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1890 - 1976

On September 30, l890, a few interested people met for the purpose of establishing a

Christian Church In New Martinsville. Because the first place of meeting was in Brooklyn, the

section south of Fishing Creek, the name Brooklyn Christian Church was first used. This was

later changed to First Christian Church. The first elders were F. P. Fooner and I. C. Moore,

and the deacons were John Obers and W. H. Nolan. Trustees were Henry Gehring. C. M.

Williams and J. Minor. Serving as elder emeriles at the present time and still active are F. P.

Fiess and J. I, Shackelford; this honor was conferred on them in 1955.


In the early 90s the congregation purchased property and constructed a small frame building

on Central Street in Brooklyn. The exact date of construction of this building is not known,

but in 1902 the church had grown so that the first expansion program was necessary. The

chancel of the church was reversed, a wing was added, and a balcony constructed. This

building was used until 1939 when the present church on Maple Avenue was partially



As early as 1919 a congregational committee was appointed to select a site, and in January

1920 a lot on the corner of Maple Avenue and Locust Street was purchased. In 1934 a

building committee was appointed and they served loyally until the work was finally

completed some fifteen years later. In Aug. 1937 they were instructed to go as far as they

could without going into debt. Ground was broken on Sept. 7, 1937. On July 7, 1938 the

cornerstone was laid. The sanctuary was finally completed and dedicated with a week of

services in June of 1949.


Through the years there has been strong and active leadership. Those pioneering in the

early beginnings include (aside from those previously listed) G. M. Wood; C.F. Hassner; W.

E. Hassig; Lawrence Amos; Luther Murray; Mrs W. J. Williamson; Dorothy Widmer; F. W.

Nicely; Mrs M. B. Potts; Mrs J. A. Pyles and many of their descendents still carry on the work

and mission of the church presently.


Sept. 1965 marked our Diamond Jubilee with some forty persons being recognized for having

been members for more than forty years. The 85th anniversary has just been concluded and It

is fitting that we approach our 100th anniversary just as the nation lifts up its 200th Bi

Centennial Anniversary.


Ministers having served this congregation include W. M, Long; T. A. Hodge; J. W. Stewart; J.

C. Waddell; E. H. Hart; D. S. Boggs; Lawrence Doak; J. G. Bough; L. M. Omer; J. C.

Richards; W. H. Sliter, Richard D. Eldridge and George H. Taylor.


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