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Morgan Cemetery

Location:Morgan Cemetery is located on a private farm in the Burning Springs District of Wirt County. It is located on a hill across the river and above Shiloh Baptist Church at Enterprise. It is accessible from Elizabeth via Route 5 -- pass Munday Road to a wide pulling-off spot and walk west 1 to 2 miles to the cemetery. It may also be accessible via Bonnett Road. This is a fenced cemetery.
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Submitter:Collaine Brand

** This is a listing of known burials. It may not be complete **
EDWARDS, John 1841-1907 (Monument) (the s/o Samuel Edwards and Alvera Jane Dye) EDWARDS, Columbia Virginia Lowther 1844-1906 (Monument) (w/o John Edwards and d/o Elias Lowther and Celina McWorther) EDWARDS, Charles Alexander 1869-1921 (Monument) (s/o John and Columbia Edwards) EDWARDS, Belle Z. Boice 1881-1935 (Monument) (w/o Charles A. Edwards) EDWARDS, Elias John 1870-1918 (Unmarked) (s/o John and Columbia Edwards and h/o Clara Edith McCoy) EDWARDS, A. E. d. 1904 (Field Stone) (may be Amos) EDWARDS, P. or S. E. (Field Stone) (may be Samuel b 1875- d bf 1900, the s/o John and Columbia Edwards) FOX, Mary Virginia Edwards 1872-1895 (Monument ?) (d/o John and Columbia Edwards and w/o Eyra Elwood Fox) KOCH, H. F. (3 Field Stones) (believed to be Louis, Bernice, and Baby - Children of John Henry Frederick Koch and Salina Jane Edwards Koch) MC FEE, Edgar Paul 1939-1939 (Monument ?) (Infant s/o John Eddy McFee and Oma Isturene Edwards McFee) There are some UNMARKED graves in this cemetery. On a visit in October 2002, the following graves were identified, these are in addition to the listing previously submitted as "known burials". F. M. ROBERTS Monument 16 Apr 1833 15 Jun 1891 OLLIE W\O F. M. ROBERTS Monument 1846-1923 ANNA Monument W\O W. J. BAKER Nov 5 1875 Sep 11 1895 LULA EDWARDS Tombstone D\O GRANVILLE AND FANNY EDWARDS Monument dates unknown ( birth record date is 08 Nov 1892 - not in 1900 census)cb SARAH HEFFNER Monument 1852-1925 MARTIN Monument HARRY F. 1869-1951 INDIA A. 1875-1940 C. (or) G. W. TUCKER Monument Jan 12, 1827 Apr 22, 1892 INFANT Monument S\O W. B. and AMY ROBERTS Born and Died Dec. 28, 1901 LONNIE LEE Monument S\O W. B. and AMY ROBERTS b. July 3, 1892 d. Jan 10, 1900 ROBERTS Monument C. A. 1883-May 6, 1891 A. J. Nov 1, 1887 - Dec 6, 1888 STONE with initials A. E. Previous Listing, thought to be Amos Edwards, but monument found for Amos. BENJAMIN BAKER Monument Co A 17th PA CAV AMOS EDWARDS Monument 3-2-1850 6-18-1904 R. A. MOR (MORGAN ?) Monument broken J. F. MOR DAU RACHEL ANN (MORGAN?) Monument broken B in 186- (couldn't read) CORRECTION TO PREVIOUS LISTING: ELIAS JOHN EDWARDS (s\o John Edwards and Columbia V. Lowther) Dec 16, 1870 - May 6, 1918 Husband of Clara McCoy, Father of Arnett Edwards, Grandfather of 3 (the location of this UNMARKED grave is unknown; however, on Oct 27, 2002 a metal funeral home marker was placed by Elias's granddaughter on the plot next to Elias's brother, Charles and Belle Edwards.)

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