Alley, Thomas Sr. - by Sue Roesner

Beverlin - by Patsy Greathouse - Joyce Fluharty - Bill Cunningham

Bickar - by Pete Blatt

Blatt - by Pete Blatt

Dark_Blue_Beveled6010.gif (197 bytes) Cunningham, John

Dark_Blue_Beveled33B0.gif (197 bytes)  Bland, Joseph - by Bill Cunningham

Edgell, Benjamin and Mary - by Bill Cunningham

Dark_Blue_Beveled33B0.gif (197 bytes)  Fair/Fehr     by Lee Price

Fankhauser by Thomas Nyle Fankhouser

Fankhouser, by Thomas N. Fankhouser

  Fleehartee, John

Dark_Blue_Beveled6010.gif (197 bytes) Fluharty Chronicle

Dark_Blue_Beveled6010.gif (197 bytes) Fluharty, James - Family Bible Records

  Fluharty, Stephen by Bill Cunningham 

  Fluharty by Joyce Fluharty 

Dark_Blue_Beveled33B0.gif (197 bytes) Glover

Dark_Blue_Beveled33B0.gif (197 bytes)  Goddard by Steve Bowers

Hawkins, William and Margaret Harwood by Sue Roesner

Heismann by Peg Schreiber

Dark_Blue_Beveled33B0.gif (197 bytes) Hornbrook - Zuelsdorf - by Mariana L. Zuelsdorf

  Huggins - by Dee Huggins

Dark_Blue_Beveled33B0.gif (197 bytes) Harlan by Robert Vega

Ice by Margaret Gene Capelety

Judge by Bill Cunningham

Lemasters, Abraham by Bill Cunningham

Dark_Blue_Beveled6010.gif (197 bytes) Longwell by Bob Longwell

Dark_Blue_Beveled6010.gif (197 bytes) Marshall Co. Descendant Charts

Dark_Blue_Beveled6010.gif (197 bytes) Midcap by Bill and Susan Davidson

Moore, Hughy Crawford by Peggy Hunter

Dark_Blue_Beveled6010.gif (197 bytes) Morgan, Levi by Pat Sheegog-Vinson and J. Anne Hoffpauir

Noland by Bill Cunningham

  Pitts by Betty Holdsworth

Dark_Blue_Beveled33B0.gif (197 bytes) Postlethwait by Richard and Stella Postlethwait

Dark_Blue_Beveled6010.gif (197 bytes) Postlethwait by Joyce Fluharty

Price by Lee Price

Phillips by Lee Price

  Sees by Betty Holdsworth

Shreve, Daniel by Joyce Fluharty & Bill Cunningham

Dark_Blue_Beveled6010.gif (197 bytes)   Shuman by Sheila Shuman Anderson

Dark_Blue_Beveled6010.gif (197 bytes)  Snodgrass by Suzie Snodgrass Schoolcraft

Dark_Blue_Beveled6010.gif (197 bytes) Starkey by Randy Starkey

Starkey Entertainers from Galmish

Starkey, Levi -  by Bill Cunningham

  Tennant and Allied Families In WV by Rick Tennant

Dark_Blue_Beveled6010.gif (197 bytes) Van Camp by Stuart G. Steingraber

Dark_Blue_Beveled6010.gif (197 bytes) West, James  by Bill Cunningham

Willey, Abraham  by Debra King, Bill Cunningham and Jeff Hughes

Workman by Lee Price







Descendant Charts