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State  Wyoming  Incorporated Place  Thermopolis Town pt.  Enumeration District No.  9-1  Sheet No.
 6  B
County  Hot Springs  Ward of City    Block No.    Supervisors District No.  1 
Township or other
division of county  Election District #1 
Unincorporated Place    Institution   
Enumerated by me on  April 15 , 1930,  Cecil M Short , Enumerator

Dwelling Number

Family Number

Name of each person whose place of abode on 1 April 1930 was in this family

Relationship to head of family


Color or race

Age at last birthday

Birthplace of

This person













141 148 Kastien, Robert B Head M W 36 Illinois Illinois Illinois

Katheryn Wife F W 33 Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa

Herring, Helen Daughter F W 8 Montana Minnesota Minnesota
142 149 Hanki, Fred C. Head M W 46 Nevada Virginia Ohio

Lydia M. Wife F W 46 Illinois New York New York
143 150 Wayckoff, Fred Head M W 58 Iowa Iowa Iowa

Midia E. Wife F W 45 Iowa Pennsylvania Ohio

Dannielson, Rowene Daughter F W 5 Wyoming Denmark Iowa
144 151 Delany, J. Edward Head M W 38 Montana **** Free State Oregon

Bess Wife F W 38 Missouri Pennsylvania Indiana
145 152 Gifford, Jay W. Head M W 41 Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska

Grace B. Wife F W 40 Nebraska Illinois Iowa

Norman J. Son M W 18 Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska

Loyd Son M W 15 Wyoming Nebraska Nebraska

Lois M. Daughter F W 6 Wyoming Nebraska Nebraska

Henry E. Son M W 4 Wyoming Nebraska Nebraska
146 153 Schultz, Isac S. Head M W 78 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Amanda Wife F W 75 Iowa Indiana Ohio

Haynes, Lorenzo Roomer M W 24 Kansas Kansas Kansas
147 154 Wright, Edith Head F W 42 Utah Virginia Ohio

Dorthy Daughter F W 13 Wyoming Missouri Utah

Elizabeth Daughter F W 11 Wyoming Missouri Utah
148 155 Nelson, John W. Head M W 42 Kansas Kansas Kansas

Ethel M. Wife F W 37 Kansas Kansas Kansas

Martin, Mary Francis Step Daughter F W 16 Wyoming Wyoming Kansas

Robinson, Lillian L. Step Daughter F W 12 Wyoming Wyoming Kansas

Daniel A. Step Son M W 9 Wyoming Wyoming Kansas
149 156 Nostrum, Alfred Head M W 38 Nebraska Sweden Sweden

Helen Wife F W 34 Washington Minnesota Missouri

Nadine Daughter F W 10 Wyoming Nebraska Washington
150 157 Caulthurst, Richard S. Head M W 71 Wisconsin England England

Adelia Wife F W 70 Iowa Ohio Indiana
151 158 Hall, E. Stanley Head M W 29 Missouri Missouri Missouri

Patsy Wife F W 28 Texas Georgia Georgia

Charlene Daughter F W 7 Oklahoma Missouri Georgia
152 159 Spencer, A. Herbert Head M W 33 North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina

Helen M. Wife F W 24 Wyoming Austria Hungary Austria Hungary

Marian Daughter F W 6 Wyoming North Carolina Wyoming

Helen Daughter F W 1 2/3 Wyoming North Carolina Wyoming

Herbert Jr. Son M W 2 8/9 Wyoming North Carolina Wyoming

Stanley Son M W 4/7 Wyoming North Carolina Wyoming
153 160 Jones, Corydon L. Head M W 51 Illinois Ohio Ohio

Myrtle Wife F W 50 Illinois Pennsylvania Illinois

Ralfah Son M W 26 Illinois Illinois Illinois

Vera Daughter F W 24 Illinois Illinois Illinois

Floyd Son M W 19 Wyoming Illinois Illinois

Marjorie Daughter F W 17 Wyoming Illinois Illinois

Gordon Son M W 13 Wyoming Illinois Illinois
154 161 Weeks, (Jerry) Head M W 42 Idaho English Canada Ohio

Grace B. Wife F W 41 Minnesota Maine Maine
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