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Note: Allegheny Regional Family History Society (ARHFS) survey listings are viewable online only if you are a member of the society. Otherwise, you can view cemetery location, directions, and notes.

PINE GROVE (also known as GROGG) Arbovale
Complete 1990
Complete 1993
POAGE Marlinton...
Help needed - more info
POAGE, Q.W. Poage lane...
Help needed - more info, survey

Cemetery: Poage Cemetery

  1. Gramp, Barbara - Re: Poage Cemetery. 05Apr2002. The Pocahontas Times, 4/4/02. Marlinton Town Council by Jane Price Sharp. "At Marlinton Town Council's meeting on March 26, all members were present plus Attorneys Martin Saffer and Walt Weiford. First on the agenda was the matter of reserved property on Hamilton Hill. Mr. Weiford reported he had been approached by Kenneth Ervine that property near his late mother's home, which was designated as a cemetery, had been quit-claimed. Mr. Weiford wasn't aware whether or not Council had discussed the matter and he thought the Town to be the proper party to consider it. He referred to early newspaper articles about the old Poage Cemetery being the earliest cemetery in the town area and the dedication of the Major William Thomas Poage monument in 1934. There are no gravestones remaining. The area is marked "Reserved" on the Town plat. A letter was read from the Pocahontas Historical Landmarks Commission asking that the cemetery property be reserved and a message from the County Historical Society in favor of reserving the land. There was some discussion from the audience and it was agreeable among those involved to meet to discuss the matter. Randy Stemple spoke for his father, Ed Stemple, who was in the hospital and couldn't be present. He has land that has been quit-claimed and he objected and has attorney working on it. Council voted to take a stand in favor of protecting public land and also voted to work on the cemetery property issue."
    1. BG note=> According to, Definition of a Quitclaim Deed: "A type of deed where the property owner (grantor) transfers all interests he or she has in a property. With this type of deed the grantor offers no warranties or promises about the title to the new owner (grantee). A quitclaim deed is often used to clear up defects in a title. For instance, one property owner may have had the right to cross another property to access his or her land. If that access is no longer desired, a quitclaim deed can be filed to formally give up all interests in the easement or right of way. Quitclaim deeds are also used when an heir or former spouse gives up all interests in a piece of real estate. "
  2. Gramp, Barbara - Re: John R. Poage Cemetery. 31Aug2006. The Pocahontas Times. "Funeral services were held Monday morning at VanReenen Funeral Home by the Rev. Robert Mann. Burial was in the John R. Poage Cemetery."

Cemetery: Q.W. Poage

  1. Shinaberry, George Re: Q.W. Poage Cemetery. 28Aug2001. Personal email-->" The Q. W Poage Cemetery is located in Poage Lane (on Back Mountain Road), across from the old Woods Poage Chapel, up on the hill aprox. 200-300 yards. "

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