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Name of Testator: John Adam
Date of Probate: 7-10-1866
Place of Residence: Guyan River
Devisee: Priscilla, Wife
Devisee: William, Son
Devisee: James, Son
Devisee: Susan, Daughter
Devisee: Iemmanire, Daughter
Devisee: Matsesson, Son
Devisee: America, Daughter
Devisee: John P., Son
Devisee: Marton, Son
Witness: George Belcher
Witness: Ali Belcher
Witness: John Jackson
Witness: William Thomas
Witness: Leroy Perdew

Name of Testator: John Allen
Date of Probate: 10-6-1877
Place of Residence: Laurel Fork
Devisee: Eunice Allen
Devisee: James B. Allen
Devisee: Mary A. Allen
Devisee: Nancy Allen, Wife
Witness: Joseph Barrett
Witness: L. B. Chambers

Name of Testator: William Brooks
Date of Probate: 3-19-1866
Place of Residence: Clear Fork
Devisee: Ellen, Wife
Witness: Isaac Q. Brooks
Witness: James M. Brooks
Witness: Thomas C. Bailey

Name of Testator: Daniel Bucks
Date of Probate: 7-18-1899
Place of Residence: Phila, PA
Devisee: Elizabeth, Wife
Devisee: Frank, Son
Devisee: Stanley L., Son
Devisee: Caroline Ellis, Niece
Devisee: Corella Geyer, Sister
Devisee: Henry Bucks, Brother
Devisee: Elizabeth Bucks, Sister-in-law
Devisee: Sarah Bucks, Niece
Devisee: Frank Bucks, Executor
Devisee: Stanley L. Bucks, Executor
Witness: Howard L. Stringer
Witness: William H. Gosnell
Witness: Godfrey Stringer

Name of Testator: L. B. Chambers
Date of Probate: 1-2-1893
Place of Residence: Oceana
Devisee: Lee, Son
Devisee: James, Son
Devisee: Joseph, Son
Devisee: Brooke, Daughter
Devisee: Pearl, Daughter
Devisee: Demarias H., Wife
Devisee: George, Son
Devisee: Anthony, Son
Witness: William Canterbuy
Witness: F. P. Roach

Name of Testator: Joseph Church
Date of Probate: 9-24-1895
Place of Residence: Micajah Ridge
Devisee: Charlotte Church, Wife
Devisee: Sampson, Son
Devisee: Lewis, Son
Devisee: Franklin, Son
Devisee: Ruben, Son
Devisee: William, Son
Witness: Tollison Lusk
Witness: Powell Lusk

Name of Testator: Hiram Clay
Date of Probate: 6-2-1872
Place of Residence: Rockcastle
Devisee: John S. Mullens, Father-in-law
Witness: Colbert Clay
Witness: Henry J. Clay

Name of Testator: Peter Cline
Date of Probate: 4-8-1897
Place of Residence: Rockcastle Creek
Devisee: U. G. Cline, Son
Devisee: T. K. Cline, Son
Devisee: James Cline, Son
Devisee: Rebecca J., Daughter
Devisee: Martha Cline, Wife
Witness: S. A. Cox
Witness: G. W. Cox

Name of Testator: Peter Cline, Jr.
Date of Probate: 10-4-1896
Place of Residence: Big Cub Creek
Devisee: Sarah, Wife
Devisee: Cleveland, Son
Devisee: Willard H., Son
Devisee: Dixie V. Daughter
Devisee: Amanda E., Daughter
Devisee: Seiotha Hatfield, Daughter
Devisee: India O. Cline, Daughter
Devisee: Judson C., Son
Witness: Wilson Morgan
Witness: John Harper

Name of Testator: Peter Cline, Sr.
Date of Probate: 1-28-1898
Place of Residence: Clear Fork
Devisee: Gentry, Son
Devisee: Idah, Daughter
Devisee: Mary, Wife
Devisee: A. W. Cline, Son
Devisee: Ellen E. Morgan, Daughter
Devisee: Viola Morgan, Daughter
Devisee: Inguebo Toler, Daughter
Devisee: Lillie Belcher, Daughter
Devisee: Etta Aleph - Heirs
Witness: A. P. Christian
Witness: W. A. Toler

Name of Testator: W. B. Conley
Date of Probate: 4-10-1893
Place of Residence: Sun Hill
Devisee: M. A. Conley, Wife
Devisee: Victor H., Son
Devisee: Virgil P., Son
Devisee: Charles C. Son
Devisee: James T., Son
Devisee: Zebulin V., Son
Devisee: H. Watterson, Son
Devisee: Minnie, Daughter
Devisee: Lizzie, Daughter
Witness: L. L. Shannon
Witness: J. J. Shannon

  Name of Testator: Linda Cook
Date of Probate: 7-5-1897
Place of Residence: Oceana
Devisee: L. B. Cook, Son
Devisee: I. E. Cook, Son
Devisee: J. Hartley Cook, Son
Devisee: C. F. Cook, Son
Devisee: B. B Cook, Son
Devisee: J. A. Cook, Son
Devisee: L. S. Justice
Devisee: A. B. Elkins
Devisee: J. T. Allen
Devisee: A. M. Shannon
Devisee: Martha P. Cook
Devisee: Gaston D. Cook, Son
Witness: James Hartley Cook
Witness: R. L. Gibson
Witness: M. C. Elkins

Name of Testator: William Corder
Date of Probate: 8-24-1888
Place of Residence: Craney
Devisee: Flora, Daughter
Devisee: Sarah Wyatt, Wife
Witness: Charles S. Canterbury
Witness: J. W. Gunnoe

Name of Testator: Jesse Davis
Date of Probate: 1-22-1870
Place of Residence: Little Cub Creek
Devisee: Hurn G., Son
Devisee: John W., Son
Devisee: Joshua P., Son
Devisee: Martha J., Daughter
Devisee: William A., Son
Devisee: James B. Son
Devisee: Jesse
Devisee: Alex, Son
Devisee: Sarah M., Daughter
Devisee: Almira K., Daughter
Devisee: Nancy Wilson - Heirs
Witness: A. L. Godfrey
Witness: Henry Blankenship

Name of Testator: Henry Ellis
Date of Probate: 9-26-1869
Place of Residence: Little Huff Creek
Devisee: Aveline Ramey, Daughter
Devisee: Peggy Gore, Daughter
Devisee: Martha Shot, Daughter
Devisee: Even Ellis, Son
Devisee: Mary Ellis, Heirs
Devisee: Powell Ellis, Son
Devisee: Demarris Goldsmith, Daughter
Devisee: Joda Ellis, Grandson
Witness: Eli Blankenship
Witness: J. S. P. Stafford

Name of Testator: John Farley
Date of Probate: 3-26-1870
Place of Residence: Not Given
Devisee: His wifes heirs except William
Witness: Allen Solesbury
Witness: Edward Rose

Name of Testator: Virginia Fortner
Date of Probate: 10-23-1895
Place of Residence: Sun Hill
Devisee: Bell Elkins, Sister
Witness: G. B. Cook
Witness: Jacob Fortner

Name of Testator: Levi Gore
Date of Probate: 5-12-1887
Place of Residence: Clear Fork
Devisee: Mero S., Wife
Devisee: Rose, Daughter
Devisee: Joseph, Son
Devisee: William Musick, Son
Devisee: Nancy A., Daughter
Devisee: Mary A. Rathemel, Daughter
Devisee: James, Son
Devisee: William, Son
Witness: James S. Bailey
Witness: T. F. Bailey

Name of Testator: William Gore
Date of Probate: 8-4-1890
Place of Residence: Elk Lick
Devisee: Margaret C., Wife
Devisee: Leroy C., Son
Devisee: John E. K., Son
Witness: William Gore
Witness: W. D. Conley
Witness: T. F. Bailey

Name of Testator: Valentine Hatfield
Date of Probate: 6-27-1867
Place of Residence: Guyan River
Devisee: Celia, Daughter
Devisee: Martha Perry, Grand-daughter
Devisee: Ali Hatfield, Son
Devisee: Joseph, Son
Devisee: Andrew, Son
Devisee: Jane Justice, Daughter
Devisee: Thomas, Son
Devisee: John Hatfield, Heirs
Devisee: Ephriam, Son
Devisee: James, Son
Devisee: Phebe Varney, Daughter
Witness: Hernderson Perry
Witness: Valentine Hatfield, Jr.
Witness: Pleasant Lester

Name of Testator: Grigsby Herbert
Date of Probate: 2-15-1899
Place of Residence: St. Louis, MO
Devisee: Walter T. Chandler, Nephew
Witness: Warren M. Chandler
Witness: DeLacey Chandler

Name of Testator: John Herman
Date of Probate: 4-2-1875
Place of Residence: Phila, PA
Devisee: Mary Ann, Wife
Devisee: John H., Son
Devisee: Theordore H., Son
Witness: A. R. Beck
Witness: A. A. Reinke
Witness: George J. Burkhart

Name of Testator: Darius Blake Holbrook
Date of Probate: 3-29-1895
Place of Residence: New York, NY
Devisee: Elizabeth Thurston, Wife
Devisee: Caroline E. Chandler, Daughter
Devisee: Samuel R. Hoolbrook, Brother
Devisee: R. Edward Holdbrook, Brother
Devisee: Frederick G. Thurston, Trustee
Devisee: William R. Holbrook, Trustee
Witness: James R. Jesup
Witness: Richard Goodman
Witness: Franeis C. Bowman

Name of Testator: Hiram Lambert
Date of Probate: 9-17-1898
Place of Residence: Pineville
Devisee: Isaac, Brother
Witness: Samuel Lambert
Witness: W. B. Woosley

Name of Testator: Martin Lester
Date of Probate: 9-9-1879
Place of Residence: Little Huff Creek
Devisee: Polly Riffe, Daughter
Devisee: Floyd, Son
Devisee: Lloyd, Son
Devisee: Nealy, Son
Devisee: Nancy Cline, Daughter
Devisee: Mastin, Jr., Son
Devisee: Lovice, Daughter
Devisee: Liza, Daughter
Devisee: Alcy, Daughter
Devisee: Gay, Daughter
Witness: Floyd Lester
Witness: Gay Lester
Witness: Moses Lester
Witness: Lovice Lester
Witness: Lewis Riffe

Name of Testator: Philip Lambert
Date of Probate: 6-19-1895
Place of Residence: Herndon
Devisee: Jesse E., Son
Witness: Tollison Lusk
Witness: J. H. Lambert

Name of Testator: Joseph Maitlan
Date of Probate: 8-16-1867
Place of Residence: Phila, PA
Devisee: John J., Brother
Devisee: John A., Cousin
Devisee: Edward Vincent, Son
Devisee: Virginia Katherine, Daughter
Witness: Francis J. Gorrell
Witness: D. M. Martinez
Witness: L. D. Barbour
Witness: Sam Larzabre

Name of Testator: Joseph Manderville
Date of Probate: 6-12-1885
Place of Residence: Alexandria, VA
Devisee: James, Nephew
Devisee: Mary, Niece
Devisee: Julia, Niece
Devisee: Mary Scott, Niece
Devisee: Sarah A. Hill, Housekeeper
Devisee: Rebecca I. Hill
Devisee: Ellen Manderville
Devisee: John West
Devisee: J. E. Meimma
Devisee: Ross
Devisee: Daniel Cawood
Witness: Daniel Cawood
Witness: Edgar Snowden
Witness: Mathew Meagher
Witness: P. J. Taylor

Name of Testator: Isaac E. McDonald
Date of Probate: 10-28-1890
Place of Residence: Tazewell, VA
Devisee: W. W. McDonald, Brother
Devisee: Lewis McDonald, Brother
Devisee: Sallie Sanders, Sister
Devisee: Nancy McDonald, Sister
Devisee: Walter N. Sanders, Nephew
Witness: W. E. Bane
Witness: S. M. Graham
Witness: David E. Johnston
Witness: S. P. Stoddard
Witness: Edward O'Hair

Name of Testator: Jackson McDonald
Date of Probate: 6-30-1890
Place of Residence: Clear Fork
Devisee: John, Son
Devisee: Oce Josephin, Daughter
Devisee: Rosetta M. Cook
Devisee: Barbara Shannon
Devisee: Patterson Shannon
Witness: J. J. Shannon
Witness: L. L. Shannon

Name of Testator: Joseph McDonald
Date of Probate: 3-11-1866
Place of Residence: Oceana
Devisee: Floyd, Son
Devisee: Isaac Edward, Son
Devisee: Juliet
Devisee: Tiffany, Daughter
Devisee: W. M. McDonald, Son
Devisee: Polly Anderson, Daughter
Devisee: John C., Son
Devisee: Lewis, Son
Devisee: Sallie A. Sanders, Daughter
Devisee: Nancy, Daughter
Devisee: Harriet McDonald
Witness: William N. Henderson
Witness: George T. McClure
Witness: James B. Brooks
Witness: Haven Bane
Witness: John Bane
Witness: John T. Bane, Jr.
Witness: Nathaniel Mullens
Witness: Albert Shannon

Name of Testator: Polly Meadows
Date of Probate: 5-28-1866
Place of Residence: Bear Town Ridge
Devisee: Rhoda White
Witness: John Clendennon
Witness: Mastin Bailey
Witness: Tulice N. Narey

Name of Testator: Thomas Meadows
Date of Probate: 6-3-1872
Place of Residence: Not given
Devisee: Nancy Meadows, Mother
Devisee: Jerry, Son
Devisee: Thomas, Son
Witness: Rufus Meadows
Witness: Robert W. Lilly

Name of Testator: Robert Mills
Date of Probate: 3-30-1870
Place of Residence: Devil's Run
Devisee: Robert, Son
Devisee: Millery E. McKnighterney, Daughter
Devisee: Emily McKinney, Daughter
Devisee: Millera, Daughter
Devisee: Tabitha, Daughter
Devisee: Hugh J., Son
Devisee: Liddie Wyatt, Wife
Witness: George P. Peters
Witness: Thompson H. Peters

Name of Testator: W. M. Mills
Date of Probate: 8-17-1871
Place of Residence: Flat Top
Devisee: Jeremiah, Son
Devisee: Anderson, Son
Devisee: Roda Wimmer, Daughter
Devisee: Ellen, Daughter
Devisee: John, Son
Devisee: David, Son
Devisee: Herny, Son
Devisee: Victoria, Daughter
Devisee: Joseph, Son
Devisee: Marilla, Wife
Devisee: W. M. F. Mills, Heirs
Devisee: Sarah, Daughter
Devisee: Margaret, Daughter
Witness: John T. Kind
Witness: Richard Pate

Name of Testator: Ruben R. Roach
Date of Probate: 5-31-1866
Place of Residence: Clear Fork
Devisee: Nancy Meadows, Daughter
Devisee: Polly, Daughter
Devisee: Kisian, Daughter
Devisee: Rebecca, Daughter
Devisee: Frances Allen, Daughter
Devisee: Edward, Son
Devisee: William, Son
Devisee: Mont P. Roach, Son
Devisee: Sallie Roach, Wife
Witness: David Cook
Witness: William Roach

Name of Testator: Martha F. St. Clair
Date of Probate: 3-5-1900
Place of Residence: Pigeon Creek
Devisee: Henry Cline
Devisee: Juliana Cline
Devisee: Samuel St. Clair, Husband
Devisee: Sarah Cline
Witness: J. T. Conley
Witness: Noah Short, Jr.

Name of Testator: Robert Stewart
Date of Probate: 7-2-1887
Place of Residence: Rockcastle Creek
Devisee: Martha J., Wife
Devisee: Henry P., Son
Devisee: James H., Son
Devisee: William H., Son
Devisee: Juliann, Daughter
Devisee: Malinda Cook, Daughter
Witness: Lane S. Cook
Witness: Ral W. Cook

Name of Testator: Christian Walker
Date of Probate: 6-27-1870
Place of Residence: Devil's Fork
Devisee: Mahala, Wife
Witness: N. Walker
Witness: Lewis Lilly

Name of Testator: George Webb
Date of Probate: 3-22-1872
Place of Residence: Still Run
Devisee: Rhoda, Daughter
Witness: Jane Bowers
Witness: John A. Workman

Source: Microfilm Number V150-298 - Wyoming County, WV Probate: Wills 1850-1900, available from Heritage Quest. 


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