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Our Men in Service, WWII

From the Elkins Intermountain

James Gainer injured in France

Pfc. James Gainer L. Gainer, 19 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Gainer, who was recently injured in France.  His brother, Pfc Glenn W. Gainer, Jr., was also reported injured in action less than a month ago.

James has been in the Army about a year and has been overseas three months.  He was in the 44th Division which was revealed recently to be in action in the Allied Campaign against. Germany. 

In a letter to his mother, he says in part:  "I never was a very good left-handed pitcher, so don't mind a few wild throws.  By spring training everything will be o.k.  We had a good Thanksgiving dinner in France.  Yesterday I had my first ice cream since I have been overseas.  We get treated might good and get the best of care. Maybe one of these days we can end this war, and we'll get home again.  That sure will be the day.  Believe I can write better than spell., if I do have a broken arm. Don't worry." 

Their eldest son, who has been awarded the Purple Heart is reported to be improving nicely.  From Elkins Intermountain, 11 Dec 1944.

Corp. Dick Dye on Leave Here

Cpl. Richard Dye, who has been stationed at Kingman Airfield, Ariz., is spending a leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. P.L. Dye, enroute to Tampa, Fla., where he has been transferred.

When he reports for duty at his new station, Cpl. Dye will be a toggleer on a B-29.  He has been in service a year last Sept. 11.  He is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Dye, whose three other sons are all in the service.  Lt. Kay Dye is in the Army Air Corps in England, and Lt. Donald Dye and Lt. Kenneth Dye are in the Pacific.  From Elkins Intermountain, 11 Dec 1944.

George Dornblazer At Richmond Base

After 66 missions as a B-29 pilot, 1st Lt. George H. Dornblazer, Jr., is now at the Richmond Army Air Forces Redistribution Station for a complete physical checkup, personal interview and new assignment.

The 25-year-old West Virginian, who wear the Air Medal with two silver clusters, flew 230 combat hours in the European theater during his nine months overseas. Prior to his entry into the Army, Lt. Dornblazer attended Davis and Elkins College.  He is the son of G.H. Dornblazer, 204 Henry Avenue.  From Elkins Intermountain, 11 Dec 1944.

Carl Herron Wounded in France

Mr. and Mrs. Burl Herron of this city have learned that their son, Staff Sgt. Carl Herron, was slightly wounded in France on Nov. 23, according to word received from the War Department. 

Staff Sgt. Herron has been in the service since January, 1943, and has been overseas since last May.  From Elkins Intermountain, 11 Dec 1944.

Sterling Phillips Gets AAF Diploma

Pvt. Sterling G. Phillips today was granted his graduation diploma from the AAF Training Commands B-24 Liberator bomber mechanics school in  appropriate ceremonies held at Keesler Field's technical school. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer S. Phillips, Route 2, Elkins, W. VA.  From Elkins Intermountain, 11 Dec 1944.

Bert Vanscoy on Furlough at Home

T-5 Bert Vanscoy will return Monday to the Woodrow Wilson General Hospital at Staunton, Va., after spending a furlough at the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Vanscoy of Main Street.

T-5 Vanscoy has been a patient in the Army hopsital since his retunr ot the United States from the Central Pacific area last March 8, 944, after 32 months of overseas duty.  he has been in th service since June 5, 1942.  From Elkins Intermountain, 28 Apr 1945.  

Lieutenant Shaw is Here on Leave

Lt. Frank A. Shaw, who has been stationed at Norfolk, VA., for the past five weeks, arrived this morning by plane to spend a 7-day leave with Mrs. Shaw at the home of her mother, Mrs. H.B. Martin. 

Lt. Shaw spent a year in the Pacific, and returned to Davisville, R.I, for special training.  He will report to Cape May, N.J. at the end of his leave.  From Elkins Intermountain, 28 Apr 1945.  

Kerens Brothers visiting Parents

Staff Sgt. James W. Kerens, who is sta5tioned at Loukbourne Field, Columbus, O., and brother Delbert, Seaman 2-c, of the U.S. Navy, stationed at Camp Elliott, R.I., are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Kerens, Davis avenue.

S.Sgt. Kerens will leave Sunday and Seaman Kerens has a 13-day leave.  From Elkins Intermountain, 28 Apr 1945.

Lt. Ackerman is Visitor in Elkins. 

Lt. Henry P. Ackerman, who spent the past few days here with his fiancee, Miss Vivian Wooddell, left this morning for Cockeysville, Md., to spend the remainder of his leave with his parents.

Lt. Ackerman was captured by the Germans at Metz, an outpost between France and Germany, last October 5,  He made his escape.  He is at his home on a 30-day leave, and at the expiration of that period will report at Asheville, N.C.  From Elkins Intermountain, 28 Apr 1945.  

Discharges.  From the Randolph Review, 18 Oct 1945.

Corporal Ralph Cade, overseas in the armed forces for the past two years, in Gland and France, a former member of the Elkins City Council has received his discharge from the Army and returned to his home Tuesday.  A salesman for the Valley Supply Company when he entered the service three years ago he expects to resume that work in the near future. 

Major C.S. Kump, stationed at Washington for the time being, as here on a weekend leave for the purpose of visiting his family  and attending the funeral of Colonel George W. Wilson.

Sergeant Notley Barnard, who has been overseas for two years, part of the time at Corsica and later in the general European Theatre, has received his discharge from the armed forces and returned to his home Tuesday.

He is former councilman and before entering the army was associated with his father, the late H.N. Barnard in the plumbing business here.  The death of the latter and the absence of his two sons, one in the Army and one in the Navy, necessitated selling the business.

Lt. Baker Fowler, U.S. Navy is here on leave until October 31, for a visit with his family and with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.R. Fowler, Beverly.  Upon the expiration of his leave he will report at Washington.

He expects to secure his release from further duty after three years of service, about December 1.  He was on the staff of Admiral Nimitz for a year as one of his intelligence officers, both at Pearl Harbor and after January 1 when the Commander of the Pacific Fleet moved his headquarters to Guam.

At such a time as Lt. Fowler is released from further Navy duty, he expects to resume the practice of law in this county. 

Private Otis G. Poling, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Poling, Route 2, Montrose has received his discharge from the Army and has returned to his home after a 38 months 29 of which were spent overseas in North Africa and Italy.  Wounded in action he has the Purple Heart and four Battle Stars and also the Good Conduct Medal.  He may return to farming. 

Sergeant J.C. McCullough of the Army Air Corps, stationed at Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio, is here on a 90-day leave, for a visit with his wife and while here expects to get in some hunting. 

Sergeant McCullough has been in the service for 22 years having enlisted in the Army at Elkins in 1923.  His wife before her marriage was Miss Elsie McDonald, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McDonald.

Carl Chenoweth who has been in the armed forces for a period of 38 months--or more than three years--during which time he has seen much service, in making plans for the future, now that he has been discharged from the service expects to open a garage here and to handle Buick Cars as he did before he entered the service. 

Private William H. Whiteman, son of Mr. and Mr.s W.G.  Whiteman of Robert E. Lee Avenue received his discharge from the armed forces at Fort Knox last week and returned to his home in this city last Sunday night.

Tech Sgt. Lyndell Frey, who has been in the army for 7 years and who was with the famous 7th Division which participated in all important invasions in the Pacific, has received his discharge from the army and has been at home on a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Frey, preparatory to going to California where he and his wife will live in the future. 

His brother Corp. James Frey, Jr., serving in the Army Air Corps and temporarily based in New Jersey reached here on leave last week, without knowing his brother Charles was here.  They had not seen each other since before the beginning of the war. 

Sgt. Hugh Phillips, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hyder Phillips after more than three years of foreign service received his discharge from the army last Friday and is now at home with his parents for a brief rest before resuming his position with Watts-Sartor-Lear  Company at Clarksburg where he was an executive  before entering the army.  In addition to a good conduct medal he wears the European African and Middle Eastern Ribbons. 

Sgt. Denver J. Corley, Jr., whose parents livein Elkins, is serving with the 141st Ordinance Battalion in Manilla.

While in New Guinea, Sgt. Corley's unit supplied automotive units to the 6th army for use in the Philippine operations.  It received a Meritorious Service Unit Plaque award for outstanding achievements there under adverse circumstances.  Sgt. Corley is entitled to wear the Asiatic Pacific Theatre ribbon with two campaign stars and the Phillipine Liberation ribbon.

Service men receivng their discharges since last Thursday include the following:

Pfc. Frank Alkirt, Mill Creek.
Corp. Max L. Hilliary, Mill Creek.
Tech. Fourth Grade Delbert L. Weese, Elkins.
Staff Sgt. Clair M. Snyder of Adolph.
Pvt. Franklin Bohen, Elkins.
Corp Sherman D. Collett, Elkins.
Capt. Ernest W. Hutton, Huttonsville.
Corp. Walter P. Wilkinson, Elkins.
Tech. Sgt. Loyal F. Hanlin, Elkins.
Tech. Fifth Grade Clarence C. Elmore, Mabie.
Sgt. Wm. B. Loving, Elkins.
Corp. Leon K. Gooden, Elkins.
Staff Sgt. Jack E. Harper, Elkins.
Pfc. Bernard A. Lantz, Elkins.
Pfc. James V. Hammer, Elkins.
Tech. Fifth Grade Loyal L. Phillips, Elkins.
Tech. Fifth Grade William C. Watson, Mabie.
Pfc. Arnold McCauley, Mill Creek.
Tech Sgt. Wm. F. Heater, Elkins.
Staff Sgt. Hubert H. Shreve, Mill Creek.
Tech Sgt. Rolland D. Everett, Elkins.
First Sgt. James R. Wheeler, Elkins.
Tech Sgt. Willard D. Phillips, Elkins.
Pfc. Roy L. Rosier, Elkins.
Sec. Lt. Charles L. Follansbee, Elkins.
Pvt. Sherman T. TAcy, Mill Creek.
Sgt. Gerald O. Comer, Elkins.
Pfc. Harley W. Watson, Elkins.
Corp. Howard G. Been, Pickens.
Pfc. Jasper J. Goff, Elkins.
Pfc. Pearl Howard, Mill Creek.
Pfc. Carl W. Sponaugle, Beverly.



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