1868 to 1899 Index of Obituaries, Albany County, Wyoming

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The following is an index of accounts of deaths compiled by Elnora L. Frye from notices in the Laramie newspapers for the years of 1868 to 1899. The accounts abstracted are those involving deaths occurring in Albany County, deaths of former residents of Albany County, or individuals who were buried in Albany County. Some of these were taken from Laramie Daily Sentinel newspaper accounts from the book of Ellen (Crago) Mueller - "Laramie, Wyoming Burials 1867-1882". The date (year-month-day) of the newspaper issue is given as reference. The accounts listed are from the Laramie Daily Sentinel (LDS), or Weekly edition (LSW), Laramie Daily Boomerang (LDB), and Laramie Semi-Weekly Boomerang (LSWB). These accounts were transcribed by Leroy R. Maki, April 1996.

Copies of this index may also be found at the Wyoming State Archives, UW Coe Library, Albany County Library, Laramie Plains Museum, LDS library in Salt Lake, and the local History Center.

Published by the Albany County Genealogical Society, August 1996 Copyright (c) 1996 by Leroy R. Maki

Name Paper Year/Mo/Day
HABERLAND, infant son of Henry LSW 1886-08-28
HABERLAND, Mrs. Henry LDB 1899-12-23
HADER, Irene, age 6 monghs, daughter of John LDS 1879-12-13
HADER, John William, age 4, son of John LSW 1880-01-03
HADER, John, at Bordeaux, Wyoming - train LSW 1888-06-02
HAGH, Ole Berkl LDS 1872-08-15
HAGLE, Lem, on Horse Creek LSWB 1897-11-26
HAHN, Frederick LDS 1879-11-29
HAINES, A.L. LSW 1887-02-19
HALE, Mrs. LDS 1877-09-25
HALE, Thomas, at Douglas LSW 1880-01-31
HALL, Edward Z. LDS 1872-10-12
HALL, Jane, Mrs. W.H. LSW 1881-03-05
HALL, Joseph L. LDB 1896-06-18
HALL, Margaret LDB 1890-12-10
HALL, Mary E. LDB 1890-02-20
HALL, W.H. LDB 1893-11-13
HALLIGAN, Robert B., of Orrick Ray County, Missouri LDB 1899-04-17
HALPIN, Mary, Mrs. J. LDS 1878-05-13
HALPIN, Mary, Mrs. J. LSW 1882-05-13
HALSTEAD, Margareta LSW 1878-05-11
HAMILTON, son of Andrew, AT hANNA LDB 1894-05-03
HAMILTON, Thomas LDB 1893-04-27
HAMMOND, Charles LSW 1888-11-17
HANCE, Bertha S., Mrs. Jud LSWB 1897-11-09
HANCE, M.A., Capt. LDB 1898-01-22
HANSEN, Charles, age 21 LDB 1894-10-22
HANSEN, Charles Jr., 2 year old son of Charles LDB 1895-01-26
HANSEN, Christian F. LDB 1890-01-10
HANSEN, Eleonorah, age 10, daughter of Sayer LDB 1891-07-23
HANSEN, John LSW 1886-10-30
HANSEN, Margaret C., Mrs. Niels, at Elk Mountain LDB 1898-04-15
HANSEN, Otto, age 12, son of A.C. LDB 1894-04-21
HANSMANN, Wilheim, of Germany LDB 1896-08-07
HANSON, A.C., of Aberdeen, Washington LSWB 1897-07-16
HANSON, James LDB 1892-07-01
HANSON, Maudie E., age 6, daughter of Eugene LSW 1881-07-30
HANSON, Ralph, age 10, son of A.C. LDB 1891-03-17
HARDING, Tommy, AGE 16 LDB 1894-03-30
HAREN, Bridget, Mrs. James LSW 1881-10-15
HARPER, Edward Leaman LSW 1888-03-10
HARPER, George LSWB 1897-06-29
HARPER, Mrs. George LSWB 1897-07-13
HARRINGTON, Henry, at Cheyenne LDB 1894-01-29
HARRIS, Charles A. LDS 1872-02-27
HARRIS, Charles LDS 1878-11-20
HARRIS, Harry M., at Silas, Mexico LDB 1893-03-27
HARRIS, John, son of J.W., at Casper LDB 1891-05-05
HARRIS, John Wesley LDB 1897-04-21
HARRIS, Mary L. LSW 1881-03-19
HARRISON, Thomas S., at Baker City, Oregon LDB 1892-04-05
HARRON, William LDB 1893-03-29
HART, Ada, Miss, age 21 LDS 1874-06-17
HARTLEY, Joe LDB 1891-08-31
HARVEY, Mrs. Hannah LDB 1896-07-08
HARVEY, William H., at Miner's Delight LDB 1894-05-24
HAUPHOFF, little child, at Rock Creek LDB 1891-02-04
HAWKINS, James, of Denver, at Sherman LDB 1899-11-11
HAYES, infant child, age 2 months, of Mrs. LDS 1879-09-18
HAYFORD, infant son of Dr. J.H. LDS 1879-07-12
HAYFORD, infant son, age 4 months, of Dr. J.H. LSW 1883-02-10
HAYFORD, S.W., of Wrightstown, Wisconsin LDB 1895-07-18
HAZEN, Joseph, Converse County Sheriff, by train robbers LDB 1899-06-06
HEAD, R.G., at Salt Well, Wyoming, by train LDB 1890-07-26
HEADERTON, William LDB 1899-01-25
HEADRICK, Anna Laura, age 20 LSW 1880-06-12
HEBNER, Mrs. LDB 1898-05-27
HECHT, William, at Rapid City, South Dakota LDB 1895-07-24
HEDQUIST, Mrs. Lena LDB 1890-11-18
HEGEWALD, Charles, Sr. LDB 1894-02-23
HEGEWALD, infant, age 2 mo, daughter of Herman LSW 1887-08-08
HEGEWALD, Mrs. Charles LDB 1892-02-01
HEGEWALD, Sophia, Mrs. Charles LSW 1886-03-20
HEISE, Mrs. Ira E. LDB 1899-03-15
HELDRETH, George H., at Cummins City LSW 1887-01-01
HENDERSON, George, on the Sweetwater LDB 1890-10-09
HENDERSON, Mrs. Ben LSWB 1897-11-03
HENDRICKS, Joe, at Carbon LDB 1890-05-07
HENNESSEY, James P. LDB 1890-06-18
HENRY, John, at Pueblo, Colorado LDB 1888-08-09
HENRY, Michael LDS 1877-08-20
HENSON, N.P. LSW 1881-10-15
HERMAN, John, of Elk Mountain LDB 1894-02-27
HERRON, Richard LDS 1875-10-05
HESSE, Mrs. Fred, Sr., at Toledo, Ohio LDB 1895-02-01
HEWITT, Mr., ranchman at LaBonte Cañon LSW 1878-07-20
HICKSON, infant age 9 mo., son of Thomas LDB 1895-01-11
HILEMAN, Mrs. C.L. LDB 1896-03-19
HILGON, G.F. LDS 1871-05-20
HILL, Art, at North Park LDB 1896-05-02
HILL, Charles P., at Denver LDB 1897-02-01
HILL, infant daughter of John LDB 1890-03-06
HILLS, William LSW 1885-09-12
HINES, John C. LSW 1886-11-06
HINSDALE, S.D. LDS 1870-12-13
HISKEY, child, age 23 months, daughter of U.U., at Salt Lake LDB 1899-01-11
HISKEY, Daniel, at Monroe, Iowa LDB 1897-02-06
HIXON, Artie, age 9, son of Thomas LDB 1898-02-28
HIXON, infant child of Thomas LDB 1898-01-24
HIXON, John, at Evanston Insane LDB 1894-05-01
HIXON, Mrs. Nacisis LDB 1899-01-11
HOBOY, Rollie, on Horse Creek LDB 1898-05-13
HOCTOR, John LDS 1869-11-28
HODGESON, Thomas LDS 1877-01-22
HOISINGTON, E.W. LDB 1892-02-03
HOLDEN, Thomas (Holt) LDB 1894-03-26
HOLLAND, Bob LDS 1876-10-04
HOLLAND, Mary - nee Winter, Mrs. J.E., at Buffalo LSW 1888-04-14
HOLLAND, Nathaniel, age 20, at Saratoga LDB 1895-12-02
HOLLIDAY, Carrie, age 2, daughter of W.H. LSW 1874-03-11
HOLLIDAY, Emily R., Mrs. William H. LSW 1887-06-25
HOLLIDAY, infant son of E.C. LDB 1890-12-08
HOLLIDAY, James E. LSW 1887-11-05
HOLLIDAY, Mary E. - m. Smith, of Salt Lake - at Chicago LDB 1891-04-08
HOLLIDAY, Mrs. Annetta LDB 1893-03-24
HOLLOWAY, infant son, age 9 months, of Henry LDS 1878-03-26
HOLLOWAY, William Henry, killed in explosion LSW 1876-03-27
HOLMES, infant daughter of A.T. LSW 1886-10-02
HOLMES, John LDB 1899-10-30
HOLMES, Mrs. A.T. LSW 1886-09-18
HOOD, Hattie J. Hayford, daughter of J.H. LDS 1873-04-03
HOOPER, Fred LDS 1877-09-26
HOPKINS, Bill, in Big Horn Basin LDB 1891-12-23
HOPKINS, young son of C.T., drowned LDB 1890-03-12
HORN, Tom C., of Indian Territory, at Medicine Bow LDB 1892-03-29
HORRIE, Hazel, age 2, daughter of Ed, at Carbon LSWB 1897-11-09
HOUSE, A.J., Capt. LSW 1887-10-08
HOWARD, George LSW 1887-04-30
HOWARD, Mary, age 14 LDB 1890-07-02
HOWELL, Richard, at Jacksonville Insane, Illinois LDB 1889-12-23
HOWELL, S.J. LDB 1892-11-14
HOWREN, William A., "Billy Cooper" LSW 1888-05-26
HUBBARD, Mrs. A.S., at Ogden LDB 1898-08-19
HUDGINS, John W., at Rock Creek LDB 1888-11-05
HUEMPFNER, John LDB 1898-09-28
HUGHES, James, at Medicine Bow LSW 1889-01-05
HUGHES, Minnie - nee Powers LDS 1878-11-25
HUGUS, Mrs. J.W., of Saratoga, at Pasadena, Calif. LSWB 1897-11-26
HULL, George LDB 1891-02-25
HULL, Mr. LDS 1879-01-28
HUNT, Elizabeth, Mrs. LDB 1890-07-16
HUNT, Henry LDB 1893-01-09
HUNT, James LDB 1892-04-11
HUNT, Lizzie, Miss LDB 1897-02-30
HUNTER, Marie (Mrs. William J.) LSW 1877-03-20
HUNTER, W.J. LDB 1893-03-22
HUNTSINGER, Mrs. D.E. and child in California LSW 1887-10-22
HURD, Walter, at Rock Creek LSW 1889-06-01
HURT, infant LSW 1880-04-10
HUSAE, Mrs., of Chadron, Nebraska, at Hanna LDB 1893-10-25
HUTCHINS, Mrs. LSW 1882-02-11
HUTSONPILLER, Gay, of Big Horn Basin, at Omaha LDB 1896-11-19
HUTTON, Charles LDB 1899-10-30
HUTTON, infant child of George, at Centennial LDB 1896-02-15
HUTTON, Rowena H., Mrs. Charles H. LSW 1888-04-28

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