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The Webster Independent, Vo. VI, No. 2, Fall/Winter 1988-1989. (Article from above issue)

The following list of WW11 soldiers from Webster Co. has been taken from a list issued by the Adjutant General's office and entitled "Honor List of Dead and Missing."  The record includes only U.S. Army personnel.

This list includes only the name of the soldier, his rank at the time of his death and the method of his death.  No other information was included.

BARBE, Russell M.                 PFC          Died, Non-Battle
BARKER, James E.                  SGT          Died of Wounds
BEAZELL, Fred                     CAPT         Died, Nom-Battle
BLANKENSHIP, Robert R.            PFC          Killed in Action
BOYD, Francis E.                  PFC          Killed in Action

CLAYPOOL, Wilbert W.              PFC          Killed in Action
COCHRAN, Carl H.                  PVT          Died of Wounds
COLLINS, Glenn W.                 PFC          Killed in Action
COWGER, Francis M.                PVT          Killed in Action
CRITES, Robert L.                 PVT          Finding of Death

DUKE, Charles I.                  T-SGT        Killed in Action
DUKE, Hobert B.                   PVT          Died, Nom-Battle

EVANS, Harold Y.                  PFC          Died of Wounds

GIBSON, Benton L.                 PFC          Killed in Action
GRAY, Roy C.                      S-SGT        Finding of Death
GREGORY, Virgil B.                S-SGT        Finding of Death
GREGORY, William A.               PVT          Killed in Action

HAMRICK, Dolan O.                 PVT          Killed in Action
HAMRICK, Junior B.                PFC          Killed in Action
HAMRICK, Victor L.                S-SGT        Finding of Death
HARPER, Dana H.                   TEC 4        Died of Wounds
HOLMES, Oliver                    PFC          Killed in Action
HOOVER, Vestal C.                 PVT          Died, Non-Battle

ISENHART, Carl H.                 PFC          Killed in Action
ISENHART, Oran H.                 SGT          Killed in Action

LAMB, Carl                        PFC          Killed in Action
LEWIS, Randall G.                 CPL          Died, Non-Battle
LIGHT, Eugene                     PFC          Killed in Action
LYNCH, Ray E.                     PVT          Killed in Action

MARTIN, Harry S.                  SGT          Died of Wounds
MILLER, Dana P.                   PFC          Died of Wounds

NICHOLS, Cecil R.                 PFC          Killed in Action
NICHOLSON, Tommy E.               PVT          Died, Non-Battle

PARSONS, Woodrow W.               PVT          Killed in Action
PORE, Clyde B.                    PVT          Killed in Action
PRICE, Snowden L.                 TEC 4        Killed in Action

RINKER, Carl J.                   PFC          Killed in Action
ROSE, James N.                    PVT          Died, Non-Battle
ROSS, Donald J., Jr.              PFC          Killed in Action

VILLERS, Alick G.                 PFC          Died, Non-Battle

WARD, Lawrence E., Sr.            PFC          Killed in Action
WEESE, Baron L.                   PVT          Killed in Action
WEESE, Carl J.                    TEC 5        Died of Wounds
WESTFALL, Carl H.                 PVT          Killed in Action
WHITMAN, John L., Jr.             PVT          Killed in Action
WILSON, Edgar                     PVT          Killed in Action
WOLFORD, Clark                    PFC          Killed in Action

YOUNG, Woodrow W.                 PVT          Killed in Action

Submitted by: Linda Archie