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Communities of Wetzel County

The little community of Hastings, located on the Shortline twenty miles from the Ohio River, is no more. It was named for Denny Hastings, first general superintendent for the Hope Natural Gas Company. At one time, there were 67 houses, a one-room school, a church, a Post Office, a store, a barber shop, a hotel, a depot and a community hall, all owned by the Company.

Many changes came about over the years. The first houses were built about 1914. They had gas lights, indoor plumbing and garbage service. In 1928 the homes were wired for electricity, provided by the Company. All the children started their education in the one-room school. It closed in 1950 and the students were bussed to Pine Grove.

The community church was served by the United Brethren Conference. It was built in 1925 and provided a place of worship for everyone. It closed its door in 1967.

Al Power had a store. Essel Garret was the barber. The Post Office was run by Annie Lowe and it was located in the basement of the hotel. The Post Office was later moved across the creek. It closed in 1982. The community hall provided a place for parties, showers, dinners, basketball, movies and pool. Two tennis courts and a ball diamond are also there.

Roads were of cinders from coal burned in boilers to provide steam for the station. Brick walks ran between houses. Ice was made and sold to people by the Company until refrigerators were available. Each family had a garden patch to raise their own food.

Hastings was unique because of the closeness of the people. It was like one big family. Most residents of the nearby communities, or some of their family have either lived or worked in Hastings.

Submitted by Paul and Emma Still

Source: History of Wetzel County, West Virginia 1983