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This cemetery is located about one half mile up Gamble Run from Paden Fork Road on the left hand side and up on a knoll.  It was read by Don Vandyne.  Additional information was provided by Karen Hucko.


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Anderson, Mary C.

Nov 3,1858

Jan 20,1909

w/o W.R. Anderson

d/o Rudolph & Rachel Kirkpaatrick Fankhouser

Anderson, William R.


May 17,1917

s/o Charles & Susan Anderson

Anderson, Jessie Ada

Sept 1899


d/o William & Mary C. Fankhouser Anderson

Billiter, Willie




Bolen, Horace G.

Feb 20,1873

Aug 14,1923


Bolen, James W.

Dec 14,1857

Nov 1865

s/o Alfred & Sarah Barker Bolen

Bolen, Reenie

Apr 11,1872

Oct 16,1872


Bolen, Sarah Barker

May 13,1832

Mar 1864

w/o Alfred Bolen

d/o David & Mary Barker

Bolen, William A.

Mar 21,1859

May 8,1859

s/o Alfred & Sarah Barker Bolen

Buck, Richard D.

July 7,1877

Aug 16,1900

s/o John H. & Anna R. Morris Buck

Buck, John H.

Mar 15,1837

Apr 15,1881

s/o Archibald & Elizabeth Riffle Buck

Buck, Anna Retta

May 6,1841

Apr 7,1889


Buck, Mary E.

Nov 10,1838

May 20,1872


Conley, Dorcas  M.

June 20,1850

Jan 2,1898

d/o George & Christina Heslop

Conley, Stella

Mar 25,1877

Dec 25,1878

d/o Thomas & Dorcas M. Heslop Conley

Conley, Thomas O.,jr.

Dec 21,1886

Apr 1,1887

s/o Thomas & Dorcas Heslop Conley

Cunningham, Mary

Sept 27,1831

Mar 22,1912

d/o Conley

w/o William Cunningham

Cunningham, Samuel S.


Jan 22,1917

s/o William & Mary Conley Cunningham

Cunningham, Edith

Aug 30,1870

June 2,1956

bur. Greenlawn Park Cem

d/o Wesley Watkins

marr: 1st Samuel Cunningham, 2nd Isaac Cunningham, 3nd David W. Milburn

Cunningham, Hettie

July 4,1890


d/o Samuel S. & Edith Watkins Cunningham

Cunningham, Isaac T.

Nov 10,1852

Mar 18,1931

s/o William & Mary Conley Cunningham

marr: 1st Frances Slider, 2nd Edith Watkins Cunningham

Cunningham, Frances S.


Nov 11,1891

d/o Solomon & Eliz. Hoskins Slider*

Cunningham, Kenton

Mar 20,1890

Oct 28,1918

s/o Isaac & Frances Slider Cunningham*

Dennis, Jane Amanda

Sept 10,1820

Nov 6,1866

w/o Abraham Dennis

d/o Lewis & Roseanne Redmond Mozena

Dennis, Sarah L.


Sept 27,1872


Elliott, Ann


July 30,1877

w/o John Elliott

Elliott, Isabelle


Apr 25,1878


Elliott, James

Mar 14,1814

July 7,1886

s/o John & Ann Elliott

Evans, John H.


Jan 30,1899


Evans, Elizabeth


Dec 4,1899

d/o John & Margaret Martin Van Camp

Evans, Alfred

Feb 19,1852

Mar 2,1852

s/o John & Elizabeth Van Camp Evans

Fankhouser, George

Aug 16,1859

Sept 22,1933

s/o Jacob & Mary Keifer Fankhouser

Fankhouser, Jacob

Aug 21,1831

July 16,1894


Fankhouser, Mary Keifer

Jan 1,1837

Sept 1,1887

w/o Jacob Fankhouser

Forrester, Harrison


Apr 22,1914

Co E., 10th W.Va. Inf.

s/o John & Barbara Forrester

Forrester, Barbara Stull

June 7,1845

Nov 25,1917

d/o Joseph & Elizabeth Stull

Fulmer, Clem

July 3,1913

Nov 6,1918


Gamble, David M.


May 4,1882


Gamble, Mary M.


Oct 1,1870


Haines, Susan M.


June 2,1896

d/o John O. & Alice Roberts Haines

Haines, Sylvia M.


Oct 5,1896

d/o John O. & Alice Roberts  Haines

Haught, Albert R.

Dec 20,1873

Mar 2,1939

s/o Samuel Haught

Haught, Ella

Mar 21,1874

Feb 7,1925

d/o William & Mary Conley Cunningham

Haught, Ann

Nov 21,1903

Nov 21,1903

d/o Albert & Ella Cunningham Haught

Haught, Morris Wilber

June 26,1906

Dec 25,1908

s/o Albert & Ella Cunningham Haught

Heslop, Elizabeth A.

Oct 15,1848

Mar 22,1931

w/o Thaddeus S. Heslop

d/o John & Mary Miller Villers

Heslop, Sylvia

June 18,1891

Dec 7,1891

d/o Ulysses G. & Margaret Smith Heslop

Ice, Josephine


Jan 11,1890

w/o Elmore R. Ice

d/o Samuel & Susan Haines

Jacobs, Custu E.


Mar 20,1912

s/o Santford A. & Martha J. Buck Jacobs

Jacobs, Elizabeth

July 4,1844

Nov 12,1932

d/o Daniel & Catharine Conley Dennis

marr: Enos Jacobs

Keorber, Lena

Jan 18,1888

Mar 30,1911

d/o Rhinehart & Anna Duke Keorber

Keorber, Fred


Aug 4,1918

s/o Leroy & Sarah Yost Keorber

Loveall, Margaret J.


July 18,1879

w/o David Loveall

Meiers, John


June 23,1911

Born in Switzerland

Meiers, Lilly Jane


July 17,1909

d/o Abraham & Jane Mozena Dennis

Phillips, Hazel A.

July 18,1896

Mar 27,1923

d/o Rhinehart & Anna Duke Keorber

Van Camp, Nelson

June 23,1814

Nov 11,1881

s/o John M. & Margaret Martin Van Camp

Van Camp, Catherine Ice

Feb 6,1821

Apr 9,1903

d/o Isaac & Mary Fortney Ice

Van Camp, Almiria Zeri


Dec 23,1854

s/o Nelson & Catherine Ice Van Camp*

Van Camp, Thomas L.C.


Mar 4,1854

s/o James W. & Elizabeth Evans Van Camp

Van Camp, James F.



Co C, 7th W.Va. Inf.

s/o James W. & Elizabeth Evans Van Camp

Van Camp, Edwin

Oct 5,1920

May 18,1921

s/o Samuel & Alma Forester Van Camp

Villers, Edith E.

June 16,1875

Nov 21,1882

d/o Leander E. & Mary E. Kimble Villers

Villers, John


May 19,1891

s/o James & Mary M. Gregg Villers

Villers, Mary Miller

97 yrs

Apr 17,1902


Watkins, Stephen


July 6,1886

s/o Stephen & Sarah Miller Watkins   

Watkins, Elizabeth

Oct 17,1815

Apr 12,1906

d/o James & Sarah A. Van Camp Buchannan

Watkins, Ara


Jan 13,1914

d/o Stephen & Elizabeth Buchannan Watkins

Watkins, J. Columbus


May 5,1863

s/o Stephen & Elizabeth Buchannan Watkins

Watkins, Friend

Feb 14,1845

Nov 18,1881

s/o Stephen & Elizabeth Bushannan Watkins

Watkins, Diantha C.

Mar 30,1849

Sept 21,1893

d/o John H. & Elizabeth Van Camp Evans

Watkins, Presley

Oct 14,1874

Feb 24,1896

s/o Friend & Diantha Evans Watkins

Watkins, S. Bernard




Wayt, Dolley V.


July 22,1876

d/o Andrew J. & Mary Wilson  Wayt

* probably buried in this cemetery.


Evans Cemetery