year old "bound boy" (1880 Highland Co. census, Stonewall Dist.) to Benjamin Ami HOOVER. Would like ANY information on him, his family, relationship to HOOVER family (where to find Hoover will, Binding record, etc?), or any incidental family info. Have hit a wall and any information will be useful for family record.

Thomas Hollen, 12 Aug 1997: HOLLEN, Joseph Zebulon: Looking for any information on Joseph Z. HOLLEN, b 1788 in PA, may have married Margaret BLANKENBECKER, 4 Jul 1815 Pendleton Co. Any information would be appreciated. Have considerable information on descendents.

Charlotte Fleming, 22 Aug 1997: Looking for information on Prudence WILLIAMS BUTCHER who married Nicholas BUTCHER of Pendleton Co in 1818. They were married in Harrison Co. and moved back to Pendleton Co where Nicholas owned property. When did she die? What was her maiden name? Any information will be appreciated.

Tommy R. Dillow, 30 August 1997: I am directly decended from (1) Ludwig WAGONER (2) Lewis WAGONER (3) Adam WAGONER of Pendleton Co in time frame of 1765-1850. Adam Wagoner and his brother Henry removed to Washington Co, TN circa 1846. I have almost entire lineage to date on these two individual and some of their siblings. I am also researching the PROPST, SMITH, and WORTMILLER lines from Pendleton Co and have significant info on these and other families that also moved to Washington Co, TN in the same time period. I have Morton's "History of Pendleton County" and other info (court records, documents, letters, etc.), but need much more. I am willing to share any information freely and extensively with anyone who is willing to do likewise.

Jennifer Cox, 2 Sep 1997: Looking for information regarding Robert McCRAY/McCREA who was born in 1775 and supposedly in Pendleton County in 1810. He was married to An Elizabeth and had the children: James S., Robert, Martha, Sinclair and three others whose names are unknown. His parents were Robert McCray/McCrea and Susanna Douglas and their children were Robert, Joseph, Mary, and Elizabeth. Susanna was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Armstrong Morton. There is a Thomas Douglas listed as a land owner in Pendleton County in 1797 but it is unknown to me if they are the same person.

Rebecca Lucas, 1 Sep 1997: Any information on the names HEDRICK, SPESSERT, COOPER, WYMER, ROHRBAUGH, THOMPSON, LOUGHRY, COLLETT, LIPSCOMB, and KITTLE would be appreciated.

Cindy Traster, 4 Sep 1997: I am looking for any info on Emma Florence SMITH born 8-28-1890 and her parents. I have William Johnson SMITH as her father and Elizabeth Ann BIBLE as her mother. No other info for them. They lived near or on Tract Mt. area. Emma is my grandmother. She married David Wellington Meadows 3-17-1919. Also I am looking for any info on Ambrose Meadows, born in Elkton, VA on 1-25-1831, and his brothers and sisters.

Elaine M. Carr, 16 Sep 1997: I'm trying to find the parents of Katie/K(C)atherine SMITH b ca 1799 d 1860-70(?), m 1825 Pendleton Co to George GREEN(A)WALT b 1775 d ca 1866. George bought land along Mallows Run, Pendleton Co, so I assume they lived there. I'd also like to find the father of Katie's son, Laban SMITH. On 12 Feb 1821 Katie gave birth to Laban. A family story says that she had fallen in love with a Seneca Indian, who took the name of VanMETER, a family with whom he lived. Katie's father absolutely refused to consent to their marriage, which I assume is why Laban has her name instead of his. I cannot find a VanMETER in either 1810 or 1820 census and there is no record of land purchase.

Judy K. Dye, 19 Sep 1997: Looking for additional data on Michael TINGLER/DINGLER (b. ca 1760; d. prob. Pendleton Co., WV), 2nd wife (m. 1792 Pendleton Co.), Mary Elizabeth MILLER TINGLER/DINGLER (b. ca 1772; d. Pendleton Co.) & children of both marriages. My direct line ancestor is John TINGLER [s/o Michael w/1st wife] (b. Feb 1785 MD/VA; d. 1859; m/1 1809 Pendleton Co. to Mary HEDRICK & m/2 1817 Pendleton Co. to Phebe DOLLY).

Judy McMichael, 20 Sep 1997: TETER, HUFFMAN, WIMER: I am interested in contacting other researchers of the Teter family. Benjamin Teter married Caroline Wimer. He was the son of Jonathan Teter and Elizabeth Huffman.

Liz Jordan, 21 Sep 1997: Seeking information on siblings of Peachy B. CAMPBELL b.c. 1819 in Pendleton Co. d. June 16, 1879 in Barbour Co.. He was the son of James and Jane CAMPBELL and the husband of Margaret ? Any information on this family greatly appreciated.

Vera Tinney, 3 Oct 1997: Requesting info about the AYERS that come to the Smoke Hole area in VA now WVA. I have always heard that a widow came there with her two small children. I think the widows name would be MARGARET AYERS and the children were JOHN and MARGARET. JOHN married ELIZABETH FALL and MARGARET married WILLIAM MALONEY. My decendents came from JOHN AND ELIZABETH. They had a son WILLIAM which is my g-g-grandgather. WILLIAM lived at Cave Mountain.

Barbara Coffman, 3 Oct 1997: I am searching for information on Alvin SHREVE, a family member who we believe to be deceased. All the information I know presently is that he was we believe a brother of Carl Shreve who was the head of the engineering department at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. We are searching for information about when he died and if a death certificate was filed in Pendleton County. We know he was still living in 1970. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Shirley A. Michael, 10 Oct 1997: I have lots of data on Pendleton Co. families. I will gladly exchange info. Families: BLIZZARD, BODKIN, DAVIS, DYER, PATTON, and TRUMBO. My husband is related to 4 of the 5 children of Roger Dyer, b. c1698 d. 4/28/1758, and Hannah Smith Dyer, b. c1706 d. 4/28/1758, at Fort Seybert, WV, massacre.

Faron Hall, 10 Oct 1997: Searching for Thomas HALL and his son David who married Elizabeth SKIDMORE from Pendleton Co., before 1800.

Gene Phares, 10 Oct 1997: Looking for information on the ancestors of LEWIS PROPST (b July 23,1874, d 1919) and NARIEL ASHBY SIMMONS (b 1842). Willing to share what I have so far.

Carlisle Bowling, 6 Oct 1997: BLACKBURN, WILSON, FOWLER, SMITH, NICHOLS: Desperately need additional help with William WILSON, b. 16 Nov. 1722, in Ireland married Elizabeth BLACKBURN, b. 02 FEB. 1725, in Ireland--both died Hardy County, VA 1801 and 1806 resp. Their son was James WILSON, Sr., b. 25 July 1763 Shenandoah Valley, VA. His son, James WILSON, Jr. was the father of my Sara D. WILSON, b. 17 July 1824, Pendleton Co. VA who married Charles Beckwith FOWLER (son of Wilson W. and Lucinda (NICHOLS) FOWLER), on 04 May 1848. Charles WILSON, b. 1751 in PA, d. 09 Aug. 1815 Hardy Co., VA married Ester SMITH, d. 01, July, 1850, Hardy Co., VA were the parents of Rebecca WILSON b. Pendleton Co. who married William FOWLER b. Pendleton Co. They were the parents of Wilson W. and Lucinda (NICHOLS) FOWLER given above. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gail Phares Walkley, 11 Oct 1997: John S. PHARES (b. 1819 in Pendleton County) mar. Cinthia WOODS (b. 1824 in Nicholas County). They were married 08 Oct 1839 in Braxton County. Does anyone have any information regarding John S. PHARES and his parents? If so, please e-mail me.

Peggy Wilson, 11 Oct 1997: I found some information in the 1850 Pendelton County Census Search, on line 678: SIMMONS, Peter, who was married to Sarah MOYERS, was my ggg grandfather. I have information from him down to me, but I have as his children: Phebe (whom I can't find), Mahala, Aaron, Mrs. Sidney Jordan (I do not know her name), Mary, Sarah, and Abigail. I think maybe LEONARD SIMMONS may have been his father, but I can't seem to find proof, or anything about him. Anyone who can help me on any of this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Judy McMichael, 12 Oct 1997: Caroline WIMER, born 1834 in WV, married Benjamin TETER and moved to Downs, McLean, ILL. Who were her parents? Was her father Henry WIMER of Pendleton Co.?

Nancy C. Adkins, 21 Oct 1997: Searching for descendants or anyone with information on the PETERSON families who were living in Pendleton Co. ca 1802 - 1850. WILLIAM PETERSON family and CHARLES PETERSON family. I would appreciate any help. Kelly Bowers, 30 Oct 1997: Specifically looking for a marriage license for Virgie HARPER of Riverton and Paul GRAY (residence unknown) circa 1928. Looking for any information on Paul Martin GRAY.

Alan Albright, 30 Oct 1997: Seeking information on Joseph WALKER he married Barbara TETER in 1800 in Pendleton Co. Other WALKERS were George WALKER, William WALKER, John WALKER Born about 1773. Would like to find more information on the WALKERS.

S. J. Fain, 2 Nov 1997: I'm looking for information on a James JEFFERS, born about 1792. He married Phebe KING on 1 Feb 1819 in Pendleton County, and bought property there in 1835 and 1838. Does anyone know the names of their children? If so, I would love to hear from you.

S. J. Fain, 2 Nov 1997: I would like to know the surname of Henry HEDRICK's wife MARY. Henry, born about 1776, was a son of Charles HEDRICK and Barbara CONRAD of Pendleton County. Thanks for any help.

Peggy Wilson, 7 Nov 1997: I am trying to find a book called "Pendleton County, West Virginia, Past and Present." I would like information on ordering it and the price. All I know is that it is published by Don Mills., Inc., in NC. Any help will be appreciated.

Don Pyle, 7 Nov 1997: I am seeking information on Jeremiah COOK. The only information I have is from a 1910 Civil War listing compiled in Missouri. In it he indicates that he enlisted in Captain Hiner's company, General Imboden's command at Franklin, Pendleton Co., West Virginia in 1863. He also indicates that his brother was in the same outfit. His father was in the the Northern Army. He indicated that his brother & him encountered General Hizar during the war. They had a nice conversation. His brother worked for General Hizar before the war. Does anybody have any information about any of these people that might help me find out who his family was. He never mentions the name of his father or brother and there is no other family information that gives a clue. He mentions that he was married in 1873, but does not indicate where or to whom.

Gail Phares Walkley, 13 Nov 1997: John S. PHARES, b. Pendleton Co. 1819. Married Cinthia WOODS (b. 1824 Nicholas Co.) 08 Oct 1839 Braxton Co. Six sons were born to this union: James S. Phares b. 1840; Andrew W. Phares b. 1843 sp Mary; Zacharia J. Phares b. 1847; John W.A.S. Phares b. 1852; Benjamin L.H. Phares b. 1857; JesseJ. H. Phares b. 1859. Who were John S. PHARES' parents? Who are the descendants of these six brothers? And no, Richard L. Phares of Huntsville AL does not have this line in his data base. He is as stumped as I am. Are there any Phareses still in Pendleton County whose ancestors did not relocate to Randolph County? If anyone has any information regarding these people, please e-mail me.

Pam Rooney, 14 Nov 1997: COIL, Samuel: Samuel was settled in Pendleton Co. by 1810. He and his wife (Phoebe CONRAD?) had at least five children. Adam b. 1799 was the second born, John the first, date unknown. Adam married Dorcus MORROW in Hardy Co., 1827. Samuel and his wife died between 1830-1840, or were living with married daughters. Thanks for any info!

Jennifer Lorsung, 27 Nov 1997: I am looking for any type of information on a John Christopher HANER, Sr. He was born in 1772 in Pendleton County, West Virginia. I am also looking for information on who he married. They had 8 children and had migrated to Illinois, where he later died. I am also looking for any information on who his parents would be.

Jeff Duelley, 4 Dec 1997: I am working on the Cunningham family of Pendleton County, WV, and I am stuck on GEORGE WASHINGTON CUNNINGHAM born in 1833 in Pendleton County and died in the Civil War in 1864 at the Battle of Winchester. He was married to Rebecca Hudmirrah Flenner who was born in Randolph County. His children were ELIZABETH, MARY FRANCIS, WILLIAM CHAZZARUS, SARAH E. CUNNINGHAM. Any help would be appreciated looking for George's parents.

Cara Plumb, 9 Dec 1997: STONESTREET, Thomas: I am seeking information on Thomas Stonestreet from this area in the early 1800's. He was the father of Mary Elizabeth Stonestreet. Any information will be appreciated.

Anonymous, 19 Dec 1997: Looking for information on the JORDAN family. My ggggf was John Peyton Jordan, b. March 17, 1837. On his marriage certificate he listed Pendleton County as his birth county and listed Samuel & M. as his parents. If this makes a connection with anybody please get in touch with me.

Gary L. Wyatt, 20 Dec 1997: Query: Edmund WYATT, Pendleton Co., 1798. Question his father and where they came from.

Gerald Miller, 26 Dec 1997: KISAMORE/KISEMORE/KYSEMORE: I am looking for any information on the Kisamore (or any of the above spelling variants) family. This is my mother's side of the family, and I have info going back to about the early 1800s, with a Jesse Kisemore (I've been told several variations of the last name) and a Mary Speelman (Spielman, ?) in the area of Seneca Rocks. This is where I run into a stone wall. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Lisa Gregory, 28 Dec 1997: I am searching for information on John DEAN b. abt. 1770 in Pendleton County. I have information on two sons who moved to Braxton County, but nothing on other children or on John's history. Any info would be appreciated.

Gene Kuykendall, 28 Dec 1997: Interested in the KUYKENDALLS in the picture on the main page of this web site (Pendleton County WVGenWeb Site).