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In 1978 Mrs. Ethel Briggs and her friend Ada Finnicum published a Wetzel County Cemetery Book.  I talked with her today 2 Feb 1998 and she has given me permission to put this information on the internet.  The following is the introduction to the book:

We don't believe in lengthy introductions that most often aren't read.

Suffice to say we have done the very best we could to make this a correct record.   The markers were badly weathered and we used everything we were told about to bring out the letters and numbers.  So....if you find an error, don't tell us.  Just make the correction in your copy.

Following the death date we have recorded the age when birthdate wasn't given.  To save space we put them 1/1/0 meaning....1 year /1 month / 0 days.

We are aware we missed several in the county and it is our plan to get them later on.   If we do, it will be printed and made available.  Anyone wishing to contribute cemetery census of this county please so.  We can't begin to name all who have helped but among them were Jane Whiteman, Carol Hassig, Francis and Karen Bland and others.

This has been two years of work we have really enjoyed.  We hope it will be helpful to you in finding your ancestors.

A.F.   E.B.   1978

I would like to thank Ethel Briggs for having the insight to publish such a book for the future generations of genealogists who will find it very valuable in their research and for giving me permission to put it on the Wetzel County Genealogy Homepage.

This book is over 400 pages in length so it will take some time for me to get it all typed and on the Wetzel County Genealogy Homepage.  If anyone has additional Cemetery information and want it put on the Homepage, contact me by e-mail. Bill Cunningham