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Tucker County: LookUp Volunteers

The following references are available for "look-up" by the contact person or persons. Simply e-mail the contact person and politely ask for assistance. Please note that these individuals are volunteers and are not expected to do large-scale surname research. Requests to these volunteers should be specific and include the full names of individuals being sought and the reference to be checked. You should also include the county you are requesting as many of these individuals are look-up volunteers for several counties. Please limit yourself to no more than 3 or 4 individual names and do not ask for searches such as "everyone with the name of Smith". Volunteers cannot be asked to do surname research or to copy extensive amounts of information from copyrighted materials. Please do not expect a 24 hour turnaround. Our lookup volunteers are not reimbursed for their participation and are graciously volunteering their time. Please thank them for their efforts.



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History of Tucker county by Hu Maxwell

Mary Hitt

History of Tucker County by Homer Fansler

Mary Hitt

1880 Census

Larry Metz

History of Davis and Canaan Valley by Pearle Mott


Thomas, West Virginia, 1906, by Thomas Nutter


Blackwater Country, by J. Lawrence Smith


The Monongahela of Old by James Veech


1810 Census Index for Virginia



If you have a resource for Tucker county and would like to serve as a Look-Up Volunteer, please contact me.



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