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History of the congregation of the First Church of God of New Martinsville.


Reading these Bible references will acquaint you with what we believe and

are universally working to achieve. Its FOUNDATION: Matt. 16:18; Col. 1:18. The HEAD:

of the BODY  ‘church’; its INCREASE: Acts 2:47b. its AUTHORITY:

(Christ) Eph. 1:22-23; Eph. 21-22. In Heb. 12: 22-23 as to ‘BIRTHS’ and their

‘RECORDS’ and WHO RECORDS them: Read Psalms 87:5 and 6.  Hearing, Believing &

Reciving Christ (the ARK) the place of safety kept them from destruction: Being (IN the

ARK) meant LIFE. The NEW BIRTH puts the SOUL on RECORD of the Family of God.


God’s children are scattered (by man-made barriers), but Jesus has prayed (read John

17:21) ‘that they all might be one’ WILL BE ANSWERED. Many congregations are already

united in this great effort.


Even before the year 1922, Children of God met in homes, vacant store and School buildings,

with Bible study, prayer and testimonies which ‘seed’ sown brought new ‘births’ or

additions to the family.


Many Ministers and Laymen are credited for their efforts as Pioneers.

Sister Sample Arrick; Bro. Edgar Smith; The Pauley Sisters and others.

They like Paul said as recorded in Eph. 14 and 15, ‘For this cause I bow

my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the whole family

In heaven and earth is named’. (NAMED after God -- the FATHER).


SistersvilIe, Paden City. Sugar Dale, New Martinsville, Hemlock, Minnie,

and Duffy, Ohio are some of the fields of labor which resulted in four established

congregations of the First Church of God. And statistics gathered from Year Books 1937

through 1975, (Other preceding Year Books are obtainable through Anderson, Indiana.

Executive Council of the Church of God, for further information and vertification).


We support The Christian Brotherhood Hour each Sunday morning at 8:30. Bro. Sterner, Minister.


Names of Pastors: Bro. Reynolds, Yount, Mefford, Campbell, Haynie, Nichols and the late

Bro. Daniel. New Martinsville lists 105 members. We are at present without a Pastor, as i

Minnie. Bro. Goudy at Hemlock.


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