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Family Links Relating to Pendleton County WV

Butcher Family Web Page :

Caplinger documents:

Cutlip family mailing list: To join send a message to

A page on the Harper Family of Pendleton County

Jonas Cooper and Anthony McDonald Genealogy website:

Biography Page of Isaac T. Miller of Upper Tract-served in the 18th Virginia Cavalry

Robert and Caroline Lyles Genealogy - most from Pendleton County

Coil-Kile-Kyle Families maintained by Pam Rooney.  See information on surname project with FTDNA (FamilyTree DNA):

Darlene's Arbogast Genealogy Page:

Kiser Family Roots :

Caroline Lyles has compiled a page of mystery photos. Maybe you can help identify them.

More unidentified photos:

Here is a page that has information on the following surnames; Pennington, Arbogast, Arbaugh, Ault, Bonner, Blanchard,Carr, Callison, Davis, Hedrick, Johnson, Johnston, Ketterman, Long, Nelson, Roy, Summerfield, Teter, White, Wyatt and a lot more:

This link is to information on the Cowgers of Pendleton Co. beginning with deed to the land dated in 1779. There are Popes who are related to this Cowger line who lived in Pendleton Co. Adamsons, Trumbo, and others mentioned in the Pendleton Co. family links are related to the Cowgers. There are 2 Cowger cemeteries on the farm that date back to George's son Henry and his descendents. Click here: RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: George and Hannah Cowger of Pendleton Co VA

Link to pages pertaining to Phares and Bland families by Debi Phares Faris:

This page contains information about the Thompson, Tracy, Robertson, Cochran, Rexroad and many other Pendleton and Pocahontas County families:

For a website relating to Atwell, Batzenschlager, Bauer, Benson, Blair, Blizzard, Crummett, DAvis, Dorman, Dyer, Emswiller, Eye, Fullmore, Grim, Guthrie, Heffner, Hiatt, Hottinger, Jermin, Kootnz, Kurfman, Kutz, Middleton, Moore, Mouse, Mumbert, Nesselrodt, Oberlin, Paine, Painter, Pence, Plintzing, Pollong, Propst, Reis, Ruleman, Schenilders, Shafer, Smith Stober, Swadley, Strauss, Turner, Wagoner, Wheeler, Wilson, Yankey, Zeigler and Zorn:

 Zickafoose-Armentrout-Arbogast Surnames

The Lough Family of Pendleton County

The Keister Family

The Pope Family Tree

Sandra Pope has a link to a Rootsweb page on the Peter and Catherine Pope family: RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Peter and Catherine Pope Pendleton Co. WV

A link to Jacob Conrad Family Home Page by Virgil Leroy Conrad.

The Roy Family Online: Cathy Thompson is researching the Roy family (and others) in Randolph, Tucker and Pendleton Counties from the late 1700's to now. Her tree starts with Joseph Roy (1) & Joley, then his son Joseph Roy (2) & Sarah Summerfield.

Mullenax Family by Mary Celine Scott

The Roy Family in Porte Crayon, donated by Cathy Thompson

The Lives, Stories and History of the Pioneer Bradys

Pictures from Germany Valley

Biographies mentioning Pendleton County

Oceola Smith

Isaac D. Smith

Edmund D. Judy

Vernon Lough Dyer

Robert W. Baker

Henry Asa Alt

Charles E. Vance

Harman Frank Groves

Jacob Heavner

Homer Heavner



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