Collins Cemetery

Thanks to Jeanie Tanner for this compilation

        (  ) = Additional information not on stones.  Taken from family members, obits, etc
Cunningham Benjamin F.   1949-1965
Chamberlin Jess R.   1893-1964 (wife was Esther Collins)
Chamberlin Esther (Collins)   1899-1983
Collins Sarah     1904-1989 (maiden name Collins, married name Sarah D. Johnson
Dorothy Jennifer Lynn "our baby" 1974-1974
Dorothy Cecil F.   1950-1964
DeCoteau Nora   "Mom" 1924-1980 (maiden name Miller, dau. Of Milton Frank and Pearl Lajeunesse Miller)
Miller Grace Pearl   1918-1989 (dau. Of Milton Frank and Pearl Lajeunesse Miller_
Miller Joseph Edward   1914-1965 WY, Pfc 3508 Base Unit AAF WWII BSM (son of Milton Frank and Pearl Lajeunesse Miller
Miller Ruby P.   1929-  
Miller Pearl   "Mother" 1891-1969 (Maiden name Lajeunesse)
Miller M. (Milton) Frank "Father" 1869-1932
Collins J. (John) E. (Edward)   1861-1928
Collins Edith     1870-1955
Taylor Joy C.   1927-1962 (Wife of Eugene Taylor Sr.)
Taylor Eugene   "Dad" 1924-1981 (Wife was Joy Taylor)
Givens Ellen   "Mom" 1929-1977 (Maiden name Chamberlain, dau. Of Jess R. and Esther Collins Chamberlain)
Bartlett Pauline     1970-1971
Collins Coleen     1919-1949
Chamberlin Esther G.   1926-1926
Miller Frank     1954-1954
Chamberlin Jody     1934-1935
Miller Tina     1968-1968
Lopez Misti Laticia "our baby" -1972  
Elliott Baby     1986-1986
Gibson Fred I.   1908-1981
Gibson Frances E.     1908-1988
Hall Bill     1903-1979