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Note: Allegheny Regional Family History Society (ARHFS) survey listings are viewable online only if you are a member of the society. Otherwise, you can view cemetery location, directions, and notes.

CIVIL WAR Huntersville...   Help needed - location, directions, info, survey




Marlinton...   Help needed - info, survey



The Pocahontas County Historical Society Museum, Marlinton   Help needed - info, survey
CLAWSON Directions...   Help needed - survey
CLOONAN (also known as KEE) Buck's Run Rd
Submitted by M. Donahue and ARFHS

Also see Jim Berry's website for info and Photo's!

Rt 219...


Complete 2000
Submitted by M. Donahue.

Also see Jim Berry's website for info and Photo's!
CORSO off Back Mtn Rd
Complete 1992
COYNER (also known as LIGON) Clover Lick
Complete 1992
Submitted by M. D. Jones
Complete 1990

Cemetery: Civil War Cemetery

  1. Gramp, Barbara - Re: Civil War Cemetery. 15Feb2002. The Pocahontas Times, of 10/14/1999, "Reenactors Clean Civil War Graves. Company A, 36th Virginia Infantry Civil War reenactors came to Huntersville last weekend to clean the Civil War cemetery at Huntersville on property belonging to Faye Sheets ... Soldiers buried there were from Georgia and Tennessee. They died from disease in the fall of 1861. "

Cemetery: Civil War Cemetery 2

  1. Gramp, Barbara - Re: Civil War Cemetery. 02Oct2005. From the website of The Jerico Bed/Breakfast and Pre-Civil War Log Cabins. One of their cabin's history description for The Yank (Civil War) Cabin, references..."Behind the Yank Cabin is the resting of 16 Union Soldiers"

Cemetery: Cochran Cemetery

  1. Gramp, Barbara - Re: Cochran Cemetery. 23Mar2002. The Galford Ancestry, by Lloyd Pritt Galford, Gateway Press, Inc. 1981. Page 577, Cemetery Location Directory. "At Edray .... travel West along a paved Road 2.1 miles of U.S. Route 219. In leaving U.S. Route 219 proceed to the first "Y," take the left, then proceed to the next "Y," which is at the top of the hill. Take the right and proceed to the cemetery which is located on the right up against the side of the hill from the road." Thanks to Pritt Galford for permission to quote cemetery directions from his book.
  2. Per Jim Berry's website, Cochran Cemetery directions: From route 19 just north of Edray, go west on Woodrow Road 1.9 miles to cemetery, 1600 feet off the road on the right.
  3. The Pocahontas Times, May 11, 2006, VOL. 123 - NO. 48, Page 1. Cochran Cemetery. Donations are needed for the upkeep and beaitification of the Cochran Cemetery. Please remember your loved ones by sendining a donation to: Charlotte Alderman, Treasurer, HC 82, Box 222-C, Marlinton, WV 24954.

Cemetery: Confederate Cemetery

  1. Gramp, Barbara - Re: Confederate Cemetery. 16Dec2002. From the book "History Of Pocahontas County, West Virginia 1981", by the Pocahontas County Historical Society, Inc. Page 152-153. From an article about the Historical Society Museum, "...Also there is a Confederate cemetery on the grounds; about forty soldiers died of the measles while camped nearby in 1861; they were part of General Loring's Command."

    Cemetery: Clawson Cemetery
  • Albright, Barbara (Friel) Re: Clawson Cemetery. 30 Sep 2005. Personal email --> "In Marlinton, WV from the little general store go over the bridge on Rt. 39 east. Go straight 5.1 miles to the intersection, turn left go toward Dunmore north Route 28. Go straight for 6.6 miles you will see a sign saying Gordon Dilley Rd. on right, go by it, you will then see a yellow mail box on left, keep going straight over a bridge. You will then see a sign saying Thorny Creek Mountain Road on right. Turn left at sign saying Greenbrier River trail 5 miles. Keeping going straight for 4.0 miles you will come to a sign saying Clawson Cemetary. Go another 300 yards turn right go up hill through a gate straight across the field to the cemetary. "


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