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Every day items of historic value are being lost or destroyed. Landmark buildings are being torn down, documents are lost to decay, cemeteries are overgrown and the tombstones topple over or are being erased by weather, old photos are discarded because nobody remembers who is pictured. Much of our history is already lost. Without an organization to oversee preservation much more will be lost. The Society IS NOT about what services we can provide for our members. It IS about saving our heritage. Do you want slick publications, fast and easy access to information, a museum where you can enjoy images and objects from our history? Well, those things will only come if dedicated people are willing to make it happen! Join now and help us preserve the past for the future.

Membership dues:

Individual $10.00 dollars per year

Couple $12.00 dollars per year

Life $125.00 dollars.

When applying for membership include your name, address, email address (optional), type of membership requested, and up to ten Webster county surnames you are researching.

Send dues to:

Alfred Clay,

10 Fairview Rd.

Webster Springs, WV 26288