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Wetzel Co. 1850-60-70 Census Records WCGS

Karen Hucko

Jonni Hepler

Susie Schoolcraft

Donna Brady

Deanna Young

Wetzel Co. 1880-1900-1910 Census Records WCGS

Karen Hucko

Jonni Hepler

Susie Snodgrass

Deanna Young

Wetzel Co. 1870-1880 - 1890 Special Census WCGS Mariana Zuelsdorf
1890 Census of Union Vets and Widows

Wetzel-Tyler Counties, WV

  Jonni Hepler
Wetzel Co. 1920 Census - all Districts  
Wetzel Co. 1930 Census - all Districts    
Wetzel Co. 1900-1910 - 1920 Census Magnolia District WCGS Mariana Zuelsdorf
Wetzel Co. 1910-1920 Center Dist. Census WCGS Mariana Zuelsdorf
Tyler Co. 1815-1932 Marriage Records WCGS Susie Snodgrass
Wetzel Co. 1854-1902 Marriage Records WCGS Karen Hucko

Mariana Zuelsdorf

Deanna Young

Wetzel Co. 1902 - 1940 Marriage Records WCGS  
Wetzel Co. 1854-1895

Death Records


Mariana Zuelsdorf

Linda Fluharty

Wetzel County Obituaries Vol I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII

  Orbit Vol I Index

 Orbit Vol II  Index

 Orbit Vol III Index

 Orbit Vol IV Index

 Orbit Vol V Index

 Orbit Vol VI Index

Orbit Vol VII Index

WCGS Mariana Zuelsdorf


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