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The Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in 1784, but the controversy over slavery

caused a secession of a Southern group in 1843, and this group became known as the

Methodist Episcopal Church, South, in 1844. In 1856, a small group of people organized a

congregation of this Southern branch in New Martinsville, W. Va. which was to become what

we know today as St. Johnís United Methodist Church.


The charter members of St. Johnís consisted of only two families.... Mr and Mrs Leonard S.

Hall and Mr and Mrs Josiah Boyer and their two daughters, Alcinda and Susan. In the early

days the church was part of a circuit, but by 1869, St. Johnís was assigned a pastor of its

own, and has been so supplied since that time.


Services were originally held in the Methodist Episcopal Church on Main Street, known as

ďOld BrickĒ. The people of St. Johnís began construction on a church of their own in

1880, and it was dedicated by the presiding minister, the Reverend J. H. Jackson, in 1881. The

first parsonage was built during the 1897-1900 pastorate of the Reverend J. M. Carter.


Growth of the church was rapid, and by 1909, a cornerstone was laid for a new church on the

site of the present church. Many changes have taken place at St. Johnís in the intervening

years. Most notable of these are a large addition to the church in 1958, the building of a new

parsonage in 1966, an extensive remodeling of the sanctuary, completed in 1970, and the

addition of a fire escape in 1976. During this Bicentennial year, St. Johnís completes 120

years of serving the religious needs of its congregation.


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