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1881 Deaths -Pendleton County

1881 Pendleton Co. Deaths; LDS Film 0818557; Pg 23

Name / Date of Death / Place of Death / Cause / Age / Parents Name / Where Born / Occupation / Consort of or married / Informant / Relationship of Informant


All births and deaths are shown as Pendleton Co., unless otherwise noted.

__ are on the record and ? are mine.


Armstrong, Jemima [?]; d. Nov 15 of Bilious Colic; age 3y; Parents: Eli Armstrong; Father repít.


Bennett, George; d. Feb 24 of Consumption; age 46y; Parents: William & Eve Bennett;  Farmer; Married Mary Bennett; Jno. W. Bennett, son, repít.


Banjay, Nathaniel; d. Sept 30 of Dropsy; age 65y; Parents: __ & Elizabeth Banjay; Farmer; Single; E. R. Dyer, neighbor, repít.


Bland, Silas; d. Oct 5 of Diptheria; age 4y; Parents: Isaac H. & H.. Bland; Father repít.


Coffman, A. E.; male; d. June 25 of Accident; age 11y; Parents: ____; _____; ______


Cook, James H.; d. Jan 9 of Heart Disease; age 51y; Parents: William & Nancy Cook; Farmer; Married Phebe E. Cook; Scott Cook, son repít.


Cook, Phebe E.; d. Jan 24 of Inflamation Bowels; age 46y 12d; Parents: John & __ Fisher; __; Married James H. Cook; Scott Cook, son, repít.


Dolly, Nettie; d. Dec 25 of Diptheria; age 9y 2m 16d; Parents: Job W. & Elizabeth Dolly; Father repít.


Dolly, Phoebe; d. Aug 17 of Unknown; age 43y; Parents: James & Margaret Dolly; ____; Married Awby H. Dolly; Husband repít.


Dahmer, Sarah C.; d. Aug 5 of Gangrene; age 47y; Parents: Elias & Delilah Hammer; ____; Married Reuben D. Dahmer; Husband repít.


Eye, Minnie; d. Oct 25 of Inflamation of Bowels; age 1y 1m; Parents: Mahlon S. & Phebe J. Eye; Father repít.


Guthrie, Olta/ Otta; male; d. Jan 29 of Spasms; age 1y 9m; Parents; Robert & Ann Guthrie; Father repít.


Graham, Isaac; d. Nov 10 of Old Age; age 87y; Parents: ____; Farmer; Married Siora [?]  A. B. Graham; George W. Kile, son in law, repít.


Huffman, Laban; d. May 4 of Brights Disease; age 70y; Parents; Chistian & __ Huffman; Farmer; Married Mary Huffman; Jos. Huffman, son, repít.


Huffman, Mary; d. June 29 of Cancer; age 63y; Parents: William & Jemima Bonner; ___; Married Laban Huffman; Jos. Huffman, son, repít.


Harper, Samuel; d. Oct 10 of Diptheria; age 8y 10m 15d; Parents: George & Sallie Harper; Father repít.


Helmick, Adam F.; d. Sept 21 of Falling Tree Killed; age 36y; Parents: Helmick & Mary Full [sic]; Farmer; Married Edith J. Helmick; Wife, repít.


Hoover, Catharine; d. June 10 of Bronchitis; age 38y; Parents: John & Christena Bowers; ≠≠≠___; Married Solomon Hoover; Husband repít.


Hopkins, Cyrus; d. Oct 30 of Paralysis; age 72y; Parents: John H. & Elizabeth Hopkins; Farmer; Married M. J. Hopkins; M. H. Daugherty, daughter, repít.


Kiseman, Oscar; d. July 12 of Diptheria; age 2y 11m; Parents: Aaron & Phebe J. Kiseman; Father repít.


Lough, Adam; d. Nov 15 of Diptheria; age 1y 5m; Parents: Isaac & Mary S. Lough; Mother repít.


McDonald, Ellen O.; d. Aug 24 of Diptheria; age 10y 1m 10d; Parents: Hider & Sarah C. McDonald; Mother repít.


McDonald, Estella F.; d. Aug 17 of Diptheria; age 7y 17d; Parents: Hider & Sarah C. McDonald; Mother repít.


McDonald, Cecil; d. Aug 22 of Diptheria; age 6y; Parents: Seymour & Mary J. McDonald; Father repít.


Mallow, Adam; d. Oct 15 of Unknown; age 62y 3m; Parents: Leonard & Elizabeth Mallow;  Farmer; Married, Magdalene Mallow; Wife repít.


Mitchell, Leonard; d. Apr 24 of Paralysis; age 69y 8m 28d; Parents: George & Christena Mitchell; Farmer; Married Elizabeth Mitchell; Wife, repít.


Mouse, Sheridan; d. Dec 25 of Diptheria; age 1y 9d; Parents: Michael H. & Mary Mouse; Father repít.


Mouse, Daniel P.; d. Nov 5 of Diptheria; age 1y 9m 8d; Parents: Michael H. & Mary Mouse; Father repít.


Nicholson, Mary J.; d. Sept 11 of Miscarriage; age 37y; Parents: W. & Elizabeth Walker; Born VA; ____; Married William Nicholson; Husband repít.


Pitzenbarger, Benj.; d. Aug 15 of Unknown; age 1y 8m; Parents: Benj. &  Phebe Pitzenbarger; Born VA; Father repít.


Pitzenbarger, Christena; d. Feb 10 of Paralysis; age 40y; Parents: Peter & Sally Mitchell; Born VA; ___; Married Harrison Pitzenbarger; Husband repít.


Roby, Fanny; d. Dec 11 of Unknown; age 9m; Parents: A. W. & Mary Roby; Born VA; Jacob Roby, uncle, repít.


Shreve, Noah; d. Nov 19 of Fever; age 15y; parents: Benj. & Lucinda Shreve; Born VA; Father repít.


Smith, Mary; d. Sept 28 of Dropsy; age 77y 11m 16d; Parents: George & __ Dahmer; Born VA; ___; Married Adam Smith; George W. Smith, son repít.


Simmons, Francis; d. May 18 of Dropsy; age 64y; Parents: ___; Born VA; ___; Married Joseph Simmons, Husband repít.


Smith, Lucinda E.; d. July 30 of Consumption; age 24y; Parents; William L. & Mary A. Smith; Born VA; ___; Unmarried; Father repít.


Smith, Mary A.; d. Dec 12 of Consumption; age 56y 9m; Parents: George & Elizabeth Rexroad; Born VA; ___; Married William L. Smith; Husband repít.


Simmons, Daniel; d. Dec 5 of Dropsy; age 81y 2m 1d; Parents: John Simmons; Born VA; ___; Married, Mary Simmons; Joel Simmons, son repít.


Simmons, Mary; d. Dec 20 of Breast Complaint; age 82y 9m 10d; Parents: John Grogg; Born VA; ____; Married, Daniel Simmons; Joel Simmons, son repít.


Summerfield, John; d. Jan 10 of Strain in Back; age 19y 7m; Parents: Joseph & Elizabeth Summerfield; ___; ___; Father repít.


Sponaugle, George; d. Nov 20 or 26 of Pneumonia; age 58y 1m 10d; Parents: Jacob & __ Sponaugle;___; Married, Elizabeth Sponaugle; Wife, repít.


Taylor, Laura; d. Sept 30 of Diptheria; age 1y; Parents: George W. & Phebe J. Taylor; Father repít.


Thompson, No Name; female; d. Jan 19 of Stillborn; Parents: Frank & Marthaa Thompson; Father repít.


Vint, Margaret; d. Apr 25 of Dropsy of Heart; age 83y; Parents: William & Margaret Vint;____; Single; Joshua Vint, nephew, repít.


Vandevander, Sarah; d. Aug 20 of Miscarriage; age 28y 1m; Parents: ___; Married: Adam C. Vandevander; Husband repít.


Whitecotton, Noah E.; d. Oct 28 of Dropsy; age 15y 28d; Parents: Noah W. & Sarah Whitecotton; Father repít.


Watts, No Name; male; d. Dec 6 of Unknown; age 14d; Parents: John & Hannah Watts; Noah W. Whitecotton, neighbor, repít.


Wilfong, No Name; female; d. July 30 of Unknown; age 1m; Parents: John W. & A. [Aleira?] Wilfong; Father repít.


Hinkle, Zeloria [?]; female; d. Sept 6 of Diptheria; age 1y; Parents: Jacob & Artensa Hinkle; Mother repít

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