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Monday's child is fair of face, Tuesday's child is full of grace, Wednesday's child is full of woe, Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving, Saturday's child works hard for its living,
But the child that's born on the Sabbath day is blithe and bonny, and good and gay.


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Pocahontas County Research Homepages, Contributed Family Tree's, and
World Descendant Charts Genealogy Web (WDC GenWeb)

• Amiss Genealogy - surnames: Dyer, Hill, McNeil
• Appalachian Home - surnames: Buzzard, Dilley, Hull, Sharp, Shinaberry, Warwick, and more (lots of pictures) ...
• Arbogast, Descendants of David & Ida
• Bobbitt - Holbrook Home Page - surnames: Nottingham, O'Brien, Grimes, Gladwell, Swink, Arbogast
• Beard Family, About The
• Bible Family - Cemeteries (W)Va
• Bratcher Family History - surnames: Bradshaw
• Bruffey / Bruffy Webpage, Tom Cain
• Bruffey, George A. Family - from Pocahontas Co. to Montana!
• Buzzard Family Tree, George and Linda Shinaberry
• Callison Census Compilation
• Caudill, William Descendants of - surnames: Lester, Sharp, VanDevender
• Clendinen Research (Clendennin, Clendenin, etc.)
• Currey / Curry Surname in Lockhart Genealogy
• Cutlip Connection: Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities. Our 32,000 record database contains these names more than 100 times: Alkire, Allison, Arthur, Ashley, Ball, Barnett, Bellar, Bennett, Bleigh, Boggs, Boone, Branham, Bright, Browning, Burkhammer, Carr, Cogar, Cool, Cox, Cunningham, Cutlip, Dennison, Dodrill, Eblin, Fisher, Fowler, Fox, Frame, Gray, Green, Gregory, Hamrick, Hinkle, Kinnison, Knight, Lewis, Long, Martin, McCoy, Miller, Mollohan, Moore, Morgan, Neff, Perkins, Perrine, Perry, Pritt, Riffle, Robinson, Rollyson, Rose, Russell, Singleton, Skidmore, Smith, Spencer, Stiltner, Tanner, Taylor, Utt, Walkup
• Dilley, George Descendants of
• Duffield, Robert Descendants of / WDC GenWeb - surnames: Moore, Given, and more...
• Dunbrack Family Genealogy "We have traced the roots of Dunbracks to Nova Scotia and Scotland, as far back as 1320. All Dunbracks, including those in Pocohontas County are descendants of the Dunbracks of Halifax, Nova Scotia." (Roland Dunbrack)
• Duncan Research of Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson the Genealogy Bug
• Ewing, James Ancestors of - surnames: MacEwen, Searight, Sargent, Clendenin, Smith
• Ewing, Richard Duane Ancestors of - surnames: Hughes, McNeil
• FamilyHistoriesOnline - surnames: McClung, Ratliff, and Walkup
• Farrar / Timberlake Family - surnames: Hull, Tallman, and more...
• Flesher - surnames: Arbogast, Kerr, Gillispie, Zicafoose, and more...
• Gay Family Research
• Gilliland Trails
• Griffin, Jonathan and Rachel Sharp - Our Griffin Family...Over 225 Years. surnames: Meeks, Gay, Bridger, Hamrick, Waugh, Rodgers, Ruckman, Pritt, McNeel, Buzzard, and more.
• Growing Trees From Love - surnames: Gum, Hannah, Harper, Moore, and more...
• Handley, Handly, Hanley Collection by Randall J. Handly - surnames: Jordan, McNeel, Edmiston, Renick
• Hill House, History of - surnames: Arbogast, Sheets, Fleming, Moore, and more...
• Hill, Richard and Nancy McNeel - surnames: Cackley, Callison, Cottle, Edmiston, Groves, Amiss, Jordan, Beard, Moore, Hooker, Ewing, Bruffey, Anderson, McClure, Blair, Crookshanks, Poage, Poague, Gillilan, Kennison, Kinnison, McCoy, Miller, Hamilton, McMillion, McClintic, Fox, McClung, Morrison, Kelley, Seebert, Burr, Overholt, Jordan, Whiting, Smith, Wade, Cutlip, Sheets, Peck, Livesay, Gay, Curry, Cruikshanks, Crookshanks, McCoy, Hooper, and more...
• Holly's Genealogy Site - surnames: Wanless, Wandless, Gwins, Dilley, and more...
• Hull, Peter T. / WDC GenWeb - surnames: Beverage, Rexrode, Swecker, Wimer, Mullenax, Simmons, Hevener, Tallman, Arbogast, Zicafoose, Dilley, Tacy, and more...
• Jan Everly Williams' HomePage - surnames: Auldridge, Cochran, McNeill, Moore, and Overhold / Overholt / Oberholtzer
• Kerr, William D. and Nancy Gillispie - surnames: Kirkpatrick, Hughes, Berry, Flesher, McLaughlin, McGlaughlin, McElwee, Sheets, and more...
• Kinnison, Detienne, Kincannon, Schai (Schey) Martinez - surnames: Kennison, Hughes, McClure, Davis, Rhea, Casebolt, Oldham, Clendenin, Cochran, and more...
• Lamb, James Descendants of - surnames: Hughes, Arbogast, Wanless,
• Lowery Family History - surnames: Eye, Propst
• Mann Family - surnames: Simpson
• McAvoy, John Descendants of / WDC GenWeb - surnames: Burns, McGlaughlin, Curry, Townsend, Barnett, Wilfong, Given, Duffield, Hull, and more...
• McClintock / McClintic Saga
• McClintock (McClintic), Wm. Alexander Descendants of - surnames: Shanklin, McClure, Mann
• McClung & Gladwell Family - surnames: Nottingham, Swink, Grimes
• McNeel, Nancy, and Hill, Richard - surnames: Cackley, Callison, Edmiston, Groves, Amiss, Jordan, Beard, Moore, Hooker, Ewing, Bruffey, Anderson, McClure, Blair, Crookshanks, Poage, Poague, Gillilan, Miller, Hamilton, McMillion, McClintic, Fox, McClung, Morrison, Kelley, Seebert, Burr, Overholt, Jordan, Whiting, Smith, Wade, Cutlip, Sheets, Peck, Livesay, Gay, Curry, Cruikshanks, McCoy, McNeil, McNeill, and more...
• McNeel, John Rev Soldier -
• McNeill & Hughes (McNeil, McNeel)
• Moffett, George Boone by the Amherst College Bio Record
• Nottingham, Belyeu, Lawson, Miller Family Home Page - surnames: Lamb, Lockridge, McCarty, McClintic, McElwee, McGlaughlin, McLaughlin, McNeel, Moore, and more...
• Paul Dunn Lynch's Family - surnames: Arbogast, Friel, O'Friel, Gay, Galford, Given, Sitlington, and more...
• Piatt/Pyatt/Peyatte of all spellings - surnames: Gregory, Wilfong
• Poage Lane - surnames: Poage, Stewart, Carpenter, Ely, Shinaberry, Mann, Sheets, Allen, McClung, Wade (great pictures)
• Poage surname, Frank Grether
• Roush / Rausch Family - surnames: Waddell, Brown, Barnett, Arbaugh, Simmons, Grimes, and more...
• Ruckman, Phil N. Sr. 1919-1976 - Whitley County, Indiana Historical Society
• Shannon & Roy's Genealogy - surnames: Weiford, Smith, McNeill, Buckley, Adkisson, Silvey. Taylor
• Sharp, Rachel and Jonathan Griffin. Our Griffin Family...Over 225 Years.

• Sharp, John and Margery Unknown Descendants . C. Schultz Ancestry

• Sharp, William and Mary Meeks. C. Schulz Ancestry

• Shinaberry Family Tree, George and Linda Shinaberry
• Shinaberry / Buzzard Family - surnames: Wanless, Knapp, Peck, Life, Waugh, Poage, and more...
• Simpson, John Descendants of / WDC GenWeb - surnames:Cleek, Mann, and more...
•, sharing genealogy for Slaven(s), Slavin, and more
• Stevenson Family, John - surnames: Kirkpatrick
• Suttons of Pocahontas County (W)Va - surnames: Gillispie, Galford, Sheets, Gum, Warwick, Dilley, Moore, Cunningham, Taylor, Cooper, Conrad
• Teresa's Genealogy Pages - surnames: Galford, Sharp, Friel / Freil, Saddler, Sheets, Garnett, Gay, Gibson, Simmons, Wamsley, and more... (has parts of 1880 census)
• Todd, Teresa Page Genealogy Report - surnames: Sharp, Galford, Gay, Jackson, Shinaberry, Wamsley, and more...

• Varner, Joseph - Katherine's Genealogy Page

• Virginia Marriage Records 1740 to 1850, Tina's Family Genealogy Page
• Warwick, William - The Immigrant Warwick Brothers
• Warwick, William Descendants of / WDC GenWeb - surnames Craig, Cartmill, Hull, Tallman, Woodell, Burner, Hartman, Arbogast, Slavins, Ingram, Poage, and more...
• Will Extracts of Pocahontas Co. - Hill, Jordan, Jordin, McNeel, Bruffey
• Woodell, Edgar Bond Descendants of , husband of Geneva Sharp / Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants, Inc. - Surnames: Wooddell, Sharp

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Timeline of County Formations

Pocahontas County was created by an act of the Virginia General Assembly on December 21, 1821 from parts of Bath, Pendleton, and Randolph counties. Previously, these counties were part of Augusta County.

• 1738 - Augusta County, Virginia formed from Orange County
• 1769 - Botetourt County, Virginia formed from Augusta and Rockbridge counties. Rockbridge County gave only small portions at later dates (1821-1888)
• 1778 - Greenbrier County, West Virginia formed from Botetourt, Montgomery, Monroe, and Fayette counties
• 1778 - Rockbridge County, Virginia formed from Augusta and Botetourt counties
• 1786 - Randolph County, West Virginia formed from Harrison County, Virginia
• 1787 - Pendleton County, West Virginia formed from Augusta, Hardy, Rockingham, and Bath counties
• 1790 - Bath County, Virginia formed from Augusta, Botetourt, and Greenbrier counties

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