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The First Presbyterian Church of New Martinsville was organized on April 26, 1900, as the

result of a visit to New Martinsville by the S. S. Missonary, Rev, R. H. Rogers. He found a

number of Presbyterian families, but no Presbyterian Church or Sabbath School. After a stay

of one week, Rev. Rogers left, taking with him to Parkersburg Presbytery a petition requesting

the organization of a Presbyterian Church. The petition was granted and a committee was sent to

organize a new church.


On April 29, 1900. Rev. Rogers organized a Sabbath School with six classes and 35 members.

The group met in the Primary School Building (the present library building), and permission

was obtained from the School Board to use the building for worship services until October1,

1900. Services were conducted during this period by pastors from other pulpits. One of these

was the Rev. A. D. Light, who was unanimously elected pastor of the church on July I, 1900.


On September 23rd, a congregational meeting was held, at which time the congregation voted

to rent the M.W.A. Hall above the New Martinsville Bank. Services were held there until 1902

when a church building on Maple Avenue was completed and dedicated.


A fire partially destroyed the church building in 1912, and the flood of 1913 caused extensive

damage. A new stained glass window entitled the Good Shepherd was installed on the north



In 1925 the Sunday School was composed of 11 classes and enrollment of 124 members. There

were 116 members in the congregation that same year.


A new pipe organ was installed in 1926 as a result of a generous gift by Mr. J. C. Trees. A

Manse was purchased in 1947. A Nursery constructed in late 1955.


In 1957 the property was purchased on E. Thistle Drive and Benjamin Drive. In 1960 the

present Church building was dedicated.


In 1972 a new electronic organ was installed. In 1973 a new manse was constructed on

adjoining church property.


One of the original charter members, Mrs. Gertrude Clup Berger still resides in our



From original membership of 25 the New Martinsville Church has continued to grow and at

the present lists a membership of 268 persons.


The present pastor is the Rev. Verner E. Hertzog who is completing his sixth year of pastoral

leadership to the congregation and community.


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