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Serving from Pendleton County in 20th Century Wars

World War I

Killed in Action

John Dayton Dove--Riverton

Raymond L. Harman--Franklin

William Orbery Lambert--Dry Run

Died in Service

Clinton Dickinson--Franklin

Walter Scott Homan-- Franklin

Isaac Roy Hedrick--Ruddle

Charles C. Meadows--Ruddle

Leon Wimer--Ruddle

Abram E. Kimble--Branch

Garnet O. Nelson--Riverton

Roy Warner--Riverton

Edward J. Mullenax--Dry Run

Olin S. Simmons--Brandywine

Price Simmons--Circleville

Foster Vandevander--Circleville

World War II

Killed in Action

Guy Warner--Riverton

Curtis Ruddle--Riverton

Victor Hinkle--Riverton

 Ralph Wimer--Riverton

Clinton Hedrick--Riverton

Cecil Cayton--Franklin

Cloy P. Propst--Franklin

Walter Kile--Franklin

Wilbur Harper--Franklin

Roy Samuel Simmons--Franklin

Frank A. Pitsenbarger--Brandywine

Otha Paul Simmons--Sugar Grove

Roscoe Eckard--Sugar Grove

Albert Leo Mitchell--Dahmer

Layman C. Byrd--Ruddle

Earl Friend--Ruddle

Samuel Theodore Ratlief--Ft. Seybert

Harold Kile--Upper Tract

Wilson Hoover--Kline

Burley Ketterman--Onego

Junior R. Luzier--Onego

Vergil G. Self--Smoke Hole

George Judy--Circleville

Glennie Vandevander--Simoda

Missing in Action and Declared Dead

Paul Smith--Sugar Grove

Titus Alt--Brushy Run

Wilson McLaughlin--Franklin

Ona D. Eye--Franklin

Vernon Propst--Franklin

Garnett O. Wilson--Circleville

Vernon Dahmer Black--Upper Tract

Korea War

Died in Service

Veston Harold--Upper Tract

John R. Cook--Upper Tract

Blake Harper--Onego

Willie D. Greenwalt--Kline

Arlie F. Smith--Ruddle

Curtis Edwin Phares--Riverton

Taken from: Pendleton Times, 5 Jun 2003.

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