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Vital Records

Most state records were destroyed in a 1921 fire, however, most counties have records from 1853. Some counties also have marriage records from 1870. Divorce records are kept by the county clerk of the circuit court. Probate records have been kept by the county courts and are found in deed books and court order books. Naturalization proceedings were recorded in the minutes and dockets of the courts until 1906, since any court could naturalize immigrants. After 1929, only federal courts handled naturalizations. State censuses were taken in some counties between 1782 and 1785, and have been published along with tax records.

  • Statewide registration of births and deaths began in 1917. Records are at the Division of Vital Statistics, State Department of Health, State Office Building No. 3, Charleston, WV 25305. To verify current fees, phone (304) 348-2931, website: 

Tucker County Clerk has birth, marriage, death, probate, land records, deeds & agreements beginning in 1856. Tucker County Clerk of Circuit Court has divorce and civil court records. Records prior to the formation of Tucker may be found in its parent county (Randolph).

For records from Tucker county, address your mail:
Tucker County
1st & Walnut Streets
Parsons, WV 26287

phone (304)478-2414

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Census Records

Census records for Tucker county begin in 1860. Prior to that time, census records would be from Randolph county.



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