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Pocahontas County Cemeteries







Note: Allegheny Regional Family History Society (ARHFS) survey listings are viewable online only if you are a member of the society. Otherwise, you can view cemetery location, directions, and notes.

HANNAH Slatyfork
Complete 1989
Help needed - location, directions, info, survey
HARPER Minnehaha Springs
Complete 1992
HARTMAN Arbovale
Help needed - location, directions, info, survey
Complete 1989
Complete 1993
Submitted by Kristy Wright Edenfield -and- ARFHS
HILL TOP (also known as the McCLOUD and OLIVER) Back Mtn Rd
Complete 1989

(also see McNeel / McNeil)

Help needed - location, directions, info, survey
HIVELY Marlinton
Complete 1992
HOSTERMAN Between Cass & Durbin...
Help needed - more info, survey
HUDSON Green Bank
Galford/Sitlington's Creek
Submitted by R. M. Brown -and- ARFHS
HUNTERSVILLE (also known as OLD HUNTERSVILLE) Huntersville

$$$ Donations$$$
Complete 1992
Submitted by M. Donahue -and- ARFHS

Cemetery: Hilltop; also known as McCloud and Oliver Cemeteries

  1. Gramp, Barbara - Re: Hilltop Cemetery. 23Mar2002. The Galford Ancestry, by Lloyd Pritt Galford, Gateway Press, Inc. 1981. Page 578, Cemetery Location Directory.

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Cemetery: Hosterman

  1. Sharp, Mary - Re:Info on Hosterman Cemetery. 22Oct2001. Personal email --> "Take Back Mountain Rd. out of Cass. It is between Cass & Durbin, you will see a sign that says Hosterman. Turn right and go down a dirt road. On the left before you get to Hosterman you will see on the left a large gate. Go through this gate and follow to right up to top of hill. The cemetery is fenced and in good condition. The land around the town of Hosterman has been bought a private concern, but he lets people go through the gate to the cemetery..."

  2. Ahern, Pete - Re: Hosterman Cemetery. 24Apr2002. Personal email --> "My family recently bought the Hosterman farm. Most of the graves in the cemetery are those of the COLLINS family, the directions to the site are almost correct only now the road going up the hill to the cemetery now has a fork. In order to reach the site you need to take a left at the fork. Please shut the gate when you leave."

Cemetery: Huntersville Cemetery Needs Your Donations

  1. The Pocahontas Times, March 31, 2005, Vol. 122 - NO. 42, Page 1. Donations are needed for the upkeep of the Huntersville Cemetery. Send donations to: Marion Sheets HC 82, Box 54A, Marlinton, WV 24954.
  2. The Pocahontas Times, May 26, 2005, Vol. 122 - No. 50, Page 2. The Huntersville Cemetery (on Fern Hill in Huntersville) is in desperate need of funds for the upkeep of the cemetery - mowing, weeding, etc. Anyone with family in this cemetery can help by contributung funds for the upkeep, or we will have to let each family take care of their own grave sites. Funds may be sent to Marion Sheets, HC 82, Box 54A, Marlinton, WV 24954
  3. The Pocahontas Times, May 11, 2006, Vol. 123- No.48, Page 1. Huntersville Cemetery Needs Your Donations. Huntersville Cemetery is in desperate need of funds for upkeep. Donations also needed for cemetery sign. Anyone interested in being a trustee, please contact Marion Sheets 799-6518 or HC 82 Box 54A, Marlinton, WV 24954.
  4. The Pocahontas Times, August 31, 2006, Vol. 124- No. 13, Page 1. The Huntersville Cemetery is in desperate need of funds for the upkeep of the cemetery and also to purchase a sign. You cay contact Marion Sheets at 799-6518 or HC 82, Box 54A, Marlinton, WV 24954.

Cemetery: A Hillsboro cemetery

  1. Gramp, Barbara - Re: A Hillsboro cemetery, 16Oct2005. From the book: Pocahontas Co. WV Hardesty's Biographical Atlas, 1882, Volume 3, Page 42. "...If the traveler who visits the beautiful little mountain town of Hillsboro, will stroll a mile and half to the north of that village he will reach a beautiful cemetery in which repose many of the pioneers of Pocahontas county. There sleep John McNeel and his wife, Charles and Edward Kennison and their wives, and several other heroes of Point Pleasant and patriots of the Revolution. No historian has incribed their names high upon the pillar of fame, but their memory lives where they would have wished it to live — in the hearts of those who dwell among the mountains, where they themselves first planted the banner of civilization."



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