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William HAMRICK, the hunter, was born in 1789. He was 4 years old when he was carried from the Williams river to Donnally's Fort by Jack McMILLION. Jennie GREGORY, who became his wife, was 4 years old when her father Colonel Isaac GREGORY, moved to the Gauley in 1800. She remembered seeing her mother fall from her horse in the Greenbrier river on that memorable journey into the wilderness. William HAMRICK settled in the Elk valley in 1812. His two nearest neighbors were BONNER, living at the mouth of Baltimore run, & WRIGHT, living at the Green ford.

My wife and I are searching for her Hamrick roots in Webster Co. and we could use some help. Vickie is working on a family history book on her mothers roots... Hamrick. We have quite a bit of factual information on the Hamricks from census records, various books, and the usual assortment of genealogy tools, but we are now looking for interesting stories, locations with a Hamrick history, and photos. Today we made a trip to Webster Springs to look for grave sites and had great difficulty. It seems that every place we started our search is on posted property. My wife's Hamrick ancestors have quite a bit written about them and we hope someone in Webster County will help us find the locations and gain access to graves, property, etc. Benjamin Hamrick is the only Revolutionary War Veteran buried in Webster Co., his son, Benjamin held the first organized church service in Webster Co. in his barn, He also with help of others built the first school house in Webster Co. and the list goes on. I am a photographer so my interest is in obtaining old photo's of Hamrick's (which I will copy on site), their property, family heirlooms, etc. I am also going to photograph present sites still standing and graveyards and headstones with a Hamrick connection. We have some wonderful photo's of her grandfathers family and a few of her great-grandfathers family, but thats all. As you can see a Historical Society or Genealogy Society contact would be of great assistance. Vickie Shaluta's HAMRICK ancestors...

grandfather.................Edward Strickland HAMRICK g-grandfather..............Alfred Harmon HAMRICK gg-grandfather............Addison McLaughlin HAMRICK ggg-grandfather..........Benjamin HAMRICK #3 gggg-grandfather........Benjamin HAMRICK #2 ggggg-grandfather.......Benjamin HAMRICK #1 gggggg-grandfather.....Patrick HAMRICK We hope you may help us to contact someone who can assist. Thanks, Steve & Vickie Shaluta P.O. Box 5033 Charleston, WV. 25361

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