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Note: Allegheny Regional Family History Society (ARHFS) survey listings are viewable online only if you are a member of the society. Otherwise, you can view cemetery location, directions, and notes.

DEER CREEK? "out of Cass down below Water Treatment Plan..."
Help needed - location, directions, info, survey
DEER CREEK? "family plot on South Fork of Deer Creek..."
Help needed - location, directions, info, survey
Denmar Correctional Center / State Colored Tuberculosis Sanitarium Denmar
WV Division of History and Culture
DILLEY from Rt 28
Complete 1999
Complete 1990
Complete 1989
DRAFT near Minnehaha Springs United Methodist Church?
Help needed - location, directions, info, survey


AKA "Old Droop Church"

"near Trump run, close to Denmar..."

$$$ Donations $$$
Help needed - survey
Complete 1989
Submitted by M. Donahue -and- ARFHS
Help needed - location, directions, info, survey
DURBIN Durbin Pocahontas Times articles.
Complete 1993

Cemetery: Deer Creek ? - "family plot on South fork of Deer Creek"

  1. Gramp, Barbara, Re: Deer Creek. Record found for Oscar Brison WOODDELL on Ancestry World Tree, had "note" regardin "family plot on South fork of Deer Creek."

Cemetery: Deer Creek - Info on a cemetery

  1. Sharp, Mary - Re:Info on Deer Creek Cemetery. 22Oct2001. Personal email --> "... Also there is a Cemetery in Deer Creek WV. It is right out of Cass WV down below the Water Treatment Plant. It is on left side of road. You will see sign on right. The Cemetery is in bad shape. A few tomb stones, but mostly they are rocks to mark graves and metal poles. It is unfenced I have a couple relatives there. This seems like a different Cemetery than one on your site that is called baby cemetery."

Cemetery: Draft Cemetery

  1. Gramp, Barbara - Re: Draft Cemetery. 11Nov2001. The Pocahontas Times, of March 29,1973, Obituary for Mrs. Lonnie Waugh (Matilda B. Rucker). Services held in the Minnehaha Springs United Methodist Church. with burial in the Draft Cemetery.

Cemetery: Droop Church - "location of "

  1. McCaslin, Colette Perkins Re: Location of Droop Church. 08May2001. Personal email -->" is located on Spice Run. I believe it is left off 219 by the General Store in Hillsboro. Old cow path road and out past the bridge at Locust Creek up the hill and sets in on the left. The building from 1865 stills stands all boarded up. Double check directions a little more...."

  2. McClure, John Re: Location of Droop Church/Cemetery. 14Dec2001. Personal email --> "...Route 219 south from Hillsboro to County Road 20 to the covered bridge where I got on County Road 31 and headed toward Greenbrier County. You could take Road 31 from Hillsboro as the directions on the Cemetery Identification web page indicate. ...I have attached a picture of the church. It is now referred to as the Old Droop Church. There are several dozen graves including many Callisons, at least two McClures, and David James and daughters. I also saw Callihan, Hannah and McKeever surnames. " 

Cemetery: Old Droop Cemetery - DONATIONS

  1. The Pocahontas Times, Vol. 122-No.44, 14Apr2005, Page 1. DONATIONS: Old Droop Cemetery. Send your donation to Sandy Simmons, Hillsboro, WV 24946, or to Steve McCoy, HC 64, Box 228, Hillsboro, WV 24946
  2. The Pocahontas Times, VOL. 123 - NO. 3, June 23, 2005, Page 1. Cemetery Notices. Anyone with family or friends buried in the Old Droop Cemetery is urged to send donations for the upkeep. We cannot continue to have it mowed if the funds aren't available. Please send your donation to Sandy Simmons, Hillsboro, WV 24946, or to Steve McCoy, HC 64, Box 228, Hillsboro, WV 24946
  3. The Pocahontas Times, Vol 123, NO. 15, September 15, 2005, Page 2. Cemetery Notices. Old Droop Church and Cemetery. Any person with family or friends buried at the Old droop Church is urged to send monetary donations for upkeep of the cemetery and church to any one of the four trustees as listed below. Receipts will be issued and yearly statements will be given to anyone requesting one. Discussions are on-going concerning repairs to the church as well as a perpetual fund for cemetery care. Please send your comments or concerns to one of the trustees.
    1. Sandy Simmons, Hillsboro, WV 24946 / Steve McCoy, HC 64, Box 228, Hillsboro, WV 24946 / James L. McCoy, Jr., HC 64, Box 230, Hillsboro, WV 24946 / Gary W. Cochran, 4702 Catawba Road, Troutville, Virginia, 24175.

Cemetery: Durbin Cemetery

Gramp, Barbara Re: Durbin Cemetery. 06June2002. The Pocahontas Times, published June 6, 2002, article "Locked cemetery gate puzzles Durbin Town Council" by Jason Bauserman. "Why the gate locked at the Durbin Cemetery? That's the question Emma Grace Nottingham wanted answered at the Durbin Town Council meeting Monday night. Council members Donald Peck and Bill Rexrode agreed the gate was installed soon after the Pocahontas County Board of Educaiton sold the Durbin School property in the mid-1970s to a private individual. Nottingham presented a key that had opened the gate for years; however, a new owner evidently atached a new combination lock on the gate. The woman said she has paid for the upkeep of the cemetery for the past 40 years and it is very hard to get a lawn mower around the gate. She also claimed the gate is very heavy for an older person to swing open. She said the owner offered to disclose the combination to her, but she did not accept it. She said there was a right-of-way across the private property to the cemetery and she felt there should be open access. Mayor John Bosely said he gave the owner permission to lock the gate with a combination lock. Recorder Renee Downing said she wrote a letter to the owner stating the above. No council members could recall this coming before them for a vote. According to West Virginia law, the property owner must provide access to family members of the deceased. Neither a mayor nor a town council has any authority over cemetery access. Bosely said he had the combination number and he would unlock the gate so mowing could take place. He acknowledged the town is responsible for the upkeep of the cemetery. "The town appreciates all you've done," Bosely told Nottingham. Downing was instructed to research the deed to find out if a right-of-way was written in by the Board of Education. In other business, the mayor said tonnage to the Pocahontas County Landfill had increased dramatically. Council will try to observe where the extra trash is coming from. " This article was copied with the permission of The Pocahontas Times editor Pam Pritt.

Gramp, Barbara Re: Durbin Cemetery. 14July2006. The Pocahontas Times. The news for the week of July 13, 2006 (Online). Durbin cemetery topic at town meeting.

Jason Bauserman
Contributing Writer
Monday was discussion night at Durbin Town Council.
The posted agenda included only the reading of minutes and the financial statement; however, the minutes were not read since the acting recorder, Frank Proud, was late and did not have the minutes available.
Emma Grace Nottingham, keeper of the town cemetery, registered a complaint with council about the cemetery's upkeep.
Nottingham said she hired Julian Waddell to mow and trim at the cemetery for $100.
Waddell had no equipment, and asked Mayor Mike Vance, to use the town mower and weedeater, she continued.
Vance, who had checked with council members Nancy Benetato and Donald Peck, approved Waddell's use of the equipment, she said.
But Nottingham read a statement signed by Waddell claiming council wanted $80 to use the equipment.
Peck said he had asked Waddell to mow and trim for the Durbin Centennial Celebration. In return, Peck said, he gave Waddell his own equipment.
"We'll just take the cemetery back over because we have three town workers," Vance told Nottingham.
"I'll have to talk to my lawyer," Nottingham responded.
Nottingham also told council that the town gets nothing from tourists who ride the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad. She suggested that each train rider be taxed at 50¢...

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