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The beginning of an Episcopal church in New Martinsville was on June 15, 1851 when a

service was held in the courthouse and a church was organized to be known as “Wetzel

Parish”. In October, 1851, the parish united with the Northwestern Convocation and chose

the name of St. Paul’s for their church. In 1854 a church building was erected. The church

died out in the 1860’s and the building was lost through debt but the church was reorganized

in 1874. In 1882 a new church building was completed at a cost of $865. The chancel

furniture, for the new building was a present from the Rector, who asked the privilege of

naming the new church; this was granted, and it was called “St. Ann”s”. In the early part

of 1884, the services had to be suspended because of inclement weather and high water. The

flood reached the eaves of the church and considerable damage was done, but the building was

thoroughly cleaned and ready for services the first Sunday in March. In February, 1886, the

stove was removed to the cellar and converted into a hot-air furnace, adding much to the

room and comfort of the church. Early in the summer of 1895 the rectory was begun, and was

ready to be occupied by the first of September. The house was a very creditable building,

costing nearly $1,900. During the summer of 1898 several rooms were papered, which added

much to the beauty of the house. In 1902 the present Church plant was completed.


The original Church building completed in 1882 is a present part of the Parish House at St.

Ann’s. The rectory was built in 1895 and is the present home of the vicar, the Rev. George

R. Pruitt, Jr. The Church building completed in 1902 is still in use as the main building of the

congregation. During the years the services at St. Ann’s have been both active and inactive.

Starting about 20 years ago when the Rev. Walter J. Mycoff, Sr. came as vicar through the

present vicar, St. Ann’s has enjoyed being able to have a full time clergyman.


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