1958 to 1964 Index of Obituaries, Albany County, Wyoming

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The following is an index of Albany County obituaries that have appeared in Laramie newspapers. These have been abstracted by members of the Albany County Genealogical Society. Obituaries are of present or past Albany County residents, those who died in Albany County, or those who have been buried in Albany County. These have been compiled by the Albany County Genealogical Society and abstracted from the Laramie newspapers and microfilm found in the Albany County Library. The listings are alphabetical by surname. Whenever possible, the maiden name of the wife is included and is listed in the surname index (see below). Normally all obituary notices of an individual are listed.

For listing of obituaries and burials for records from 1870 to 1900, the reader may wish to reference "Laramie, Wyoming Burials 1867 to 1900" by Ellen (Crago) Mueller, [WYO 929.1 M887a] in the Albany County Library. The dates given by Mueller were often dates of death and not of newspaper issues. She includes cemetery and church records which were not abstracted and may not be included in this present listing.

Laramie Newspapers have been indexed by Elnora Frye for the years 1868-1899, by the Albany County Genealogical Society for the years 1900-1940, and 1941-1957 and can be found in bound volumes in the Albany County Library, Laramie Plains Museum, and the Coe Library, University of Wyoming.

For this present listing, the newspaper is coded as LDB-Laramie Daily Boomerang (1958-1996).

Married women are cross indexed by maiden name when it is known. The newspaper code, page, column, and date of appearance(s) are given for each occurrence of the appearance in the newspaper. Whenever possible, maiden names of married women are included. The names of successors, siblings, aunts, uncles, parents, and grandparents have not been included.

The listing for a married woman would appear as follows:

Surname, First name Newspaper, Pg, Col, Yr-Mo-Day

PASCOE, Ann Eliza - nee Entwistle LDR 01 05 1913-04-16

(this is listed by her married name)

ENTWISTLE, Ann Eliza - m. Pascoe LDR 01 05 1913-04-16

(this is the listing by her maiden name and gives her married name)

Former residents who died in other cities or states are included.

The following list was compiled and edited by Leroy R. Maki, September 1998, and includes 2,550 records through 1964.

Name Paper Page
KAFKA, Joseph LDB 10 031960-07-20
KAFKA, Joseph LDB 03 011960-07-22
KAFKA, Larry, of Garret, in Cheyenne, Wyoming LDB 01 041962-10-18
KAGEL, Jacob LDB 03 031964-09-11
KAGEL, Jacob LDB 07 061964-09-13
KAGEYAMA, Frank, in Como Bluff, Wyoming LDB 03 021961-07-08
KALLENBORN, Carl LDB 08 041964-07-14
KARL, Bonnie Smallwood, Mrs. Vincent, in SanDiego LDB 12 031958-11-20
KEENEY, Albert L., UW Dean LDB 03 011963-02-05
KELLEY, Peter, in Cheyenne LDB 03 021959-09-11
KELLY, Donald R. LDB 03 011960-04-13
KENNEDY, Dawn S., Miss, UW Prof., Seattle, Wash. LDB 06 051959-10-10
KENNEDY, Leon G. LDB 12 011960-01-28
KERR, Eugene LDB 14 031961-08-01
KING, Herbert J., "Bert", Pioneer sheepman LDB 01 011960-04-04
KING, Herbert J., "Bert", Pioneer sheepman LDB 01 011960-05-02
KING, Herbert, McFadden rancher LDB 07 011960-07-26
KING, Herbert, McFadden rancher LDB 10 051960-07-27
KING, Wayne, of Denver, at Walden, Colorado LDB 03 041963-08-17
KINGSFORD, Ruth, Miss, in Ogden, Utah LDB 03 031958-06-28
KINGSTON, Fred, of Arvada, Colo., car roll over LDB 01 011962-07-21
KINNEY, Melvin Roy LDB 01 031962-03-29
KINSEY, Russell LDB 06 021959-09-11
KINSEY, Russell LDB 03 031959-09-12
KINSOLVING, Lisa Ann, infant daughter of Kenneth LDB 01 011962-09-06
KIRK, Grant Evan, age 8, son of David M. LDB 01 011964-06-18
KIRKHART, Gertrude, "Babe", Mrs. Harry LDB 10 041959-05-05
KIRKPATRICK, Leslie G., near Ten Sleep, Wyoming LDB 03 021961-07-12
KIRKPATRICK, Leslie G., near Ten Sleep, Wyoming LDB 03 051961-07-19
KIRKPATRICK, Lucille, Mrs. Glen, in Cody, Wyoming LDB 03 041961-07-14
KIRSCH, Alphia LDB 03 041963-02-19
KIRSCH, Alphia LDB 03 041963-02-20
KIVISTO, Ida, Mrs. LDB 11 051960-12-18
KIVISTO, Ida, Mrs. LDB 14 011960-12-20
KLINE, Jerome C. LDB 03 051961-09-26
KLINE, Jerome C. LDB 11 011961-09-28
KLING, Julius LDB 03 011962-10-12
KLOUDA, Joseph LDB 06 031959-09-02
KLOUDA, Joseph LDB 03 021959-09-04
KLOUDA, Joseph Jr., in Eugene, Oregon LDB 03 041958-02-19
KLOUDA, Joseph Jr., in Eugene, Oregon LDB 03 021958-02-21
KNADLER, Morgan, Jr., in Las Vegas, Nevada LDB 03 051960-06-25
KNIGHT, Grace, Mrs. LDB 07 011961-03-05
KNIGHT, Mrs. John M., in Salt Lake City LDB 10 051964-03-22
KOCH, Dorothy Marie LDB 03 021963-03-20
KOCH, Dorothy Marie LDB 01 041963-03-21
KOCH, Dorothy Marie LDB 24 041963-03-22
KOERTING, August N., in Le Mars, Iowa LDB 01 031963-12-01
KOERTING, Daisy, Mrs. August, fire in home LDB 03 021960-11-29
KOERTING, Daisy, Mrs. August, fire in home LDB 03 041960-11-30
KOERTING, Daisy, Mrs. August, fire in home LDB 12 081960-12-01
KONOLD, William Lovine LDB 07 011963-01-29
KORTES, Andrew KDB 03 051962-09-28
KORTES, Andrew LDB 03 021962-09-29
KRINKE, Alvin R. LDB 01 081963-09-01
KRINKE, Julin, Mrs. Alvin R. LDB 03 041963-08-10
KROLL, Edward C., in Vet Hosp, Cheyenne LDB 03 021964-04-17
KRUPPA, Joe, Sr., dies while bowling LDB 06 051959-06-18
KRUPPA, Joe, Sr., dies while bowling LDB 03 041959-06-20
KRUSE, Arthur, of Ft. Collins, near Glendevy, WY LDB 03 021962-06-08
KRUSE, Gere LDB 01 021961-09-21
KRUSE, Gere LDB 05 051961-09-23
KRUSE, John Charles, of Denver, truck roll over LDB 01 011962-09-08
KRUSE, John Charles, of Denver, truck roll over LDB 01 011962-09-09
KRUSE, John Charles, of Denver, truck roll over, Inqu LDB 01 081962-09-20
KUCHAREK, John W. LDB 07 021964-12-17
KUCHAREK, John W. LDB 27 011964-12-18
KULPER, Leonard R., in Denver LDB19 011964-11-06
KUNKEL, Susie M., in Cheyenne LDB 03 051958-01-04

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