Wirt County Cemeteries

Gant Cemetery

Location:Located on Gant Hill 81/2 miles from Elizabeth on Co. Road 1/1
Date Read:2005
Submitter:Bennie & Ann Moss

Also known as Morrristown Cemetery

Ballard, Serenia A.  ?-10/31/1879  15 yrs. 1 mo. 19 days  d/o J. D. & Jane Ballard

Caplinger, Mollie Dale  11/26/1911-12/5/1911  d/o L. E. & L. J. Caplinger

Davis, Charles Elmer  ?-8/26/1912  s/o S. W. & May Davis

Fisher, John  11/27/1825-4/30/1900

Fisher, Viola Lloyd  2/25/1841-6/25/1921

Kiger, A. J.  12/6/1867-7/18/1889  s/o W. P. & Julia Kiger

Kiger, Sybbel  12/26/1866-7/18/1889  d/o David & Harret Cline, w/o A. J.

Kiger, Bertha  ?-7/18/1889  3 mos.  d/o A. J. & Sybbel Cline Kiger

Kiger, Sarah A.  ?-7/18/1889  3 yrs. d/o A. J. & Sybbel Cline Kiger

Kiger, Harret   9/9/1887-7/18/1889 d/o A. J. & Sybbel Cline Kiger

Kiger, Julia A.  6/14/1835-9/3/1907  w/o W. P

Porter, Alva & Elva  5/10/1889-5/13/1889  children of David M. & Mary Emma Kiger Porter

Porter, David M.  10/25/1883-2/20/1936  s/o Arthur & Jane McClain Porter

Porter, Mary Emma  1/25/1856-10/10/1916  (nee Kiger)  w/o David M.

Kysor, Harry R.  1/7/1093-1/30/1898  s/o J. F. & C. Kysor

5 members of the Kiger Family died in the Morristown Flood on July 18, 1889.

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