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Organized as The Gravel Bottom Methodist Church as early as 1873, the congregation met in

the old Gravel Bottom Schoolhouse at Steelton where the new Steelton Grade School is

presently located. This group met here until in the fall of 1913 when they bought the old St.

Johnís church downtown for $500.00. The Steelton congregation was given one lot owned by

Pyles and Yeater, one lot bought by the Reverend Groves, and a half lot; given by Everlena

Litman on which old St. Johnís Church was rebuilt. The old downtown church was torn

down in the fall of 1913 and loaded on wagons and hauled in mud that took two teams of

horses to pull the wagon down the muddy road. Mr. John Riel and Mr. J. 0. Hayes were

principally responsible for the hauling. The Oneacre brothers rebuilt the church on the corner

of Mound at the 800 block of North State Route 2. The church was dedicated on May 31,

1914. Reverend Charles E. Daily was minister at the time. The Steelton Church was at one

time on an eight point circuit.


Mr. Isaac Mitchell brought a hugh cast iron bell from the Moundsville Methodist Church. Mr.

Mitchell and George Riel were responsible for loading the bell on a steamboat in Moundsville

which floated it to Union Street in Steelton. Bill Riel, Frank P. Riel, John Riel and J. 0. Hayes

met the boat and loaded the bell on a wagon pulled by two teams of horses and finally

mounted it in the old Steelton Church.


A ground-breaking service for the new church located at 1249 North State Route 2 was held

September 6, 1959. Actual construction was begun October, 1959. Completion date was

August 14, 1960. The Reverend Frank E. Bourner was Pastor. The first service was held in the

present church on September 11, 1960.


Reverend Robert K. Staub is the present pastor.


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